New Clues Released In Md. Woman’s Disappearance In Aruba

BALTIMORE (WJZ) —  There are new clues in the disappearance of a Maryland woman in Aruba.

Adam May has more on new surveillance video.

The video of Robyn Gardner was shot the day before she vanished in Aruba.

It shows her and the suspect, Gary Giordano, walking the same stretch of beach where she would disappear a day later.

Gardner, 35, of Frederick was last seen Aug. 2.  Giordano, also from Maryland, is Aruban police’s prime suspect.

The video shows Gardner wearing the same printed sundress she wore the day she vanished.

Giordano says Gardner did not return to the beach after the two went snorkeling.

  • Just Wrong

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    There are no new clues here. The investigators still have nothing to show for weeks of searching. Yet, they hold him in custody, in the “hope” of finding something.

    What I see in the video footage, is a man looking for the woman, in the place they visited prior to her disappearance. If this is regarded as “incriminating” they need to Get a Clue.

    • Civil Rights...chuckle.

      This case reminds me of the book: “1984” by George Orwell, in which, the government investigators detain the main charactor and interrogate him to collect evidence against him.

      At the time of the writing, Mr. G. Orwell, was envisioning a world that was yet to come.

      Today, we have arrived.

  • Real Clues

    Speaking anonomously, I want to relay some information that puts this curious case into better perspective. I am related to one of the investigators handling this case, and have learned something that is not being offered to the public.

    Police are not searching for a body, pusuant to a murder investigation, as is being reported to the media. Gary and Robyn are suspected of “Insurance Fraud”. Authorities believe that Robyn is “in hiding” and is awaitng the release of Gary. They are maintaining the presentation of a murder investigation, to put Robyn at “ease” , and to give her a false sense of confidence that may lead to her arrest. Police know that she is without financial resources, and cannot continue to hide for long, hence, the continued detainment of Gary, which delays any insurance settlement, or assistance from him or another person involved in the plot to defraud the insurance company. They believe that 60 days will exceed her ability to remain hidden.

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