BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Police in Baltimore County are searching for the person who owns three dogs that hurt an elderly man and killed his dog in a public park. That victim now wants justice.

Denise Koch has more.

“I want revenge.”

Joseph Thompson, 84, was taking his daughter’s dog, Roscoe, for a walk at Oregon Ridge Park the afternoon of Aug. 31 when a pack of other dogs got loose.

“Just as I stepped out, put Roscoe down, here came these three dogs– two black, one brown– and jumped us, and mauled us to pieces,” Thompson said.

Roscoe’s injuries were so serious, he wouldn’t survive the ordeal.

“He was just barely breathing and he was cut from underneath his chin all the way down the side, and then what ended up being two broken ribs and the esophagus cut,” said Thompson.

Now, Thompson wants those dangerous dogs away from the public, and their owner turned in to the police.

“The person that caused this never followed us at all,” he said. “Just skipped.”

Baltimore County Police are asking for help to find that person before her dogs strike again.

“She has not been identified, and we’re asking for the public’s help in helping us identify her, and hopefully, locate these three dogs to ensure that they have the proper vaccines,” said Detective Cathy Batton of the Baltimore County Police Department.

If those dogs can’t be found, Joseph Thompson may have to undergo rabies tests.

Police say the dogs’ owner is about 5’4″, with light-colored hair, driving an older-model foreign vehicle.

Comments (43)
  1. E.DANSBERGER says:

    5’4″, with light-colored hair, driving an older-model foreign vehicle.WHY DO YOU GIVE OUT DESCRIPTIONS OF PEOPLE THAT ARE SO GENERAL THEY COULD FIT 100,00 PEOPLE, WHAT’S THE POINT?

    1. Kathryn Peters-Rodbell says:

      I know, I’m afraid I’ll be suspected. Although, I have one yellow dog and one brown dog. My husband talked to the owner of a Golden Retriever who’s dog was attacked by another dog on the wooded trails at Oregon Ridge, and the owner walked away. The Golden needed stitches.

  2. Brutus says:

    Another irresponsible dog owner. Why do people own dogs that they cannot control, let alone take them to a public place where they can harm others?

    1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

      Pit Bulls should be illegal to breed. Their track record in attacks on people & other canines speaks for itself.

      1. brenda walsh says:

        shut up. did the article even say they were pitbulls? no, it didn’t…if they WERE pit bulls i’m sure the fear mongering staff would’ve titled the article VICIOUS PITBULLS MAUL MAN AND KILL HIS DOG. so get a life, dbag.

      2. HMF says:

        I rescued a Pit Bull from the animal shelter & I must say he’s the most friendliest dog that I’ve ever had. I’ve owned a Chesapeake Bay/ Golden Retriever, Beagle, German Shepherd, etc.). My Pit Bull is very protect of his family, but by no means is he aggressive. He’s great around children & other animals. Children, just like dogs need to be taught how to behave. Don’t blame the dog/ breed because of an irresponsible owner.

      3. scott says:

        Hey dumb ass can you read?Where in the article does it mention Pitbull’s.This is why stupid shouldnt bread.So quick to reply to a post just to be herd,

      4. Shannon says:

        No where in the article did it mention the dogs being pit bulls. Your assumption shows your ignorance on many levels. is a good place for you to start to learn about these fantastic and resilient dogs. The other point that you missed is that this woman in the article is obviously an irresponsible dog owner and all dogs are at risk of being owned by someone who can’t care for a plant let alone an animal-not just pit bulls. Unfortunately for pit bulls, there is an overwhelming amount of irresponsible people who own them because they fight them-and that is as irresponsible as you can get. But the one thing that most people miss is that ALL DOGS HAVE TEETH AND CAN BITE. If they are owned by someone who encourages this behavior-they will more than likely have an incident where the dog bites someone. If they are owned by some one who treats them with love and respect and gives them exercise and proper discipline, there will most likely not ever be a problem.

      5. Shane Cooper says:

        hey bernie! if you were to meet me and my pit bull he would lick you till his tongue fell off! me on the other hand would would be a nightmare for you! my 6 month old baby boy and my pit are best friends! you are ignorant and should be put down! not the pit bulls that were not even mentioned in this story!

      6. Willie says:

        Brenda Walsh. U STFU & SMD!

      7. T r o l l. alert says:

        Just so you all know, Bernard is a troll. Don’t bother responding to him.

  3. Kathryn Peters-Rodbell says:

    I go to Oregon Ridge Park with my dogs almost daily. Thankfully, I missed yesterday because I was running errands and the weather changed before we could get there.

  4. Bobby says:

    Denise Koch must be an idiiot putting out a description like this. Thier consultants probably told them not to mention race or anthing else, Gee its a woman that riles out only half the population of the planet.

    1. Barb says:

      Im sure its not Denise Koch that writes the articles, she only reports them as they are written. Lets not be calling people idiots when its not called for.

  5. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    A young twit with two pit bulls. What the hell is it about young self centered narcissistic people & dogs? Pit Bulls at that ? They have an indifferent attitude about everything from yaking on cell phones next to me to giving the finger & cutting off in traffic. In a word best described they are SELFISH & I believe in Karma. Hopefully this woman will be caught, prosceuted & the dogs put down.

    1. squaregrouper says:

      Where were Pit Bulls mentioned in the story? Oh, nevermind, its Bernard jumping to conclusions and stereotyping again.
      We all know the media is itching to use “Pit Bull” and “attack” in the same sentence. (even if it isn’t the correct breed). The fact that Pit Bulls weren’t mentioned surely means the attackers were nothing close to Pits.

      1. doglover says:

        Thank you! I completely agree. Pit Bulls were never once mentioned in the story. CBS was ignorant to include a picture of a brown Pit Bull as the “front dog” for the news broadcast. Of all fatal dog bite attacks in 2009, 92% were by male dogs and 94% of them were not neutered. So, maybe instead of attacking the Pit Bull breed, people should be more into, as Bob Barker would say, controlling the pet population.

      2. whatnow says:

        Maybe he saw the TV news where they SAID 3 PIT BULLS!

      3. okie dokie? says:

        whatnow, the man who was attacked said he thought they might be pit bulls. No one has definitively identified the breed of dog. but feel free to make up facts to suit your thought, kiddo. *wink*

  6. Sheila V says:

    There isnt too many age 24ish girls that own three large dogs that frequent Oregon Ridge…dog people will recognize her and her dogs and she will be caught.

    1. Kathryn Peters-Rodbell says:

      I’m sure she won’t be frequenting Oregon Ridge now. It’s a problem there. There’s a man with one brown doberman and one black doberman who walks the trails regularly. The brown doberman has attacked my dog. I understand people wanting to let their dogs off leash, so that they can play friisbee, swim in the pond, etc. But you shouldn’t allow your dog off leash unless he’s extremely obedient and friendly.

      1. Leash Your Dogs says:

        No, you shouldn’t let your dog off the leash AT ALL. It’s a violation of county law AND park regulations.

        If your dog was attacked there, did you not file a report with someone? If this man “walks the trails regularly”, shouldn’t you have alerted police and park staff so no one else is attacked?

      2. ha ha says:

        ok, angry, she didn’t go into the details of how she followed up on the attack…geez, do we have to give our life stories in order to make one small comment? wow. you’re like a dog protecting his territory….HA! that was irony. LOL!!!

  7. Dee Hubbard Simon says:

    Who ever said the attacking dogs were Pit Bulls? You are so closed minded & ignorant. Dogs are NOT born vicious, PEOPLE make them mean.

    1. jendog says:

      pit bulls were never mentioned but the opening picture was a dog that sure looked like a pit. that is irresponsible journalism.

    2. Ban Pit Bulls says:

      On another news site, the man said they appeared to be 3 PIT BULLS. I knew you apologists would be out in force; you always care more about this dangerous breed than you do about its victims, animal or human. That says a lot about you.

      The simple fact is that a bite from a pit bull is liable to do FAR more damaging than a bite from any other breed. Whatever about people making them mean…nobody needs a dog with that kind of jaw power. They were specifically bred to be dangerous and they are a menace to the public. You will not die if you can no longer own a pit bull. But people and other animals are dying because of you flakes with your stupid breed obsession. I hope yours turns on you.

      1. Shane Cooper says:

        @ ban pit bulls, i hope that my pit and i bump into you someday! it is not my dog that you should be worried about. i will be the one you will be running and screaming from! if you wanna test it out just send me a time and place. i will leave my pit at home and we can discuss our opinions! lol

      2. Shane Has a Tiny P3nis says:

        @ Shane – You’re the perfect example of the kind of mouth-breathing moron that owns and defends these dogs….they are really just a projection of what you think is your big, tough “manhood”. Posting veiled threats to people for wanting to ban a dangerous breed of dog? Nobody would be “running and screaming” from you. If you gave anyone cause to do that, you’d be going to jail, you brainless knuckle-dragging thug.

      3. JZ looses their comment forum trolz says:

        I know you’re a troll because no one could be as ignorant about a breed while insisting that this kind of absolutely false information is factual.

        Anyone wanting to respond, don’t bother, because this commenter is paid to upset you. WJZ gets more hits when people are mad and check back often to argue with t r o l l s.

  8. Abelyssah Beo says:

    I want to note that tender meek loving people need to be mindful to protect themselves ;store the knowledge as preparation . There are some that seek to harm you for another reason . Hate happens because of distortions , cults of beliefs that are anger based . Is a sad truth BUT will raise harm against unwitting folk just for the power and for spite . They are not well and seem to be every day types .Got to watch out and carry precautions . Its a rabid form in Maryland . Not pleasant to talk about and is sad.

  9. Sick of Irresponsible Dog Owners says:

    Both county law and park regulations stipulate that dogs must be on a leash at ALL TIMES. The parks have this clearly posted. Yet every time I visit Oregon Ridge or Cromwell Valley, people have their dogs running loose. I don’t care how friendly you think your dog is. Keep it on its leash! They need to get staff checking trails and people need to be fined for this. They are endangering other people and their leashed dogs.

    I have a dog and he is never allowed to roam off a leash. KEEP YOUR DOGS LEASHED! It’s the considerate thing to do, and IT’S THE LAW. I’ll be whipping out my cell phone in future to photograph and report these irresponsible idiots on the spot. No one should have to fear being attacked while enjoying a nice day at the park, like this poor man was today. I hope they find this jerk of an owner and throw her irresponsible *** in jail, right after she gets slapped with a nice fat civil suit for damages.

  10. sheriff says:

    As long as we have knuckleheads that insist on having dogs no matter they live in apartments or condo’s & it fullfills their yuppie B.S.image, we will have incidents. These lunatics have no clue as to ownership & discipline of an animal. They just want to parade it up & down the st. & let it sniff my crotch & interupt my dinning then take a hi=uge smelly dump & not even pick it up. They bark incessantly at all hours day & night & the owners are effin deaf & ignore. A rat poison steak is the answer.

    1. they're baaaaaaacccckkk says:

      Sheriff is a t r o l l. …same with Bernard and the person calling themselves “ban pittbulls”. don’t bother responding.

  11. sheriff says:

    Has it ever occurred to you lunatic Lezbo Nazi dog owners coming to the aid of a species that has a violent history of attacking people & other breeds? I referring to Pit Bulls which I heard & saw on a the day of the incident. Why not ask the owner of the dog that was killed this question & once & for all put it to rest. I ask you when was the last time a Yorkie, collie, Irish setter attacked & killed a human or another dog in the Balto. area? Hardly ever but Pit’s are right up there chomping away merrily. They should all be shot simply because they are the preferred pets of Blacks alone.

  12. willie says:

    Shane, My condolence in advance for owning a pit bull & a six month old child. Dogs are territorial to begin with & you had better keep that child out of harms way from what eventually could be a horrible incident. New reports around the world are full of these jealous dog / baby stories. The child can’t help himself & it appears with your judgement neither can you. P.S. You sound like a real tough guy. (Chuckle, sneer)

  13. so irritating says:

    sheriff and Willie are the same troll…don’t let the, rile you.

    1. sheriff says:

      Irritating, Learn to spell if you want to be taken seriously.

  14. dogluvrinMD says:

    Once again, unleashed dogs are to blame. Enforce the leash law! Make it a tremendously HUGE fine to have an off-leash dog on public property — and perhaps confiscate the dog since no dog is safe when it’s off leash in public (unleashed is unloved). Instead they cry for bans on specific breeds that bite…eventually they will ban every breed since every breed is capable of biting. Oh wait, that’s what the HSUS wants to do — eliminate all dogs!

  15. slugratslammer says:

    Carry a container of pepper spray for protection. It may help.

  16. john james says:

    is this shane cooper the verizon scab

  17. John Buren says:

    the news media is scared to say the offender was BLACK and the dogs are ill treated pit bulls. damn I hate our politically correct society

    1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

      You tell em John. Our young people in today’s society are a bunch of wuss’s. They will sacrifice their wn freedoms so as to not offend people of color whiel the Blacks play of this slavery B.S.

    2. Idiots says:

      @ John Buren, You say the offender is black huh…if you know the offender’s race,that means you were there,and you are infact a witness to this tragic crime.So my question to you is,why didn’t you do anything to stop it? And why have you yet to give police the CORRECT description of the offender?

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