To be quite honest, I’m so done with the Chad Ochocinco/Tedy Bruschi argument. I think it’s a story that should not have been covered, but it was and it brings up another conversation. It seems to me that freedom of speech is only something that draws a public outcry for the person who’s comments are liberal. The conservative counter-point or argument seemingly doesn’t have that same freedom.

In this case, Ochocinco is being defended by so many for making a comment that could have been kept to himself, but through social networking, he’s able to share that opinion with you. Bruschi’s who’s a television analyst, gave his opinion, which he’s paid to do, yet he’s the bad guy.

No one’s taking into consideration that maybe Bruschi knows people who are still in that locker room and he could be expressing the opinions of players who may not want to cause a problem with a teammate. Being that Rodney Harrison, another former Patriot, shared Bruschi’s opinion, maybe they know something that the public, bestill my heart, doesn’t know. Yes, that’s really a possibility. Those “former players” of that team, may actually have their fingers on the pulse of what’s going on in the locker room.

No one wants to be told that they’re wrong. Let’s let Chad Ochocinco do as he wants and no one will say anything. Afterall, that worked so well in Cincinnati. It’s clear that Chad Ochocinco is a winner and the difference maker on his current team. Why would he want guys who’ve actually won championships with the team he plays for now to admonish him?


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