Do they offer mulligans in the NFL? Rhetorical question, of course. But, if the Ravens had a do over they’d sure use it to replace the egg they laid Sunday in Nashville. I don’t want to say I told you so…. Wait, yes I do. I TOLD YOU SO. Watch out for the letdown… and a letdown it was for Baltimore in week two. Losing 26-13 to Matt Hasselbeck and his 358 yards of passing yards. The Ravens offered next to zero pass rush, next to zero rush attack, next to zero pass attack, next to zero pass defense. It stank of a letdown, wreaked of a letdown… It was a letdown for crying out loud! Human nature is a powerful thing and it affects football players, too, in case you missed the game.

The idea that the Ravens would go on the road and perform so poorly after week one was almost unthinkable… Almost because I thought of it, I brought it up and I got chastised by many of my listeners because of it. Well like I said before… I told you so. But don’t get mad at me. I wish I was the problem because the solution would be an easy one. The problem was on the field with the Ravens. The team just wasn’t right week two and the answers we had after week one are all wrong now. With too many holes to count after week two, week three becomes a question people don’t want to answer. Keep your fingers crossed that you’re not searching for another mulligan that doesn’t exist to start week four.

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  1. P.U. Ravens says:

    What stunk more, the sewage spill in Old Ellicott City or the Ravens?
    I’m voting for the Ravens.

  2. Tim Herb says:

    That was a very disturbing loss last Sunday. Raven fans will carry that in the back of their minds for the remainder of the season. The schedule in the second half may not be as easy as originally thought for some. I hate to say this but Flacco reminds me of Drew Bledsoe, who was prior Brady era at New England and then Dallas later on, tall, great arm, but lacks the ” Command Quality ” that the great QB’s have. when you watch them. They leave little doubt as to who is in charge when they take the field. Oh and one more thing. why weren’t we in our hurry up offense with 7 minutes left in the game and 2 scores down last Sunday???? Just a thought……….

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