BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Growth in the downtown area near Lexington Market is booming, but the market itself continues to have problems.

Monique Griego has more on the plan to increase safety there while also helping those in need.

Lexington Market is packed with people, but not everyone feels safe shopping there because of drug problems.

“Things going on you don’t want to see and you definitely don’t want children to see,” said resident Lakeisha Baker.

“When you go there, there are people who are dealing drugs, and there are also people who are clearly addicted and under the influence of something,” said Kirby Fowler.

Fowler, from the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore, is hoping to help improve some of those problems with a new initiative that started this week. 

“We feel like we need the law enforcement side, but also constructive assistance for substance abuse,” Fowler said.

City police already patrol the area, but now among the crowds will be a uniformed officer stationed there by the Downtown Partnership.

“With police, we need all the security we can get,” said Baker.

The organization also brought on Trina Clary Morris, a drug counselor, who started hitting the streets on Monday.

“People are very open and receptive to help. I was very surprised,” Morris said.

The neighborhood around Lexington is booming with new apartments, making it the fastest growing area of the city.

According to the 2010 Census, within the past 10 years it has more than doubled in size- going from 1,700 to 4,000 residents.

“So people want to live here. They recognize the assets we have downtown,” Fowler said.

Many people in Baltimore, including Baker, hope this initiative is just another step toward taking Lexington Market back to what it used to be.

“I’m hoping they get it back to the way it was when I was a little girl, coming down here, getting all the good food, seeing all different people,” Baker said.

The initiative has funding to last a year. In addition, the mayor will also be sending more police officers to that area in the upcoming months.

Comments (8)
  1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Get rid of the drug dealers, the police know who they are & then clean out the Black thugs & I will shop again at the market.

    1. Voschelle says:

      The ‘Thugs” period! I work at UMMC and frequent the market area often for outreach because of my profession and believe me it has NOTHING to do with race!!! They are in my office daily and it is a PEOPLE problem not a RACE problem!!! I pray that this will be ongoing and not just another short term experiment!

  2. B County says:

    Ultra-Liberal Democrat led cities always have problems with urban human rats laying nests in comercial/ business districts that ultimately destroys the area. Far left groups like the ACLU then jump in when the business owners start to take action and demand police crack downs to rid their store fronts of these urban filth. Baltimore is a mostly black and black led city that clearly shows just how terrible areas where blacks start to saturate just go bad. This is always, always, always true! Just look at Woodlawn and Randallstown. They became all black and crime went up and quality of life went down–Fast! The types and quality of shopping are the first to suffer with the arrival of huge numbers of blacks. I mean subsidized apartments, greasy chicken joints, rim shops, pawn shops, bail bonds businesses, bad Chinese food restaurants and exploitive Korean merchants just pop up like weeds when the bkacks arrive and the whites jump ship. I’ve seen this process too many times to count! Get rid of the underclass blacks from Lexington Market and the whites will come and life in general down there will improve dramatically. I see this all over American. I even saw it in London and Paris. White dominated geography is always the best place to live, work, and and shop. Hopefully, one day blacks will change this for their benefit and the rest of us civilized Earth citizens.

  3. Johnathan Lewis says:

    The Lexington Market area is very close to the areas where The Wire was set and filmed..That area of Baltimore was alot worse..the area has cleaned up alot. Just keep looking for the better things instead of just the negative..

    1. MDBrowngirl says:

      While I respect your point of view, I strongly disagree with you. I have worked right near Lexington Market for ten years and I have seen the area steadily decline. To be honest, I have not seen anything better. The situation has just gotten worse. Despite our apparent differing viewpoints, I applaud your optimism.

      Note to readers: This is how two people respectfully debate an issue.

      1. Vicky says:

        I have worked downtown for almost 20 years and I have seen changes but would not say improvements. Now, once you get inside of the market you are able to manuever a little better then before. It is weird, the downtown area has managed a nice mix of people living there but the radius of Fayette to Saratoga and Howard to Paca is the circus. I am amazed each time I walk through that area. The loitering is unbelievable and the police (who are usualy standing around or lined up in the middle of Eutaw) and downtown partnerships are usually present. It is blatant drug transactions going on constantly and it’s as though as long as there is no violence, a blind eye is turned. With all of the new apartments and condos coming up I would think a change would be coming sooner than llater. I do agree that people should learn to be able todiscuss topics without being disrespectful! Everyone has an opinion!

  4. J W K says:

    In reading these comments I find a few of them quite humorous , it is obvious that some not all of you are truly connected to the city or actually have your eyes open when you are there.If you did and and paid real attention when you are in the area you would see that the ” thugs ” , “dealers” and ” Niga$ ” that you speak of there are just as many white as black.I believe the first step into cleaning that area up is to find an alternative area for the methadon clinic until that is gone the market will continue to be overrun with what I like to refer to as ,”LEANERS”.

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