HANOVER, Md. (AP) — Anne Arundel County Police say two Baltimore teens have been charged in a hit-and-run accident in a stolen car and an attempted carjacking as they fled the crash scene in Hanover.

Police say Gregory Lassiter, 19, crashed the stolen Chevrolet into a Toyota near Arundel Mills Boulevard on Saturday, and then fled with his 15-year-old passenger on foot. The other driver was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries.

The teens jumped into another vehicle and police say they told the driver to take them to the nearest 7-Eleven, but she put her vehicle in park. An off-duty officer detained the teens until on-duty officers arrived.

Police say they determined Lassiter was under the influence of a controlled substance. Both teens face several charges, including auto theft and attempted carjacking.

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Comments (9)
  1. randy g. says:

    They are garbage!

  2. C.miller says:

    so how was this a carjacking?

    1. T says:


      The article states: “The teens jumped into another vehicle and police say they told the driver to take them to the nearest 7-Eleven.” Which connects to the title of the article “Teens Charged in Hit and Run Crash, Carjacking Try” Get it? A carjacking ATTEMPT.

  3. tylerjake says:

    More Baltimore city trash being delivered to the counties via public transportation! This should be great when the casino opens there! How convenient for the robbers!

  4. willie says:

    These vermin are either from the city or Severn Odenton area which is including Ft. Meade. Low life spawned from section 8 housing welfare bunnies courtesty of the sperm donor of the month boy friend. Fumihate the area of the black & hispanic punks. Lot’s of crime coming to A.M. whewn the casino’s open.

    1. Dee Freakylife Howard says:

      i use to b with them

  5. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    This perp has a face only the Devil & a Mother could love. He’ll never be mistaken for a Rhodes Scholar.

  6. Awwwe! says:

    And he looks like such a nice boy, too.

  7. Marcy Ohms says:

    As shortly as I noticed this website I went on reddit to ratio few of the like beside them. “A religion or spree is an stately undercover devised to salvage a mortal from the pique of thinking.” by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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