HARFORD COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — A Harford County high school football player is in trouble with the law, accused of raping a 14-year-old girl.

Monique Griego has more from the school and the student’s attorney.

That 16-year-old boy is charged as an adult with five sexual offenses, including rape, after the victim claims he went into her bedroom and attacked her.

Last week, 16-year-old Kyle Reddish was a hometown hero after kicking the winning field goal for Patterson Mill High School. Now, he faces serious allegations. According to court documents obtained by WJZ, a 14-year-old girl says she came home with her sister and several boys. She’d been drinking, gotten sick and vomited.

The victim claims Reddish came into her room, undressed her and forced her to perform sexual acts. The victim’s sister walked in and says she found Reddish having sex with her sister, who was not moving or talking and appeared to be unconscious.

Reddish was arrested days later.

Harford County schools released a statement saying in part, “Appropriate measures were immediately taken at the school to ensure the safety of students involved and that of the school community.”

Reddish plays kicker for Patterson Mill and did not take the field Monday night as Patterson Mill took on Perryville.

A Facebook site called “Kyle Reddish Is Innocent” defends the teen. It already has nearly 150 supporters.

Reddish’s lawyer says, “Our client is still a child and yet he has already suffered the indignity of being publicly identified and accused of stigmatizing crimes…which has compromised his personal safety.”

According to his lawyer, Reddish was beaten up at school by the victim’s brother a day after the attack and was taken to the hospital.

Reddish is charged as an adult because of the seriousness of the allegations. He was released on $50,000 bail.

Comments (69)
  1. Surprised says:

    I am sure Sheriff won’t have a word to say about this.

    1. willie says:

      Sheriff rules. He speaks the truth & tells it like it is. He wears the star!

      1. beware says:

        sheriff Willie is a troll, don’t respond.

      2. sheriff says:

        beware, You fool, SMD.

  2. sad says:

    Wow, that was a pretty graphic story. I thought they did not name minor children, and also, the whole due process thing. Anyway, sad story of the drinking and football culture, and the whole “jock” thing. Also sad story of girls getting drunk and putting themselves at risk. Maybe they shouldn’t be playing songs like “Drunk Girls” on the radio and promoting such things.

    1. phidelt244 says:

      When you are charged as an adult for a crime, you are treated like an adult, including the release of personal information.

    2. James R. Collette says:

      Here we go with the “banning” stuff again. Why do people like you place blame everywhere except the person that committed the crime?

      1. sad says:

        Because people are influenced by the culture that surrounds them. When kids hear messages like “Drunk girls” and see “gossip girl” on TV, and hear from school that underage sex is “okay” as long as you are “ready” for it, then who can be surprised when they do what they are taught?

      2. Steve says:

        Amen brother!

      3. LOL says:

        Oh, I see, it’s ok to ban music and tv shows for the general public but not drinking for cops. Hypocrite.

  3. Monica Palumbo says:

    Just as shocking as the subject matter was the lack of editing on the reporter’s part! Would you please edit your story before posting?!!! You open with a byline, and later a statement that twice cites the accused as being from Howard County. Later in the “article” you indirectly refer to the young man as being from Harford County. Get it right. Understand that these careless mistakes have impact.

    1. mp says:

      Thank you for the editing changes that were just posted.

  4. Red says:

    We know he is 16 and she is 14, both in high school. Wrong is wrong. But you got a 14 year old girl drunk enough to vomit and pass out? Or was it that she was getting it on with the star player and then realized she was dumb…..cry rape. If she is plastered at 14, what does that say about the integrity of character? How did he know she was 14? Where the F were the parents? They are at fault, leaving a home full of unsupervised children…drunk nonetheless. This guy should not be charged as an adult unless the girl gets some sort of hit for underage drinking and the parents get nailed for negligence. If they fail to uphold those, then the boy should be let loose. Sounds like a set-up to me.

    1. Jul says:

      .” The victim’s sister walked in and says she found Reddish having sex with her sister, who was not moving or talking and appeared to be unconscious.”

      Doesn’t sound like a set up to me.Sounds like he got caught breaking the law and violating this young girl! In which case,I hope he is prosecuted to the FULL extent of the law!

      1. mommaknows says:

        if thats the case, how come she says she heard her sister crying in one article? how can she cry and be passed out at the same time? then dad walked in later and kicked him out after catching them? why did it take the mother hours upon hours later to take the girl to the ER if both sister and father witnessed what took place? why werent hte cops called immediately?

        oh and as for the beating this kid endured by the brother of the girl…vigilanti justice should never be praised. what leassons are we teaching our children these days? defending your family is honorable, no arguments there. however, to be beaten as badly as this kid was is not honorable at all.

        now lets rip the media to shreds too cause whether charged as an adult or not, he hasnt been convicted of anything so releasing his name and image to the world would have me livid if it were my son. rape is wrong, i agree. but last time i checked, one is presumed innocent until proven guilty. The article reads as if factual..thought the proper handling of these types of stories usually begins, ‘Alledgedly…..”

        waaaay too many holes in this story and i hope the media keeps there inaccurate noses out of this one so it can be tried fairly — both the girl and the boy deserve the right to a fair trial!!! if this was a case of consensual sex ending in pointing of finger out of fear of getting into trouble, then i’d say the less publicity this story gets the better! The boy is going to have a hard enough time getting this behind him. If the kid turns out to be guilty, then the girl wont need the constant reminder from the media of what took place.

      2. baltimore resident says:

        sounds like she was doing some under age drinking and when she got caught cried rape to save her own tail

    2. James R. Collette says:

      A lot of what you say holds true. However he should not be released because others may have violated the law also. He stands trial. He could have walked away or left that party. Instead he stayed and was with a 14 year old.

    3. Jessica says:

      Get real, this kid will grow up to rape and God knows what else if he isn’t dealt with now. True, the parents are negligent too if they were allowing underage drinking but ultimately, the boy should have known better than to take advantage of a drunk 14 year old. I feel sorry for this girl, I don’t believe she would make up something like that. These athletes watch professional athletes getting away with rape and murder, so they probably think they can too.

      1. C00n says:

        do you know the girl? if not dont say that you dont beleive she would make something up like that. many of times have girls claimed rape to get out of immediate trouble which causes lifelong problems for the accused. you know what i believe? i dont know cause I wasnt there and neither were you or anyone else except for the two children involved, lets do them and their families a favor and stop pointing fingers and get on with our own sh1tty lives

      2. I think not says:

        @C00n, ok, now you have our respect and I’m sure I speak for every commenter on here when I say, we would do anything you ask because you are so insightful and well spoken.

  5. val says:

    The reality is this: we don’t know what happened. Whether he raped her (and if so needs to be charged like a grown azz man) or whether they were messing around consentually and she got caught and made the accusation. Getting the facts will lend more information on which to base ones opinion.

    We need to move past the days of blatant ignorance of siding with male or female just because they play football, are usher girls and the like.

  6. PO PO PO says:

    I love it a white boy does it pics everywhere A lack in the city murders not one photo Thanks kmz

    1. Leonard says:

      Po Po Po
      The race of this kid is not even the least of what’s wrong with this case. This is a hot topic out here in the county. Him being tried as an adult allowed them to splash his picture all over the place and even worse than that the girls identity has been compromized. People are divided for and against both kids. The boys parents must be going through hell as well. I’m saying this as a black man I wish this kid was tried as a juvenile for all parties concerned. I also think the prosecuter is trying to make a name for themself when this is over, “bringing Harford County’s highschool version of Big Ben to justice!”

  7. Elizabeth Barnhart says:

    NOW wait a minute no one GOT HER DRUNK I am a women and my husband drank as a teen and I NEVER did it was dumb and he even got alcohol poison once from it. Sound’s like they were all drinking and partying he was wrong to rape her and NO one should ever do anything with out permission to with their body’s. BUT no one should put their self in this position either and this child is 16 should not be put in as a adult its sad.

  8. royce says:

    i have serious issues with this entire story. the victim is 14 and the story claims she brought home several boys and girls and evidently drinking was involved because it says that she was drunk and vomitting and eventually passed out. i don’t know if the boy in question actually “raped” the girl or if she gave consent even in a drunken stupor. only they know the truth. but it wouldn’t be the first time an underage girl got caught engaging in sexual activites and claimed rape so as to not get in trouble and ruined a boy’s life and his future oppurtunites. he may be just guilty of bad judgement in having sex with a girl under the influence. but if it was rape then actions should definently be taken. either way innocent or guilty this boy has just messed up his future for many years to come. it is sad. and i have to ask where were the parents? how often has this been going on? no mention that the girl was untouched prior to this incident leaving one to believe she was no stranger to the bedroom or boys. i don’t feel for the jury in this case. I also do not believe this boy should be charged as an adult, unless the girl is charged with underage drinking, the parents are charged with alcohol being served to children in their home whether there was consent or not, brother charged with assault and battery. wasn;t it just a few years a go a young black male down south was charged with raping a white girl. daddy caught her so she cried rape. the boy lost all his oppurtunites and scholarships. only to have the girl confess later that she said that so she wouldnt get in trouble. just sad

    1. Kimberly Blackwell says:

      were a heck of a lot different than down south i wish to god we were like that then there wouldnt be so many crimes here the criminals would just get shot that grl was wrong shes the one that should of been shot cause u def dont play those games down there especially wen ur white accusing a black person of the crime thats just down right wrong cause the south is real serious bout that stuff happenin down there

    2. Leonard says:

      royce, I am with you on this one. I’m from Harford county this story stinks to high heaven. I do believe the book should be thrown at Kyle but as a juvinile. I honestly think this never would have happened if alcohol were not consumed. In my gut I don’t believe either one of the kids are bad kids just used poor judgment. I don’ tthink Kyle is the “Big Ben” he’s being portrayed as. No I don’t know the kid personally it’s just my gut feeling. Also I believe, had they kept this a juvinile case the little girls identity wouldn’t have been compromised as easily as it was. Sides have been taken among the adults and children, theres a FB page defending him, the girl is being trashed and nobody knows what went down between them, the kids could have planned this for all we know.

    3. Jessica says:

      Tthe police report/hospital said she had bruises and injuries, sounds like an assault/rape, not consensual in the least.

    4. vwgirl says:

      where were your parent when you were getting drunk with your friends as a teenager? Come on? You sound stupid. All kids find a way to get away with just about anything. Im sure you are parent of theyear AND never did anything wrong as a teenager. right?

      1. Silly Rabbit, Boozers LOSE says:

        …and therein lies your ignorance. No, honey, not ALL kids will find a way to get drunk, just you and your kind. Straight Edge movement, sister. Google it.

      2. Sebastian Xavier says:

        What the hell? I wasn’t acting this crazy as a kid either. (although I made mistakes and still do) What are you talking about?

  9. the truth says:

    Some nasty people on here, it could have been you.

    1. Kimberly Blackwell says:

      no cause if it were me somebodies getting shot by good ole smith n wesson cause thats who definitly protects me 24/7

  10. Rosemary Baze says:

    This is truly unfortunate for all involved. My daughter attends Patterson Mill High School and the first time I heard about this was yesterday on the wbal website. Just alot of poor decisons on EVERYONE’s part.

  11. JQP says:

    Parents. hm. This is how parents “parent” thaws days: They start off with sticking a bottle with synthetic “formula” in their new born infant’s mouth… you know, take away the first thing that should be just for them…cut off that bonding experience before it starts. Then they stick ’em in a crib in another room so Mommy can get her beauty rest and Daddy can take on some of the responsibility (see story in bumper pads). Then as soon as they possibly can, they hand them off to whomever will take care of those little inconveniences for them. You know, Mommy and Daddy like all those modern conveniences.

    Let’s see, oh, what shall we do with our child when they come home from day care and I’m too busy to talk to it? I KNOW! I’ll sit the lovely little baby that is all mine in front of a TV with shows that $exualize our daughters (see Disney….any Disney or ABC Family) and teach them that drinking, having $ex and getting pregnant at age 14 is perfectly normal and really, almost expected.

    Then we ship ’em off to school and feed them fast food (cuz we’re busy) and wonder what the H-E-double hockey sticks happened when our 14 year old is drunk and has been raped… or our college bound football star is drunk and raping 14 year olds…. or our 17 year old sons are building bombs in our garage.

    hm….. maybe the government does need to step in, after all (see story on bumper pads…again).

    1. JQP-typo address says:

      “thaws”? I was so irritated I wrote “thaws” instead of “these”… I’ll try to focus more next time.

  12. Weezie says:

    Unfortunate situation. But why is it that a girl can cry rape and the alleged rapist is automatically guilty in the eyes of the law and everyone else. From what i understand of the situation all involved were at fault, not just the boy. Why wasn’t she taken to the hospital immediately? Why wasn’t the police called immediately?? Why assume that the boy is guilty? Where were the parents in the first place?? Some things just don’t add up to me!! Hopefully this young man will receive true justice and not be branded for life because of this one mistake! Sorry to say this doesn’t happen much in Harford County!!!

    1. Nope says:

      no no no….sweetie, IF he is guilty of this, it is not a “mistake” or “poor judgment”… it is rape and there is a whole psychology behind rapists and why they do what they do. If you believe that pedophiles can’t be rehabilitated, then you must also understand that it is the same disease, and it is permanent. Rapists don’t want $ex, they want control and they want to satisfy their own needs regardless of how or from whom they get it. Get it?

  13. Judith Carter says:

    I hope
    that he goes to jail for a long time. Being popular for school does not make it right. Just because he is well liked does not change the fact that he got caught and no this is not a setup. As for the girl she needs to be handled. where did she get the drinks from and where are the parents. I feel her pain but there are a lot of unanswered question. I hope that she has an explanation. But at the same time he is putting his parent through a lot of pain and heartache.

  14. I told you idiots says:

    Where were the parents?? This little trollop was wasted and invited older boys to her home for what? to have study group?? Yea right! She knew what she was getting herself into,and so did the football player lol.She wanted to experience something with this young man,but she probally didn’t want to go “all the way”.You can’t tease a man (or a teenage boy) and expect nothing to happen.Everyone has different ways of thinking,whether its good or bad.Oh well.

    1. friendly advice says:

      eh… you might want tot seek help, there friend. last time I heard such a blatantly misogynistic comment coupled with an excuse for violently $exual behavior, the speaker was sitting behind bars…for rape… honestly, get help.

  15. Michael Spencer says:

    When my daughter was 14 years of age I would have known, if she was out drinking and brought boys home with her. What kind of family is this girl from?? The sister just walks in, acknowledges that her sister is passed out having sex, and then what? Just closes the door and let them carry on???
    I am not trying to make excuses for the boy, but I am just wondering where are the parents for both individuals involved?

    1. Sebastian Xavier says:

      “Passed out having sex” ???

  16. Connie says:

    I think it was sick for a news team (WJZ) to come to a School Football game Monday night in Perryville to hound the Patterson Milll Varsity Football team!! Nevermind 2 High School Teams both with a 3-0 record playing a good game of Mon. night football, they were looking for news thats all. It makes me sick to know the real reason they were there other than some GOOD FOOTBALL!!! Good game Patterson Mill good game.

    1. cHARMcity says:

      If it was your daughter you would understand. STFU!!!

      1. connie says:

        Grow up

    2. what did you say? says:

      really? football is your concern? part of the problem much?

      1. Connie says:

        NO ALOCHOL IS!!

      2. chotasmom@gmail.com says:

        then why all the huffing and puffing about a football game? you’re all over the place lady.

  17. cHARMcity says:

    excuses, excuses… if this dude was black you all would be saying.. “he should burn, give him life..etc…”.. this white young man should be punished.. just like they do young black youth in the city…. for petty crimes… they just gave a 14 year old girl 5 years for beating another man/ women… I think RAPE is way more harmful and does way more damage… Im surprised they even showed this on the news.

    1. I said it says:

      AGREED!!!!! I guess I’m not the only one who can read between the damn lines. There is no excuse,and whether it was a rape or not,the fact is these white children were drinking under the legal age,and engaging in sexual activities in their parents’ home.If the “football star” was black there would have been over 100 comments of racial slurs and punishment recommendations etc.This should have never made the news,because its predictable behavior for “those people”.

      1. irony says:

        let’s look at the statistics of violent crimes related to psychosis vs. violent crimes related to drugs…. the profile of a typical (majority, that is) psychotic offender is a white male. The typical violent drug offender (particularly in Baltimore) is an African male (See City of Baltimore’s crime blotter for the numbers). So, what, exactly is it that you want? Would you like the commenters to say something racist? Why? What does that say about you? Who are you accusing of racism? Are you helping to rectify that problem or are you trying to make it worse?

      2. sheriff says:

        I said it, In a nut shell, White kids pull this kind of behavior alll the time while the Black kids just are plain violent & kill one another. Let the jury figure it out.

      3. cHARMcity says:

        blah blah blah @ irony… you can whine statistics all day but bottom line the truth hurts… whats the statistics that a young white male will be become a junkie from stealing meds out his mothers cabinet… maybe if we stop that the youth wont have anybody to sell to… or the statistics of a young white male that beat or killed his or her parents over something dumb like a video game… we all have problems white and black… stop coming on here whining and do something about it… or just run away to portland somewhere…

      4. irony says:

        You’re funny.

      5. I said it says:

        @ Irony… I like how you try to throw out fraudulent stats when you’re confronted with the truth,but its no surprise that you took it that far because thats what you people do.Instead of accepting the fact that your race has the same issues that African Americans have,you choose to remain delusional,then justify it by making up b.s statistics.I would consider taking you serious if you had stats on BOTH races regarding crimes similar to the one at hand.Theres no irony in it…learn the word before you use it prick

      6. sad little man, you are. says:

        aw, hurt you did I? why do you care what I think? are you that pitifully sad that you have to hound other posters who are clearly smarter than you? honey, the stats are what they are, prove me wrong. I’ll get you the sources, no problem…would you like me to humiliate you publicly? I can, if you like.

      7. LMAO says:

        It seems like I hurt your feelings there buddy.The thought of you “publicly humiliating” sounds interesting.SO PLEASE, GO AHEAD AND ENTERTAIN ME.Throwing out fake statistics doesn’t make you intelligent nor does using “big words” that you clearly don’t know the meaning to.I laugh at little boys like you(or girls)…whatever you are.You populate your vocabulary with a bnch of SAT words to compensate for your lack of personality.You’re wack and this can go on for days if you’d like:)

  18. Connie says:


  19. Dr. Benton says:

    A person is guilty of a sexual offense in the third degree if the person engages in: (2) Sexual contact with another person who is mentally defective, mentally incapacitated, or physically helpless, and the person knows or should reasonably know the other person is mentally defective, mentally incapacitated, or physically helpless; or
    (b) Any person violating the provisions of this section is guilty of a felony and upon conviction is subject to imprisonment for a period of not more than 10 years.

  20. oj swagg simpson says:

    All Yall B Trippin’ . Dis B Da Ish. Dat Boi B I-N-N-O-C-E-N-T ,,,!
    Da PO-leese Got Nuttin’ On Dis Boi .
    “You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months over-analyzing a situation; trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could’ve, would’ve happened… or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move the f*** on.”

  21. Randall says:

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