The Orioles late season surge certainly could have the potential for leaving people with a better taste in their mouths than they should have.  I know, it’s been impressive, piling up wins against teams still in the playoff race.  However, the Orioles are doing with this with no pressure on them. It’s always a danger when a player stinks April-July, and then pads his stats when a team is out of the race.

I don’t know who is going to run the Orioles next year, although I don’t think it will be MacPhail.  But, I do believe that whoever it is shouldn’t be snowed into counting on too many of these players to help next year.  Unless you trade them, Jones, Hardy, Weiters, Markakis and Reynolds are all in the line-up.  That leaves 4 positions where you can get better.  Besides that, there was no one in the rotation that you can be confident will get you 15 wins.

There are some huge holes to fill, despite the late success.

  1. Steve says:

    Now what do we do?: The answer; go on vacation for a few months and then come back ready to re-occupy the gutter during the 15th losing season. The needs are too great, and the leadership is too clueless to fix it. At this point, a fourth place finish would be a nice surprise, but unrealistic to expect.

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