WASHINGTON (WJZ) — Dozens of wanted criminals are off the streets. Immigration officers targeted fugitives in the country illegally in a nationwide sweep.

Kai Jackson has more on the criminal crackdown.

Authorities say these arrests take nearly 3,000 illegal criminals off the streets.

Immigration officials provided WJZ with video of illegal immigrant criminals being busted in Baltimore. It’s a scene that was repeated in cities across the country. Since Sept.17, 2,901 illegal immigrants have been arrested.

“The results are impressive. In the space of seven days, we arrested 2,901 criminal offenders from 115 different countries,” said ICE Director John Morton.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency says it’s making good on a promise that President Barack Obama made to crack down on criminal illegal immigration. In Maryland, eight jurisdictions were affected. Anne Arundel, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Cecil, Frederick, Howard, Montgomery and Prince George’s counties all saw arrests.

“More than 1,600 of the individuals we arrested…had one or more felony convictions…such as attempted murder, kidnapping, rape and aggravated assault,” Morton said.

A total of 44 arrests were made in Maryland. ICE says 22 of the suspects had felony convictions and two were convicted sex offenders.

ICE says the men arrested will now be deported.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says her office and the Justice Department will review 300,000 deportation cases pending in federal immigration court.

Comments (35)
  1. fedupwithitall says:

    AS far as I am concerned if they are here and nor suppose to be. SEND THEM HOME now before they breed and their children will be legal citizens and years from now will ruin America worse than it is now. Could u even fathom the thought of having a President whose parents was Illegals ???? SEND THEM ALL HOME NOW and SAVE AMERICAN JOBS. And these groups that are fighting for illegals rightsneed to be looked into and maybe charged with crimes of assisting iillegals

  2. joe says:

    it s about time mabe some local people can get some of the jobs that thes people have bin work with unelp as high as it is even if it is just one job its a stsrt my kids have bin looking for jobs a long time sorry it took so long for the feds to do what we pay them swo much to do thanks for waken up

  3. deborah says:

    nobody sees how alot of spanish people helped our country.. I have two kids by a mexican.. so what if they are legal or illegal.. they are people just like else that has family to take care of. Alot of jobs want the spanish people to clean or help build houses now a days.. People need to wake up and realize. So what if there is spanish born here, what about the other people from across the world. People on the other side of this world are more dangerous than spanish people. I wish somebody would speak up and see how spanish people help so much. So what if you don’t got a job it’s called look somewhere else stop being lazy.

    1. willie says:

      Your marrying & having a mixed breed tells me you have won the race to the bottom.Bet you’re a blonde. Mexicans work cheaper & undercut unions, they are no better than thief’s in the night that cost the taxpayers of this country $$$ of dollars each year.

      1. Annette Rodriquez says:


      2. deborah says:

        Look you don’t know me and no I am not a blonde. I am not married. People need to open there eyes in see that spanish people are not so bad. people on the other side of this world is much worse. Look what happen on 9-11-01 pakistan people did that I wont trust them I would feel safer with spanish people around. If you don’t like what i got to say don’t write back because I don’t care.

    2. Stupidity Rules says:

      I bet you do not have a job and are on public assistance for you and your 2 kids. Any more by other nationalities? You are part of the problem.

      1. deborah says:

        You need to mind your business. I work for what I got I don’t need to sit a round in wait for a check in the mail every month.

    3. rob says:

      unfortunately, you are very biased. I have no problem with spanish or mexican people as long as they are here legaly. If not, they need to be sent home. Hence the word illegals. Stop funding laws aiding the children of these people.

    4. Dee says:

      The reason there is a problem with ILLEGALS is because they are using American resources and not giving back. There are a lot of immigrants that are here and work hard at their jobs , but they should go through the process and do what they need to do to become citizens and give back to a country that they feel can help them better their lives.

    5. Can't Fix Stupid says:

      Deborah, first of all, I want to commend you on your use of the English language as I am assuming that English is your native tongue; and, just because the only attention you could get was from a Hispantic does not give him, you or the rest of these illegals the right to remain in our Country. If these people really want to stay here, they would be going through the process of becoming legal. Don’t worry, whether he is deported or not, you can still collect your Welfare, unfortunately. People who pay taxes legally have the right to voice our opinions on these parasites. Hey, maybe you and your baby daddy can take your offspring and go back to his Country! Let them support you because we are tired of supporting them!

  4. sheriff says:

    If ICE went over to Casa De Mayo they could collect just about everyone. Go sweep any street corner or restaurant in Fells point / Canton & you would catch hundreds if not thousands of illegals. Every illegal in this country is costing us Americans $575 a year for food, housing, education & medical expenses including automatic citizenship for their children. That’s the real reason they come here is to plop out their little peppers.

    1. Annette Rodriquez says:

      ignorant comment. many are here to work.

      1. deborah says:

        People have no respect. I wish they can open there eyes in see how spanish people helped so much. They don’t realize there is more dangerous people out here.

  5. PAUL E. MICELLI says:

    ALL “ILLEGAL ALIENS” should have been rounded up with the “BANDITO’S” and immediately DEPORTED. ILLEGAL MEANS ILLEGAL IN ALL NATIONS OF THE WORLD!!!!!!

  6. Dee says:

    What I’m curious to know is, why 2900 CONVICTED criminals were allowed to stay here after they got out of jail. Had they been deported when they committed their crimes maybe the government and ICE officials wouldn’t have to spend so much money, time and resources doing things like this!
    I’m for immigration, however, since they want to be Americans so bad, they need to abide by our laws and do what MOST other Americans are doing and pay taxes. (I say most not all bc there are plenty of Americans taking advantage of the system too!!!)

    1. Annette Rodriquez says:

      I agree

  7. trap says:

    A few less people to trash up my favorite fishing spots. Good riddance.

  8. Annette Rodriquez says:

    This nation was built on immagrants

    1. Stupidity Rules says:

      Law abiding LEGAL ones.

    2. sheriff says:

      Annette, & Deborah. Are you speaking from a legal standpoint? Immigrants are welcome here legally. My Father had to speak english, have apromise of a job & a plac eto stay when he came here back in the 1920’s. No B.S. then like there is now. Deborah, you made a decision to accept a lower status by marrying a Mexican. Your children will grow up a mixed breed & will be ridiculed & they had no control over what happened to them. F……k illegals, send them all home. Carter started this mess by allowing all the criminals from Cuba back in the 70’s.

      1. Dee says:

        You are rude! Plain and simple! She accepted a lower status by marrying a mexican, my guess is you are an old, ignorant, racist, who probably dislikes anyone who isn’t like you. A mixed breed?!?!? She didn’t have dogs, she had children! I’m multi cultural and you know what it is becoming more and more common so maybe you with your old racist thoughts and beliefs are the one that needs to be deported to a place that is more fitting for your beliefs!

    3. Can't Fix Stupid says:

      Yeah Annette RODRIQUEZ, LEGAL immigrants built this Country. They came through the proper channels and did not sneak under a fence somewhere. You might also want go get our your Spanish-English Dictionary out and check your spelling before you post.

  9. sheriff says:

    Dee, Sorry toot’s but it’s people like you, or should I say “Sheeple” like yourself that because of their s……ty socio-economic status rush to embrace this multi cultural B.S….If it’s so wonderful, then how come multi culturals aren’t making any real progress in this country & that the majority of the wealth is still in the hands of a very small % of old whites. P.S., It won’t change soon because of decendents.

  10. sheriff says:

    Dee, Oh, BTW, i STATED “Breeding” because they are animals.

    1. Dee says:

      You’re the only animal! Nothing you say can offend me. Your “people like you” comment only proves how stupid beyond comparison you actually are. I feel sorry for you and people like you.
      And BTW- my socio-economic status is just fine. I am doing just fine with a job and degree!

    2. deborah says:

      MY KIDS ARE NOT ANIMALS PENDEJO. THEY ARE HUMAN JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE. YOU NEED TO GO BACK WHERE YOU COME FROM. SPANISH PEOPLE HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE HERE LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE. AND Dee i agree with you. those people who hate spanish people grew up with no respect. spanish people helped so much in this country. They come so far to take care of families.

  11. sheriff says:

    Dee, Two kids out of wedlock? Great example for your children & future kids. A degree in waht? Laying on your back.

  12. Dee says:

    Ok Sheriff, I can honestly see how stupid you actually are. 1. I don’t have two kids, that was Deborah and 2. My degree is none of your business and 3. It is WHAT not waht! Just fyi

  13. ha ha says:

    LOLOLOL!!! Is this a battle of the trolz? You do know that “sheriff” and “Willie” are the same troll, right? They are paid to make you mad.

    Also, deb, honey, the argument isn’t about “spanish people”, it is about illegal immigrants, and you could be accused of the same ignorance as those you seem to be arguing with in that you automatically assumed that this was about “Spanish” people based on…..what? could it be that it is because they comprise the majority of illegals? Sweetheart, illegal immigration is a problem for the people who are legal citizens. You don’t have to like it,but it is a fact.

    …and as for the rest of the “people” who are commenting here about deborah’s marital status, I think she made it pretty clear: she had 2 babies by illegal mexicans but did not marry them…so, you can see the quality of character of the person with whom you are arguing, yes?

    I really thought at least one intelligent commenter would have picked up on the obvious: Aren’t they ALL criminals if they are here illegally?

    1. deborah says:

      Everybody has a right to go places and live. People want to come here in work. Nobody is getting on the pakistan or chinese or anybody else about being illegal. They think spanish people are so bad but they just want to take care of there families like everybody else.

      1. You can't be that dumb says:

        what’s your point? they can come here AND work, but they need to do it legally. You totally miss the point of why people are angry…it’s not because they’re Spanish and it’s not because they’re immigrants… it’s because they are ILLEGAL. If you work for what you want, then I have no problem with you, but if you are too lazy to do it the right way (learn the language, pay your taxes, discover the history of this country, become a citizen, etc), and then EXPECT the rest of us to be OK with footing the bill for your defense, welfare & education, I have a problem with that. I DON’T CARE IF YOU’RE FROM ICELAND, or Mexico or Kalamazoo…. Do it right or you’ll never be accepted by the general public.

  14. ADM says:

    Can someone either disable or monitor these comments? The things that I am reading make me sick. I cannot believe some of the bigotry that I am reading. Albeit not totally unbelievable, it is saddening that those who commented previously on the article contributed nothing to the complexity that is the issue of illegal immigration, rather added to the ignorance that is American bias. Is our worldview truly that small these days?

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