Watching last nights baseball games was one of the best nights of sports action I have ever seen. I’ve seen Superbowls, World Series and NBA Championships that didn’t have the feel of last nights games. I could live a hundred more years and not see anything like I saw last night. The drama of the final at bats. The battle back from being 7 runs down and tying it in the ninth with a 2 out home run from a hitter that was hitting.106. Evan Longoria’s walk off homer that followed the 2 out base hits in Baltimore against a team that was 88-0 after having a lead after the 8th inning. I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome, but if it had gone the other way with the Red Sox getting in, I would still be ecstatic over the way these game finished. What an amazing night, sending the Red Sox home to watch the playoffs… Just like us!!!


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