I just saw the movie Warrior the other night with my wife. The latest sports movie to come out based upon the ever growing world of the MMA. The story is based around 2 brothers that have taken totally different paths to get where they are in life. The older brother Brendan Conlon is a family man who is about to lose his house and trying to fin a way to make ends meet. He is a physics teacher in a Pittsburgh High School and steps back into the Octagon to help make some money for his family. His younger brother Tommy is an all world wrestler that was trained by his father during his childhood to an undefeated record. Tommy and Brendan had distanced themselves from the father. He was an abusive drunk that mistreated his kids and wife. Tommy joins the Marines after his mother dies and basically disowns his father and brother and becomes a war hero. They both end up in this tournament to try to win 5 million dollars. The movie really sucks you in and forces you to pick a bother to root for. Nick Nolte has an awesome performance as Paddy Conlon the former drunk that tries to straighten his life out and become a part of his kids lives. I really loved this movie and would recommend this to everyone.


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