BALTIMORE (AP) — The Baltimore Police Department has increased overtime spending by 40 percent through June and is on track to continue rising amid a struggle to fill vacancies.

Data obtained by The Baltimore Sun shows spending this fiscal year is on track to rise another 40 percent.

City officials say officers are working more overtime because of staffing shortages. There are about 200 vacancies among the force of 3,100. Other officers are on medical leave or suspended.

The city increased its budget for police overtime to $17 million last year but still outspent that figure by $6 million. City Council members say they want the department to stay within its budget.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has proposed hiring 300 additional officers, but that proposal has been met with opposition.

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Comments (8)
  1. Guessagain says:

    When you have 3 wives 2 mistresses you have to support them some how. Its either work overtime or sell drugs. Well theres always the tow truck scam but i guess thats dead for at least another year untill things cool down and then they’ll have that one up and running again.

  2. sheriff says:

    This is the deal the city made with the union. No pay increase? yeah sure, overtime all the time. The Brothers rule this city so get used to it or put an egg in your shoe & beat it out of town.

    1. BSometer says:

      Sheriff, you are such a brave soul. So BOLDLY taking shots at minorities behind the anonymity of your computer. I respect your right to voice you opinion. But you are a coward. Take your sheet off and say the things you write to the faces of those you right about. IF you are willling to have that direct conversation, then I will be happy to meet you somewhere outside of the city to make you move comfortable. I would love to hear your views face to face.

  3. DOCSRUS says:

    @Sheriff…..I dont get it. Why should someone put an egg in their shoe when they leave down?

  4. DOCSRUS says:

    The WHO, CDC & UN seem to believe that 40-60% of the violence is caused by alcohol & pillheads. So if we banned the drug alcohol then it only makes sense that we could safely eliminate a substantial portion of our police force. Problem solved. Delete the violent druggies and deliete the majority of the probem. If people need a way to releive stress they can switch to safer alternative (that does not promote violence) such as Cannabis.

    I dont drink so why should I be forced to pay excessive taxes to support the bloated police force thats required to manage boozeheads?.

  5. Marcia says:

    You either hire more police, pay the ones you have overtime, or cut back on police coverage. It really isn’t rocket science and this story isn’t news.

  6. Bill says:

    The two biggest mistakes in Maryland, Owe Malley and BeanField. The only one bigger is in DC

  7. Wheres common sense when you need it says:

    I don’t get it. If there isn’t a police officer in the area at all times, the media and the people of Baltimore fuss because the cops aren’t doing their jobs. Then when the cops are on the street, the media and people of Baltimore fuss because it costs to much. Go figure. Maybe the empty postions can’t be filled because noone wants to work in a city that is overrun by druggies, crack heads and complainers. How much money do the police make a year to put up with this nonsense? When is the next budget cut coming their way? Maybe putting up with Baltimores BS just isn’t worth the money!

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