WOODLAWN, Md. (WJZ)— A worker was robbed and shot on his lunch break near the Social Security Administration campus in Baltimore County. 

Mike Hellgren has the latest on the search for the suspect.

The police response was large and fast. Officers scoured the woods for clues after a Social Security Administration employee was shot during a bold robbery while on his lunch break. It happened just before noon and a short distance from Social Security Administration headquarters, where nearly 12,000 people work.

One mother—who lives very close to the shooting scene and asks that we not show her face—is scared for her safety.

“It’s just showing people don’t have a conscience anymore and that we’re not safe no matter where we go. The city, the county, it doesn’t matter now,” she said.

The massive SSA headquarters went on lockdown as a precaution. Police used dogs and collected bags of evidence. People say whoever did this took off down Woodlawn Drive. The victim, that SSA worker, collapsed near the I-70 underpass.

Many who have worked for Social Security are stunned at the violence.

“Even when it’s not down here, when it’s anywhere, that someone would just shoot somebody…that doesn’t make any sense,” said Cora Tucker.

The area is not immune to violence. Three years ago, an apartment manager was murdered nearby.

“It’s outrageous. Happening all over this city. They’ve just got guns and they’re uncontrollable with them,” said Clifford Sparrow.

Now the search is on for the suspect as the victim recovers at the hospital.

The victim is being treated at Sinai Hospital.

Comments (11)
  1. Kay says:

    Did someone get ANGRY because their check didn’t come in the mail???? What can you possibly rob the office for??

  2. I said it says:

    It takes a real jacka$$ to rob Social Security.I know people are probally mad because they didn’t get their checks that I’m helping pay for,but to rob the place is just stupid.What do you honestly expect to leave with…some pens? People are soo damn stupid

  3. JC says:

    please note the incident did not happen at Social Security Offices. A man was robbed and shot by the robber.

  4. ras says:

    Yes, if you read the story carefully, you will note it states “near” headquarters, not on the campus…

    1. duh says:

      And obviously the story was changed by the time you read it and commented on this post.The first story said that someone robbed the social security building.

  5. rc says:

    People, PLEASE READ the first paragraph: The Social Security Administration facility is on lockdown after a robbery and shooting NEAR its headquarters in Baltimore County.

  6. Jeff says:

    The story was updated after the first couple posts. The original story made it sound like it happened at the SSA facility.

  7. RW says:

    I work at SSA HQ and I’m not black. As a matter of fact, none of my whole team of 16 happen to be black. Sooo….I think your “85%” guess is a little incorrect…

  8. M says:

    RW…did they send everyone home for the day or was it just a lockdown???

  9. ras says:

    A lockdown…they didn’t want anyone to leave.

  10. Mark V says:

    Does anyone know where the search has continued? I live in Lutherville and the police helicopter and partor cars are all over the area.

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