BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Protests against Corporate America spread to America. Tuesday, dozens of people are “Occupying Baltimore.”

Weijia Jiang has their message.

These Marylanders have a message for their elected leaders and they’re not afraid to shout it.

“They have to stop the greed. I mean, they have to show humanity. There’s no humanity in government at all,” said Valerie Rich.

Dozens gathered at the Inner Harbor Tuesday, part of a national movement that started in New York City three weeks ago called “Occupy Wall Street.” Protesters stormed the financial district, upset over social inequality, bank bailouts and corporate greed.

From there, rallies quickly formed in cities across the country. Boston, Los Angeles and Albuquerque are among the many.

When one congressman showed up in New York, demonstrators made clear government is not welcome.

“You, sir, have no business being here; you are part of the problem,” a protester said.

Mike McGuire is leading the effort in Baltimore.

“We’ve had enough of the nonsense of the rich only being driven by the greed and leaving the rest of us to burn, constantly hoarding power and wealth,” he said.

Critics call the movement sloppy, lacking a leader and a plan. Occupiers say they don’t need one focus; they just need those in power to listen.

“We’re not billionaires. We’re not millionaires. We need health care, we need jobs, we need to have security and normal lives,” said Tobias Hurwitz.

And they’re willing to wait as long as it takes.

“If you gotta sleep here or come back day after day after day until they get it, so be it,” Rich said.

Protesters say ongoing demonstrations in the Middle East inspired them to take action.

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  1. Wheres common sense when you need it says:

    I hope this movement gets it act together and comes out with a clear message. We as a people in this country have taken capitalism to a new low. We don’t even practice capitalism anymore, it is just down right GREED! When 1 percent of the people control 99 percent of the wealth, bad things begin to happen. I think everyone should have the chance to make money, but at what expence? A companies success is based equally on its management as well as its labor. So why then should management receive such a higher compensation? CEO’s that make millions and millions while the people whom make the quality product can’t even get decent wages or benefits because of cost? CEO’s get these “golden parachutes” and get paid in full for running a company in the ground while a person on the assembly line gets fired because he came in late for one reason or another? I know that some will call it “wealth re-distribution” but from where I stand it is just being fair. There is more than enough wealth in this country for everyone to have without having to beat other people down for it. I also think that the 1 percent has forgot a serious fact. That fact is once you HAVE nothing to lose, you have nothing to lose! The blood of tommorrows revolution will be on the hands of those who make the desicions of today!

  2. gene simmers says:

    would any of the Occupy protesters like to join me at the State Highway Administration’s 707 North Calvert St headquarters to protest their retaliation aginst me for exposing fraud and waste in the millions of dollars? I was forced from my job of 38 years for exposing fraud,.

  3. Sam Lievano says:

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