Supporters Concerned About American In Libya

BALTIMORE (AP) — Relatives and government officials say they are concerned about an American who spent nearly six months in a Libyan prison and now has joined the rebels fighting against forces loyal to longtime leader Moammar Gadhafi.

Matthew VanDyke of Baltimore was captured by Gadhafi forces in March and freed in August after rebels forced open the Tripoli prison where he was being held. But he hasn’t left Libya. Recent news photos transmitted from Libyan battlegrounds show the 32-year-old VanDyke dressed in fatigues and standing alongside rebel fighters.

His mother, Sharon VanDyke, tells The Baltimore Sun she supports her son’s decision to remain in Libya but is worried that he is fighting. She also says he can no longer expect help from the international organizations that worked to secure his release.

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  • Wheres common sense when you need it

    Can’t fix stupid! If your are dumb enough to stay then you have to face the consquences of staying. I am tired of these people who knowingly go into harms way and cry when they get in trouble. Next thing you know, he will be hiking on the Iraq/Iran border. “Come save me, come save me!” As far as I am conserned, these people should stay locked up in prison. We have enough stupid people here already, we don’t need any more.

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