What an amazing start to the weekend– weather-wise that is.

High pressure has brought in a beautiful, dry air mass. We did top out above average at 71 degrees this afternoon, while a gusty west wind dropped our dewpoint way down into the 30s. As the wind dies down overnight, temperatures will drop into the 40s. We will go right back up to near 70 degrees again tomorrow but a change will already be in the air.

There is a front that will pass by to our north Sunday night into Monday. This is a very dry front that just does not have a lot to it. It will keep the breeze up, drag some clouds across the state, and maybe produce a few showers out west along the way. But this front will be out of here Monday afternoon for a brief break before another storm moves this way.

The next storm is a different one. It is coming from the south and will have a lot more moisture with it. Clouds will take over Tuesday and maybe even a little rain later Tuesday. The bulk of the rain, and possibly some downpours, will overspread the state Tuesday night and Wednesday. Although the storm will get out of here for Thursday, an unsettled air mass will linger Thursday. Scattered showers are possible still Thursday afternoon while cooler air comes rushing in. Expect highs in the 70s early in the week to drop to the low 60s by Thursday.

At this point, it looks like things settle down again for next weekend. Of course, we will keep a close eye on that for all of you.


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