HOWARD COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — Speeders beware. Starting Monday, cameras are monitoring drivers in Howard County school zones.

Jessica Kartalija explains the county is the latest to add speed cameras to its force.

Police in Howard County did speed studies in every school zone and they found that putting these speed cameras in these areas would slow down lead-footed drivers.

In Ellicott City, school is out and it’s a race to get home. In an effort to put brakes on speeders, Howard County police are adding roaming cameras to 100 school zones.

“It’s a matter of public safety,” said Chief William McMahon, Howard County Police. “Getting people to slow down, particularly in school zones, is important to us in trying to save lives.”

Drivers caught going 12 miles over the limit will be issued a warning. After a 30 day warning period, drivers caught going over the speed limit again will be issued a $40 fine.

“I’ve seen many parents and even non-parents speeding by the schools so I think it’s great,” said one.

The county now has two mobile cameras that will bounce between locations. A list of roads scheduled to be enforced will be posted online. Eventually, Chief McMahon hopes to add six more cameras.

“We didn’t just jump right into this. We took…a year and a half or so to study the speed problem here in Howard County to make sure that automated speed enforcement, speed cameras, could be part of the solution,” McMahon said.

All of the money raised from speeding citations will go to public safety projects throughout the county.

All school zones in the county will be marked with signs saying they are photo enforced.

Information posted online won’t give an exact time or location for the speed cameras.

Comments (6)
  1. James C says:

    I’m sorry, but I simply dont buy this “Its for the children” story. When they conducted this study were they thinking of how much revenue they could make or how many accidents they could prevent? In fact, how many accidents have occurred in a school zone as a result of speeding? If you’re coming down Burnt Woods Road in front of Glenelg High School you’ll easily break 12 mph over the speed limit if you dont have your foot down on the break all the way to the traffic circle (another anti-speeding measure already in place… seriously, there are more traffic circles in Howard county than all of NJ).

    1. Steven Cville says:

      We all know they looked at the revenue that will be produced. Thats the object of have roving cameras. Fixed in place cameras that become common knowledge slow traffic because people no they are their which is the object. Then they make no money off them and they become a 12,000.00 a month expense. Thats what Baltimore county pays per camera plus .95 cents per dollar collected by ACS state and Local Solutions that do the processing. Baltimore county just moved 3 of it’s stationary cameras because people stopped speeding by them them and they were losing money.

      These things are electronic and do fail which is why officers have to show their radars have been tested on a regular bases, and these cameras are being done by company employees that make more money by issuing more tickets, who do you think they are watching out for? Do you think they would tell people when they find a misadjusted radar? It happens more then people think.
      Then God forbid you get a ticket thats not yours, I got one from another state that I have never been too. The tag in the picture looked kind of like mine but was not clear enough to tell for sure the car was nothing like any I owned. They told me to come in and fight it of course I would have to fly there so after several calls and two weeks of waiting I received a letter saying it was a mistake. One person even told me most just pay the $70 and don’t worry about it.

      Just a Revenue generator and thats it, if for schools why summer time use and why not only one hour before and until two hours after school?

  2. Laurel says:

    adhere to the speed limits and you won’t get caught, those that complain and nag about the speed cameras are the ones speeding through school zones, speeding through construction areas, speeding in residential areas, you get what you deserve….SLOW DOWN.

    1. Steve says:

      Amen! Stop the complaining, if you aren’t breaking the law, you have nothing to worry about. If your speeding in a school zone, get your check book ready.

  3. sheriff says:

    That’s right, take the foot off the gas & you won’t get a ticket. Me, I wish they had cameras on every corner for if that’s what it takes for you Azzholes to slow down, they so be it. Oh, BTW, Get off the effin cell phone also you spoiled digital slaves.

  4. lijingjing says:

    Unknown message

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