Did you know the Ravens beat the Texans 29-14 on Sunday? Did you know that, with a 4-1 record, they are in first place in the tough AFC North?

Well, you wouldn’t have if you listened to The Bob & Rob Show on Monday.

If you tuned into the program late, you would have thought that Baltimore lost by 28 points and that QB Joe Flacco was the biggest scrub in the NFL.

I’ve been doing sports-talk in this city for 12 years. I understand that a lot of fans tend to be on the critical (whining) side. Hell, the day after the Ravens won the Super Bowl by 27 points, I had people calling in complaining about the offense.

I get it.

But the Flacco bashing is getting old.

Including the playoffs, Joe Flacco is 40-20 as an NFL starting quarterback. The Ravens have made the post-season every year of his career. Barring the unforeseen, they are going to make it again this season.

Since being drafted in 2008, Flacco has thrown 67 TD’s and has a QB rating of 87.0. Those are not bad numbers. Are they elite stats? Nope. But they are also not the numbers of a stiff.

What gets me is the people who think that Joe Flacco has reached his ceiling and will never win a championship.

Really? Can I borrow your crystal ball so I can win Mega Millions?

Joe Flacco is not the perfect football player and is not above being criticized. I criticize him myself, when I feel it is warranted.

But to say he is a finished product or a bum is shortsighted. To say you hate him–as some do–is ridiculous.

Let time tell the story of Joe Flacco. It’s way too early to put a period on his career or legacy.

In 2011, he is the starting QB for one the best teams in the NFL. How about we enjoy that for a while.


Comments (7)
  1. Eric Sauter says:

    Amen, Bob.

  2. Merlene Tipton Amoss says:

    I get so sick of so called Ravens fans ripping Joe apart all the time, they need to go out on that field and do his job and better, of shut the hell up!!

  3. commonsense says:

    With a little more consistency Joe will attain elite status. That being said, I know at least 20 teams that would love to have Joe. Come On O line, give him some time.

  4. saraleecz says:

    I agree TOTALLY!!! If we had an “elite QB”, where would we be? Exacty where we are or LOWER. Why? Teams with the elite QB tend to rely on them to win the game. Case in point: Elite QB Peyton Manning, out for the season, the team?? 0-6! Really??

    Joe Flacco is a TEAM player for the Ravens and that is the exact kind of QB we need with the kind of team we have this year. EXACTLY!!

    Give Flacco a break and watch the Ravens cruise…

    ’nuff said!

  5. Card says:

    Trent Dilfer won a super bowl for us

    Nuff said..:)

  6. Ray says:

    How many NFL QB’s (Great or Elite) achieved their full careers stats &/or greatness in only a 4 yr window. None probably. Not even Johnny U. So lets not make the defining judgements and comparisons against the best until our QB has had equal time to be great! Let the man play with support from fans & not negative abuse from every person with an opinion.

  7. Steve says:

    Flacco is one of the best QB’s in the league, his numbers prove that. The problem is also with the biased, clueless commentators like Skip Bayless.

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