THURMONT, Md. (WJZ) — A Frederick County woman is looking at charges of animal abuse after 82 cats, many of them sick, were seized from her home.

It happened at a house in the 11200-block of Putnam Road in Thurmont.

Andrea Fujii has more.

Animal Control says conditions inside the house were so bad, a hazmat team had to be called in. Still, some neighbors don’t think the woman did anything wrong.

Eighty-two cats were seized from inside one Frederick County home.

“I think everybody knows about the smell. Every time you went by, there was a smell,” said one neighbor, who didn’t want to be identified. “The state the cats were in was the biggest problem.”

Inside the house, Animal Control says conditions were so bad, a team had to be called in to remove the animals.

“It required anyone to go inside wearing a respiratory mask,” said Harold Domer, Frederick Co. Animal Control.

Cats are staying at a shelter as authorities investigate the owner for animal cruelty. They say one cat was put down.

“Many have bite wounds of unknown origin. Some have lesions, ear mites; many are flea infested,” Domer said.

While Animal Control came out to the home because of reported complaints, some neighbors are upset about what happened and are rallying behind the homeowner.

“They call her the cat lady,” said Brent Geouge. “She loves animals.”

Geouge says the owner would take in abandoned cats so they wouldn’t be killed.

Animal Control says the owner can still petition to get some of the cats back.

A judge will decide whether to press charges against the owner. That will also determine whether she can get any of the animals back.

Animal Control says the cats are not ready to be adopted because of health and temperament issues.

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  2. G Modlin says:

    I think all hoarders are dispictable and should go to jail. The animals are neglected and for anyone to live in the filth and stench is really sick.

  3. Mike Jones says:

    What a cat-astrophe.

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