BALTIMORE (AP) — Ten states from Massachusetts to Maryland and the District of Columbia are forming a new regional electric vehicle network.

The Northeast Electric Vehicle Network announced Wednesday will work to plan and install charging stations throughout the region as well as attracting investment in clean vehicle infrastructure.

The network is being supported by a nearly $1 million U.S. Department of Energy grant to New York’s Energy Research and Development Authority.

The 10 states are Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont.

President Obama has called for 1 million plug-in vehicles to be on the road nationwide by 2015, and the network hopes to account for 200,000 of those vehicles.

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Comments (8)
  1. Jim says:

    What a stupid idea. If electric cars were workable at all, businesses would be tapping the market and creaing jobs to fill it. Another government funded boondoggle.

    1. Carney says:

      Even Adam Smith, founding father of free market economics, supported sail cloth subsidies to prevent Britain being dependent on its enemies for that era’s crucial source of transportation motive power.

  2. Victoria says:

    Wrong you brain dead fool. Electric vehicles are very workable but you need charging stations that are not economically feasible until there are enough cars on the road. This was the case with gas stations in the 1920’s.

  3. don cazer says:

    electric vehicles are not clean or green. they are charged by electricity that is generated from dirty coal and other fossile fuels. the most green fuel for vehicles is natural gas. it realses 30% less CO2

    1. Carney says:

      EVs are much more efficient than internal combustion engines. EVs use 80% of their stored energy for movement while ICEs waste 80% of theirs on unneeded heat. So you need much less energy, thus much less emitted pollution, to move an EV the same distance at the same speed as you do an ICE. That’s why greens like them.

      I like Evs because they enable use of our abundant coal, natural gas, nuclear, and other non-oil resources to move our cars. Oil crashes our economy and funds terrorism. Domestic oil drilling won’t work since even counting Arctic and offshore we have less than 2% of oil reserves while OPEC has 78%.

      1. don cazer says:

        Greens neede an education in energy. coal plants efficiency is about 30%. transmission lines eat up another 10 %. Thus only 20% of the input energy from coal gets to the EV. 80% of this 20% is 16% – the useful energy from coal to gte mileage on your EV. This uis kless than the 20% from the inefficient ICE.
        the best solution is conveting our fleet of vehicles to run on natural gas – a domestice supply and thus saves oil imports. CNG also olutes 30% less than gasoline/oil in cars.

  4. outkasts says:

    They do make solar power charging stations.

  5. EVsRoll says:

    Regarding education: The fact is that power generation varies greatly from location to location. You can not make accurate generalizations regarding EV charging. Check your EXACT location utility facts before stating that all places are the same, they are not! Some are cleaner, some are dirtier. We present some of the facts here:

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