CHASE, Md. (WJZ)– An elderly couple is found dead in what police are calling a tragic murder-suicide.

Meghan McCorkell has the latest on the investigation.

Baltimore County Police say 85-year-old John Sigmond and his wife, 84-year-old Margie Sigmond, were found dead inside their living room. Investigators say one of them left a note before pulling the trigger.

Neighbors and family friends are trying to make sense of what happened behind these doors.

“It’s shocking,” neighbor Charles Sutton said.

“It’s ridiculous because it’s really confusing,” Sigmond family friend Ben Whaley said.

A family member called 911 after finding John and Margie Sigmond shot to death in the living room of their Bird River Road home.

“My son called me at work and told me they had heard a loud noise up there and they thought it was a shooting,” Sutton explained.

Investigators say it’s an apparent murder-suicide. Whoever fired the gun, left behind a message.

“There is a note,” Elise Armacost of the Baltimore County Police Department said. “It’s still part of the investigation to determine who left the note.”

Family friends say the couple had lived in this home for years. They say John Sigmond had recently been ill.

“He had been sick in the past year,” Whaley said. “I’m not exactly sure. I think he might have had a stroke and he was having problems with dealing with that.”

Whaley says he doesn’t believe the couple had any financial difficulties. They’d lived in their house for more than 20 years.

Sutton lives two door down.

“John and his wife were a nice old couple,” he said. “They had their routine. She went around the cemetery everyday and walked.”

He says John Sigmond built the home with his own two hands. Now, everyone is trying to cope with what happened inside.

Investigators have not released the contents of that note found inside the couple’s home.

Investigators say they do not suspect anyone else was involved.

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  1. Doreen Lisa says:


  2. Doreen Lisa says:

    sue i AM SOSORRY

  3. Doreen Lisa says:


  4. zebu says:

    My deepest condolences. We had a similar event in my family several years ago with my stepmother’s parents. We always objected to it being described as a murder-suicide, as it was more an act of love and mercy. One was severely ill, the other was starting to falter, and they didn’t want to be a burden on their family. I suspect this may have been something similar.

    My advice would be to stop reading the comments left on any news coverage this gets. While many people are kind and sympathetic, others use it as an opportunity to judge people and a situation which they do not understand. I hope you see only kindness during this time, and find a way to cope with such a sudden and difficult loss.

    1. Pawan says:

      Quid agis, O Grubbissima Grubtrix? Yes, the OH teams have in fact had Kate CK’ Hattemer as both moderator and judge. And, of osurce, she is one of the best ones out there. She does, however, have the peculiar habit of flipping her ponytail at key points in the match. Must be a tic.

  5. G M says:

    Sometimes one doesnt want to live without the other. I will pray for them and the family.

  6. Roland Udich says:

    Bless them both and I hope they forever rest together

  7. Reana says:

    RIP to them….no one will ever know their pain. I pray they will rest in peace. So sad.

    My prayers go out to their family, friends and neighbors. What can you say in times like this?

  8. Dave Sigmon says:

    Being a member of the SIGMON family. you know with a tragedy like this, they could of atleast spelled our last name Correctly R.I.P. uncle johnny and aunt margie.

    p.s. wjz 13. that’s Sigmon. not SigmonD

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