What a day with the unveiling of the Brooks Robinson statue!  I went down on Saturday because I thought, how many times are they going to unveil a statue for a local legend.   Events like these don’t happen very often.

The turnout was phenomenal…pushing a thousand people. What struck me was the range of people…black and white, old and young, male and female.  Brooks means something to so many people.  He was clearly caught up in the moment, based on how he was brought to tears almost as soon as he stepped to the mic.  I thought they nailed every touch with this event, with the exception of the obvious one.No Orioles involvement. Brooks was ‘Mr. Oriole’, yet his statue is across from the stadium, on an island off of Camden yards.  The statue was paid for by private donors, yet the Orioles didn’t pony up a dime.  What a shame.  That said, it took nothing from the day.  Brooks is such a class act that it’s almost better this way. The statue is outside the stadium, so anyone can see it.  You won’t need to buy a ticket to go inside the stadium.


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