RANDALLSTOWN, Md. (WJZ) — A Baltimore County mother is outraged after her 4-year-old son disappears from his elementary school.

Meghan McCorkell has more on how this happened.

That 4-year-old boy was put on a school bus after class and dropped off at a stop Monday. Problem is, he doesn’t ride the bus.

Kyra Cottie lived every parent’s nightmare.

“He’s my baby. It’s hard,” she said.

She went to pick up her 4-year-old son Pierre at Hernwood Elementary School.  Inside, his classroom was empty.

“Nobody knew anything. They didn’t know where he was,” Cottie said.

Turns out, her 4-year-old was put on a school bus and dropped off at the Carriage Hill Apartments– two miles away.

McCorkell: “Had you ever been on the school bus before?”

Pierre: “No.”

A former school employee found him crying, wandering lost by himself. She called the school.

McCorkell: “Was it scary? How did you feel?”

Pierre: “Bad.”

Now Cottie wants answers about why her son was ever put on the bus. Baltimore County school officials say within one hour they’d figured out how the mistake was made.

“It is the unthinkable. It’s a parent’s nightmare. It’s a school system’s nightmare,” said Dr. Renee Foose, Baltimore County Schools.

Foose says she launched an investigation and took immediate action against the personnel involved.  But she understands why parents are outraged.

“Parents should be outraged. We’re outraged that this happened,” she said.

Cottie says her son is so scared he doesn’t want to return to school.

“I’m sorry. But ‘sorry’ isn’t going to cut it,” Cottie said.

She wants to make sure no parent goes through this same ordeal.

School officials say they do have safeguards in place so this doesn’t happen but admit there was a break in the system.

Baltimore County Schools has not released what action was taken against employees involved.  They say that is a personnel matter.

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  1. PO PO PO says:

    This school has go downhill quickly after the new principal took office. Time for her to take some blame

  2. ridiculous says:

    a 4 year old belongs at home.. not at school.

    1. Stacey says:

      well how dumb do u sound…a 4 yr old should be in day care or getting an early start or in school (head start, half day) thats how it works. great parenting on her part. His teacher is at fault, not his mother.

    2. Common Sense says:

      My son is 4 (almost 5) and is in Pre-k! Don’t put the blame on the parent, she was only doing right by trying to give her child an early start at education! It is the school systems fault – both the teacher and the bus driver should be to blame! The teacher should know which students ride the bus and which ones are picked up and the bus driver should NEVER let a child off the bus unless there is a parent at the stop!!!!

      1. imspecial_t says:

        I agree that the teacher and bus driver need to take the blame. This is one of these things you can’t blame the principal for though because it’s the teacher not the principal who was physically with the child.

      2. his godmother says:

        thank you for you intelligent reply

    3. speechless says:

      @ ridiculous,your a stupid individual.It’s nice to know that your 4 year old will be at home watching music videos and learning how to be lazy and inactive.You jacka$$es complain and judge everything.He’s in school at four…GOOD!!!!! More parents should get their kids in school at the age of 4! Maybe they’ll grow up & attend college…DUH!

  3. Pappy Andreasen says:

    no, a 4 year old should be at home Stacy, or in a small program that they can’t get lost in like in this story. would you like to be the teacger with 25 4 year olds and have to account for them every day? not me.

    1. Stacey says:

      Actually, I was doing do that and Pierre was one of them. Did it everyday and knew where my kids were at all times. and what age does a child start school….5 my dear. Pierre will be 5 in 4 months…Clearly my name has 6 letters and not 5. Maybe you shouldve started school at the age of 4 as well. thanks for your comment tho

  4. SanFordNSon says:

    @Stupidity Rules yessss thats where this is heading and the women thinks we all are too stupid to see it,IM NOT ! ! ! they said on the news this morning the little kid is so scared he don’t want to go to school now hahahaha,give me a break pleaseeee,his momma told him to say that,rite momma???

  5. Debbie says:

    Guess the school should have been watching more closely since he obviously isn’t the brightest kid in the bunch. He obviously isn’t smart enough to know he doesn’t go to school on the bus.

    1. his godmother any questions?! says:

      see this little unbright child that your talking about is my god son so u need to watch what you say out of your mouth! he is four years old not 10 or older! if a teacher instructed him to get on the bus thats what he should do which is follow the rules..point the finger to the teacher and bus driver not an innocent child that is a toddler your lack of intelligence makes my skin crawl maybe you dont have children

    2. Stacey says:

      You are straight up JERK!!!! A 4 yr. old, following the direction of an adult, is now a dumb child…First time in a school setting….Kids make mistakes and learn as they grow…People like you just sicken me Debbie. I hate to see ur kids mess up and mistakes smh…grow up

      1. dundalkprofessional says:

        Wow. Viscious comments! The anyomous factor is so cool though. On to my comment… where in the article does it say that the student was actually put on the bus by an adult? Who’s to say that he didn’t just get up and walk out the door with other bus riders. Not to “blame” the little guy, but 4 year olds do that kind of stuff! I am happy to know that he’s safe though.

      2. Stacey says:

        DUNDALKPROFESSIONAL…I hold a special place in my heart for kids and when ppl make comments like that, it gets to me…more importantly because I personally know Pierre, was his daycare and have never gone through anything even remotely similiar to this with him. Like I said ur opinions will be just that. but it just angers me that a 4 yr old is all kinds of “dumb” and “stupid”…and ppl are shocked when kids want to kill themselves at a young age. smh

    3. Treasure C says:

      @debbie…you sound like an ignorant fool!!! Pierre Jr. is a very obedient child, if an adult tells him to do something, he does it!!! It comes from great parenting!!!

    4. Really though? says:

      @ Debbie…WOOOW you must feel like a big man for talking trash anonymously online about a FOUR YEAR OLD.Smh,you are a pathetic p.o.s

    5. Keara says:

      First of all, you ought to be ashamed saying that this innocent child is not bright .. i could cuss you out right now in all different languages but ill let is slide. IT IS THE TEACHERS FAULT THAT PIERRE GOT ON THE BUS AND IT IS THE BUS DRIVERS FAULT FOR LETTING HIM OFF THE BUS WITHOUT ANY PARENT/GUARDIAN THERE TO GET HIM. !! for posting this …. im pretty sure ,, YOUR NOT BRIGHT

  6. Kathy says:

    I agree that the school is at fault, but why didn’t the bus driver realize that the boy had never ridden the bus? And, is it the policy of the school to let a 4yr. old off the bus without an adult to get him?

  7. JO JO DANCER says:

    It never fail race always have to come up. You hate bater need to get a life.

  8. T says:

    I sympathize with this mother, ANY parent, who feels that panic of not being able to find your child. I get it, she’s upset. But for her to say that an apology doesn’t cut it, indicates she plans to sue.

    Which is a shame because it sounds like action was taken swiftly to find her son, the people responsible for this error were reprimanded/punished, and that the process is going to get reviewed and improved. If what this mother is looking for is money out of the school system, my sympathy for her goes out the window.

    1. his godmother says:

      she isnt looking for money she just wants to know where the personnel was that was supposed to be ensuring the safety of her child

  9. CallitlikeIseeit says:

    why did make the news and why is this on TV honestly, mistakes happen every day…. this isn’t news… This is an issue between the parent and the school…. no lawsuits should be made. no money given out, Seriously the child wasn’t hurt – this is blown out of portion so someone can get a dollar. Riduculas – this is why the world is the way it is. Who knows if the child said he wanted to go home and got on the bus himself. honestly this is just STUPID publicity. get over it. All you are doing is making my taxes go up – and that ain’t cool

    1. treasure C says:

      @callitlikeIseeit… this made the news because it was serious, whether you think so or not!! If he was your 4 year old or your family member, would you still have the same attitude??? Nonetheless, there are more issues that are making the taxes go up regardless!! And i thank God in Heaven that Pierre Jr was NOT HURT!!!!!!

      1. CallitlikeIseeit says:

        IT WASN”T SERIOUS>>>> YOU JUST WANT MONEY…. Bottomline.
        AND Your right – my child was missing for 36 days – huge difference…. I guess there is a difference in ages .. none the less if you don’t think that the time and money in the investigation doesn’t cost tax payers is absurb. And BTW I posted on WJZ that my child was missing, taken by a stranger off the school playground…. Did you see the news coverage on that…. NOPE

      2. his godmother says:

        im reading these comments of these ridiculous dumb founded people and it erks me really if they dont hae anything productive to say they shouild shutup!

      3. dundalkprofessional says:

        Yes, I would have the same attitude as callitlikeIseeit. You really should be thanking God in heaven that he is safe–and I am sure you are. But what would your God in heaven say about the motivation behind Kyra Cottie’s actions? I’m sure whoever she talked to at the school was able to help to explain what happened and how it could have happend and sincerily appologized–but that’s not enough for Cottie? Instead, lash out at a public school which lord knows are underfunded, constantly recieving cutbacks, expected to do less with more, are expected to be perfect and never make mistakes while dealing with more and more UNCIVILIZED, DISRESPECTFUL students–all to make herself feel like she’s being heard. (there are therapists for that, I’m sure of it) I give it to teachers. If you want to go to the media, maybe the focus should be on the people who fund education, who make the decisions about how to distribute resources. Then we’re getting somewhere.

      4. Keara says:

        i agree with treasure … CallitlikeIseeit , your mad dumbfound foreal. he is a child nd point blank it is the teachers/bus drivers fault !! point blank period.

  10. ChristyV says:

    The story leaves a lot of details out. Who put him on the bus (or did he just follow the other kids in line) and did the bus driver put him off the bus or did he unload with other kids at that stop? I don’t understand how he would have gotten off the bus and left alone. Did any parents at that bus stop see a child standing there with no where to go? How was he found? There are no details in the story.

  11. RacistsSuck says:

    @Moleman, MyAfroItches, & MyOilyCornrows – Wow, you racist people disgust me. Your ignorance and bigotry always has to come out, regardless of what the article is about. Racist white people are the first ones to say racism doesn’t exist and that overly-sensitive Black people are always pulling the race card. Just look at your comments and assumptions made about people you don’t even know. You’re so pathetic and it’s sad that your type of ignorance and hatred is passed down generation after generation. I pity people like you.

  12. Mr. D says:

    So most of you are placing the blame of a child being put on the bus incorrectly as that of evryone and anything other than where it belongs…..on the school and the school system. Did you not see what the County schoold representative said? She said parents should be outraged! She indeed admitted that this is a parent’s worse nightmare. Can those of you who wrote these comments try to put yourself in this woman’s place? Probably not , because then you wouldn’t have said what you’ve said. Regardless if she is seeking compensation or not, she should be!! A 4 yr old put in harm’s way by the school. This is total negligence.There are too many kids being harmed by pedophiles and other deviates…and the school nearly handed him over to them. I’m outraged for her. I hope she is compensated for her agony, and I hope the school puts in safeguards.

    1. dundalkprofessional says:

      It’s not negligence though. That’s the thing. You, Mr. D, can make a mistake causing someone to suffer but as long as it wasn’t something that you had been neglecting to do as part of your job, then it wasn’t negligence. I’m just saying that it could have happend to anyone. It is a little silly though, that the bus driver let the kid off with out a parent meeting him. Then again, if the child got off with a group, then I guess he could have just blended in. Who knows.

      1. Stacey says:

        Yeah I have to comment on this one….”as long as it wasn’t something that you had been neglecting to do as part of your job, then it wasn’t negligence” Well, to my knowledge, as long as a child is in school, and a parent is not present, the school/teacher is solely responsible. A staff member or someone who was responsible, neglected to keep an eye on ALL students present before a parent arrived. Sounds like negligence to me. Im just saying…But who am I….lol

  13. cms827 says:

    I am wondering why the mother was not there to pick her child up. I know when my kids were that small I was standing outside waiting for them when they were released, if she picked him up on time I am sure none of this would have happened!!!!

    1. Stacey says:

      Thats what she was there to do and they said he was not there. Do you know what the school procedures are? Whos to say that car riders stay inside and wait for parents. Im just saying. People tend to be extremely judgemental. Smh. Digusting

    2. his godmother says:

      for your info she was at the school on time to get him and the car riders leave after the bus riders get on the bus before the other kids are dismissed how about you mind your business ^^ you dont even know none of the people involved in this situation

      1. dundalkprofessional says:

        Mind her own business??! The mom took this to the news media. It’s everybody’s business now! I guess that’s the consequences of making rash emotional decisions. I know with my kids, they always came out for me to pick them up before the busses left. I guess it’s different from school to school.

  14. JLEY says:

    This happens WAY more often than we hear about! My son is a 2nd grade student (7 years old) in the Baltimore County School and they have “lost” him 3 times in the 2.5 years he has been there including sending him home on a bus to an empty home when he should have been in the after school program at the school! Furious, I sent letters and requested meeting with Dr. Harriston’s office and they insisted my situation was a unique one and this type of thing RARELY happens! Guess not Baltimore County! It is their JOB to keep those kids safe every day! I know I would not have a job if my performance was as poor as theirs!

  15. PIERRE BOOTH SR says:


    1. JLEY says:

      Peirre…Don’t let Baltimore County sweep this under the rug as an isolated incident. I am telling from experience it is NOT and there is a definite flaw in the process. I would be will to help in any way I can as I have been in your situation! WJZ realy should be looking at the trend of incidents as an ivestigative follow-up story so that people are held accountable in ways other than using our tax dollars on court cases and pay-outs! As a parent that is not what we are looking for, we just want our children to be safe when we entrust them in the schools care each and every day!

    2. his godmother says:

      ye without sin cast the first stone we all know that boys and girls disappear we are lucky something worse didnt happen this is the problem now people are being so bashful instead of supportive! it was put on the news so that people can be aware of how irresponsible bus drivers can be! none of you were there when they told her they didnt know what happened so why do u feel the need to make your own assumptions! i feel sorry for whomever else has lost a child because of baltimore county! that is sad!

  16. Chantay says:

    I had a similar situation However If there is away to make it better please email me. C25bell@gmail.com
    My son was pickup due to the poor services of the Bus company and dropped off at the wrong school. The Bus number that I was given in the mail was not one they sent to take him. To add my son has autism.

  17. cms827 says:

    I am not saying that the school was not wrong, and I know these things happen and I would be furios also but something tells me that when you show up to school and the classroom was empty you were most definitely late to pick up your child so part of the blame should go on the mother.

  18. whatnow says:

    Pre-K is free babysitting paid by the taxpayers.

    1. Stacey says:

      My daughter is in daycare, the same age, learning the same things and I am paying it all by myself..so ur point is what? Its babysitting when the TEACHER is not TEACHING….and for the record, I babysit and those kids will have learned just as much as school children….next!

      1. his godmother says:

        get em stacey lol

      2. dundalkprofessional says:

        Probably true with how big class sizes are getting these days. You can only learn so much sitting in a big class.

  19. treasure C says:

    @callitlikeIseeit……yes an age difference is a major difference!!!! and no i did not see where you placed your comment about your child, how old was he or she?? ANd if you been in this situation you should have some sympathy!!! I never for once said that i was getting anything out of this… who even said that they were going to file a law suit??? I didnt!!! So dont get mad at us for caring obviously more than what you cared about your child!!!

    1. CallitlikeIseeit says:

      Mine was 6 years old,( would have been 22 this year) . I have sympathy to those who have incidents but to publicize them to this compacity is riduculas…. This needs to be dealt with entirely with the school, and no news because next time it will be your child taken by pedophile…. I mention a similiar incident that was brought to media, was the reason the man took my daughter in the first place…. The man knew where the school lacked in security and my daughter was gone. You are just giving fuel to the fire the wrong people . We live in a world where people take the information and use it to their benefit. You have given more information to the next parent that might not get their children back.

  20. the truth says:

    Treasure C. Where did they dig that name up from? The garbage heap?……WJZ is the racist one sided news here removing all the posts that speak the real truth.

    1. Stacey says:

      clearly you know the truth…fill me in!

    2. Treasure C says:

      I am sorry….. are you tryning to insult my character, or name??? why is that significant??? i never once mentioned anything about race, nor did i delete your “truthful comments” or even address you, so please fall back…and FYI: my mother named me Treasure, its my government….thanks for leting my know im improtant to you!!

  21. Bmore001 says:

    First I am glad the child was unharmed, we unfortunately live in a society that harms our children. Hopefully a systemwide policy will be put in place that this never occurs again. Too many details left out in the story to know what really happened. Altho’ it never should have happened! Having said this I am disgusted and appalled at the racist comments on here!!! It’s 2011 and to have such racism and hatred toward anyone much less someone you don’t know is truly pathetic. I can’t wait til these people climb on the karma bus and get theirs!!!

  22. Buffalo Soldier says:

    To the parents and friends of four-year-old Pierre do not feed into the idiots on this post and let them get you off focus. Ignore their stupid racist comments and do what you have to do, so this will not happen to another child, maybe their own. The teachers should know who ride the bus, walk and who is pick up. The bus driver knows who ride his or her bus. The school had know ideal where this child was had not been for a concerned citizen this child could have been abducted. This pure child neglect and child endangerment, they all should be charged. It is the school responsible to insure any child safety went they are in the custody, end of story.

  23. Buffalo Soldier says:

    And for you scholars out there, you get my message.

    1. Treasure C says:

      Thank you Buffalo soldier and Bmore001!!!

  24. Hugh says:

    A situation where a teacher or counselor unfamiliar with the child allowed this to occur. Did the boy wander out with his friends? Did his friends tell him to get on the bus? Who knows what happened here – could be any number of scenarios. The school should be more organized in the way that they handle child pickups and departures. In my son’s school, thos children are called out of class early so that they are ready when the parent arrives. They wait in the lobby. Maybe the mother was late and the kid wandered out unseen. The big question I have is why did the busdriver let the kid off? The driver should have known that the child didn’t belong on the bus and taken the child back to school.

  25. Meeeee says:

    this reminds me of the story of Somebody, Everybody, Anybody and Nobody.

  26. Stupidity Rules says:

    Mistakes will always be made because no system is perfect where humans are involved. The question is were they negligent. Like many said here this has happened before and will continue to happen. Ultimately the driver should not have stranded this child but made the attempt to correct the mistake. With cell phones so prevalent in our society it would not have taken long to correct.

  27. SanFordNSon says:

    @the truth,I too have noticed how wjz removes all of our comments when we speak the truth,Hmmm must be a african american in charge who works for wjz???

    1. Stacey says:

      Ignorant ppl always seem to include race in every single thing….so typical its funny

  28. SanFordNSon says:

    @the truth ,I too have noticed how wjz removed the comments of ours who are speaking the truth,Hmmm must be a african american who works for wjz in charge of this huh??how ever I do see that nikki D’s racist comments are still on her though,maybe we should get the naacp ops I mean the ncccp involved???

  29. MyAfroItches says:

    @the truth ,I too have noticed how wjz removed the comments of ours who are speaking the truth,Hmmm must be a african american who works for wjz in charge of this huh??how ever I do see that nikki D’s racist comments are still on her though,maybe we should get the naacp ops I mean the ncccp involved???

    1. Treasure C says:

      sooooooooooooo is SANFORDNSON and MYAFROLTCHES the same person??? because you both are saying the same thing….Unfortunately i do not know who owns or run WJZ, or noticed the comments that “has been deleted”…why.. because i have been at work…But ironically, dont you know “sandford n son” was an african american sitcom?? so if you dislike african americans why be on here (since you think its black owned) or make that your name?!?!?!?

  30. Baltimoron says:

    This article just proves it….No matter how hard you try……..No matter what safeguards are in place…….

    You just can’t fix STUPIID.

  31. EffYouBuddy says:

    It boggles my mind how every story on WJZ gets turned into a racial war, back and forth between the filth we know as baltimore. It doesnt matter what color this child was, what matters is that the school was negligent ! that little boy could have been picked up and seriously harmed in the time frame he was missing. I hope whomever is held accountable for this child during school hours gets the much needed disiplinary action !

  32. Carl says:

    Last year, my 5 year old dauther started kindergarten. Within the first 3 months they placed my kid on the wrong bus, and thats not bad enough. They did it again. I know how that lady feels.

  33. Proactive (and not the zit cream) says:

    K, Heree’s a thought…has flaws that can be worked through but, I really think They ought to consolidate schools, grades k-12. Relocate and restructiure so that there is no need to build more schools, and then…you give the children rsponsibility. Institue the buddy/mentor system where every child at the age of 12 becomes a buddy-mentor for a younger child. They should be active in the education and care of the younger child and closely monitored by their own buddy/mentor to ensure that no child is ever really “left behind” or at a bus stop alone. Athis would also aleviate some of the stress the teachers are under, too because the older students will be acting as assistants. Helps the older children learn more effectively because their learning is reinforced when they pass it on. Just a thought.

    1. Proactive (etc...) says:

      please forgive my typo’s, I’m washing dishes, typing into a “smart” phone and feeding a baby at the same time. 😉

  34. the truth says:

    Dumber than a bag of dog s…..t.

  35. urnotfunny says:

    All of you on here judging the mother and father are missing the point, you are all a bunch of ignorant idiots. The child was probably taking the direction of some idiot adult when he got on the bus. He’s for for God sakes. He’s 4 not 14! Have some sympathy for a child who was scared to death.

  36. dundalkprofessional says:

    “Like i said before Pierre Jr Father works full-time, NO he is NOT DEAD, IN PRISON, OR SELLING DRUGS!!!”

    So, Pierre, possessing and selling narcotics and serving 2 years in jail in 2004 isn’t “in prison or selling drugs”?

    You really shouldn’t put your name out there like you are. Especially when you start making claims about yourself that anyone can look up on the internet to validate.

    I wonder anytime I see a story like this–What possesses a mother to go to the media about something that could have been settled right there at that school? The school made a mistake–one that any one of you could make given the same situation. Also, yes, I have the same question about mom–why did she arrive to an “empty classroom”. At least what I am aware of, car riders/walkers are dismissed well before bus riders. This tells me that mom was late. She could have avoided this situation all together if she was on time. You see? Any one of us makes mistakes. In fact, i was late to work today. And I didn’t capitalize my “I” in the last sentance. Does it mean that someone should flip out, alert the media and go sue happy? Both sides made mistakes. It’s a compromise. Yes it’s terrifying to mom. Think a moment from the school’s perspective. Going through the afternoon dismissal procedure exactly like he/she did it for the last several years–and without any major issue. Then one day, a 4 year old slips out of the classroom with another group and in maybe 3 minutes the child is on a bus and going somewhere. I’m not convinced that this is a capital offence. Cause for concern? Yes. Not cause for being uncivilized and causing a huge scene.

    1. Stacey says:

      So funny how you spend your “professional” time researching somebody else’s life…lol. another ignorant one. honey the year is now 2011. so the only way to slander this man is to bring up his past from what 8 yrs ago. Stay out the past….now, ok lets say Kyra was late, which we ALL tend to be one day or another, did the teacher in charge force Pierre out of the classroom? Clearly she did not bring him to the office and call his parents. None of us were there. You must work at the school to know that this has never happened before. Could it be that Kyra is the first to step up and say something. WHOOOP DEEE DOOO for her being late. That a natural human excuse. But what will happen when u happen to accidently run late and ur child is no where at the school….all i can do is laugh at that fact that Kyra is the only 1 to blame cuz she was what seems to be 5 yrs late picking up her son from school.

      1. dundalkprofessional says:

        How is being resourceful ignorant again? Why is 8 years ago relevant? I’m confident that if your read my comment again, you would see that I did not say that this mother was completely to blame. in fact, I stated that both were to blame (I guess you can just re-read my comment). My point was ultimately commenting on how this mother is handling the situation. In my opinion, building a relationship with the school and establishing good communication would be the way to go–not alientation and distancing yourself by going everywhere else but the staff at the school. And you’re right, the past is the past–but I just couldn’t resist digging around when it is so easy to do. Lastly, the “never happened before” statement that I made was a hypothetical statement-I was trying to say exactly what you said yourself that people make mistakes. This doesn’t mean that they were negligent or not doing their job. And no, I am not a teacher…I wouldn’t be able to do what they do every day!

    2. Smh says:

      Hey DUMBDALK PROFESSIONAL,thats not being resourceful…its called being an A$$hole.GFY

  37. adicecream says:

    I absolutely cannot believe the nasty, racist comments on this story. What is wrong with you people? Is this what you are teaching your children?

  38. dundalkprofessional says:

    Well, as it seems like I’ve been discussing this whole thing with Pierre’s family members–I wish you all the best in your quest to have your voices heard. Just keep in mind that some things we just have to give over to God…thank him that Pierre is safe, ensure that things are set up the right way for Pierre’s future safety (at what ever school you have him at) and just try to build a good relationship with the staff at his school. That will go a much longer way than “putting on the boxing gloves”. Live long and prosper. Y

    1. Stacey says:

      Thanks…and just a thought for you, thats all we want is to be heard. You, along with everyone else need to learn to be more mature in responding cuz at the end of the day its really only about Pierre Jr.

      1. dundalkprofessional says:

        Ah, maturity. If you say that calling someone out on something that they are lying about is immature, then I guess I’m immature. I am just dealing with facts. And as John Addams once said, “Facts are stubborn things!” 🙂 Something to concider though…I did a Md Judiciary Case search on Pierre Booth sr. b/c of the really poor attitude that his fiance was showing in her comments. Often a woman won’t be the one with the history, but the man will be….especially when they were getting so defensive about him being a legitamate dad. I’m sure he’s cleaned up his act by now though and I wish the family the best.

      2. Stacey says:

        Honey, you dont have to explain urself. You already said you were done so u coulda left it at that. I know where u went to find the info on Pierre, but as I said, its not about him, nor his fiance for that matter. Its about Pierre Jr. Yes Thank God he’s safe, coulda been much worse, But overall, there have been comments made that have nothing to do with the situation at hand by you and others. Thats all Im saying.

    2. his godmother says:

      its soo funny how ur finding every reasoln to blame his parents but not the school system ge a life if you dont know what really happened it would be nice of you to shut up! it sickens me that you went up and looked up his past and now u have concluded that his is basically a dead beat how about u put your name up here so that someone can look you up and see what you may have done! no one is perfect but i know for a fact that the child is taken care of when he is with his father and mother point blank! it has nothing to do with the relationship that they may have with the school …when it all boils down dont speak on something that you have no knowledge of ..

      1. GROWUP says:

        Thank you godmother…… DUNDALKPROFESSIONAL is LAME for researching Pierre SR and speaking about something that happened almost a decade ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what where you doing 8 years ago???? …………*crickets*…………

      2. dundalkprofessional says:

        godmother….one thing that I haven’t done is put my personal business on this site. I have just posted my opinion. This man put his business out there. Although, I respect a man that conquers their personal demons. So, maybe you are right, I should have stayed in the present and not have put that stuff out there–even though I could. My main concern though is like several others–that this has been taken to a level that it didn’t need to go to. I’m sure BCPS has implemented changes because of this issue, but what about all the damage that it has done to the children, community, the teachers at the school, etc. It probably has taken a teacher away from her job, caused administration to have to spend countless hours focusing on legal stuff, paperwork and phonecalls when they should be focusing on the other hundreds of children that go to the school. I wonder how many issues were put on hold this week? And what about the message it sends to all teachers out there–“Don’t cross a parent–even if its in the child’s best interest–because they will get you fired from your job. There’s just a better way to effect change than using the media (and the hype that it brings).

  39. Judgement says:

    Really ridiculas, I honestly can’t believe that your feeding into this, there is nothing more then a screaming match and shows the maturity level Unfortionately, If you put your business out there, then it will be judged, researched and broken down, bottom line.

  40. kyra cottie (pierre booth's mom) says:

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH……… I am the mother of four year old Pierre Booth Jr. I first want to thank WJZ for taking this report. Second I want to thank all of those who are/were concerned for me and my family. I wasnt just a trying time for me but all those who know my son. i want to thank you all for the emails, messages, and phone calls. I want to first address those of you who have questions. I dont know who is who. Im sure there are some parents of children of Hernwood Elementary who have questions and want answers just like I did. My son was told to get on the bus with another child by an ADULT teacher. My son is and was taught at a YOUNG age to follow instructions. As he did. My son who is a car rider who is picked up EVERYDAY was put on a school bus and left to stand alone. A lady who was walking her dog in the neighborhood called Hernwood Elementary to inform them that she had a little boy who was lost and did not know where to go. I want to thank her for her help and concerns. Oh and by the way I was there on time to get my son. This situation starts with the teacher. When I asked who picked him up she did not know. No one knew where my son was. When I arrived at the school on tuesday no one still had answers for me. Needless to say the Principal was unaware of the situation. Very distrubing. When we met with the people who were involved no one still had answers for me. I NEED ANSWERES. So my next stop the bus station….. NO ONE could assist me. My next step the Superintendent’s office. There was no one available for me to speak with. There was no answers for my questions by 12:30pm something has got to get done. Next stop WJZ…… who immediately got on the job. I hope that this is what you all were looking for. I want everyone to know that I AM NOT LOOKING TO BE COMPENSTED IN ANY WAY. I did not go to the news stations to bash Baltimore County Public Schools or Hernwood Elementary School. But to inform them and the WORLD that this is real. These things do happen. I will say this that today is now Thursday and I am very pleased to say that I am and have been getting all the help that I can. I want to thank BALTIMORE COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOL OFFICALS for taking heed to my story and stepping in to handle the situation. I want to thank you all for understanding my anger and frustration. I must say JOB WELL DONE. Everything is NOT finalized but they are working and helping in every way that they can. For those of you who do not know any better I want to continue to pray for you and im hoping that NOTHING EVER happens to you or you family. AGAIN I WANT TO THANK YOU ALL WHO ARE INVOLVED AND TAKING ACTIONS. Once again I want the world to know that it takes a village to raise a child. I want you all to know my story so that WE ALL can prevent this from EVER happening again to MY SON and ANYONE ELSE’S


  41. RavenWave says:

    I feel really bad for the family of little Pierre because this was a BIG mistake. But it was a mistake. The staff at the school was not trying hurt a 4 year old, it was a mistake. The learned by the mistake, and are really sorry it happened. Somebody posted how the school has gone downhill. It has. Ask questions to find out more. Talk to any teacher there who will tell you who is ruining Hernwood.

  42. letstellthetruth says:


  43. In reference to “the school going downhill” I’m curious-what makes a school go down hill? The leaders? Teachers? The community that feeds into it? The presence of or lack of parent involvement? What do u think?

    1. RavenWave says:

      A school goes downhill when a principal has NO respect from the teachers or parents in the community. You have to treat people with respect in order to gain it.

      1. dundalkprofessional says:

        So, the other things that I mentioned in my posting has nothing to do with it? What was the school like before this principal got there?

  44. sheriff says:

    Kyra Cottie, When you start having babies & have your own insurance & can afford your own apt or home, food & housing instead of being the parasite that you & your kind are, then you can have something to say. Until then, please only have protected sex with your B/F.or close your effin legs coon.

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