By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Police are hoping for a breakthrough in a murder at a troubled carryout in Waverly.

As Mike Schuh reports, this is the second robbery and murder to happen while a customer waited for his food.

Surveillance video from inside the carryout shows Freddie Jones waiting for his order. In just a few seconds, he would be shot to death. Police are looking for four men in the video, as they are now all wanted for murder.

“The victim was approached by these suspects, he resisted the initial robbery and that’s when he was shot,” Det. Jeremy Silbert of the Baltimore Police Department said.

The guy in the hoodie reaches into Jones’ pocket for his wallet. It goes to the ground, and a gun comes out. Police stop the video at this point.

It happened at 6:45 p.m. on Halloween, as the 52-year-old bus driver getting something to eat before going to work.

“I just wonder how people can kill anyone, but my father was a wonderful man,” Freddie Jones’ daughter Devita Jones said.

Killed, his wife says, over $13.

“For $13 you took a good man, a father, a good husband, friend. And I hope you pay for what you done,” Freddie Jones’ wife Chrystal Jenkins-Jones said.

But first, police need to catch the killers.

So about 20 detectives fanned out, flyers in hand, knocking and working the area around the carryout. Their message: Saw something? Say something.

The Yau Brothers Carryout has been the site of two murders in two years and other shootings. The city is researching if time is up for this neighborhood business.

“And I’m also asking the police department to look at this location as a candidate for closure under the law,” Baltimore City Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke said.

And Freddie Jones’ wife has a message for the murderers.

“You gonna get caught, it’s just a matter of time,” she said.

Metro Crime Stoppers is offering up to $2,000 for the killer’s name.

The victim’s family tells WJZ they are still making the funeral arrangements for Freddie Jones.

Comments (18)
  1. Sally Dalzell says:


  2. stationnorth says:

    “The city is researching if time is up for this neighborhood business.”

    What? It is NOT the business’ fault and should not be shut down. It is the criminals that are responsible for the two murders and shootings. Get the criminals off the streets, convicted them with no hope of parole, and there will be no more shootings.

  3. Pro Death says:

    These animals should receive the death penalty. A hard working man waiting for his order so he can go to work. Shot for $13. These people are low lifes with nothing to contribute to society, so eliminate them. They pick someone who is defenceless and then jump like animals, 4 with a gun against one so typical. Nothing but trash and cowards.

  4. D-WILL says:

    Whats lost in this is the fact that the first 2 guys entering the store with the older guy in the red shirt are robbing the guy in the red shirt (it appears) after doing so sucessfully, they turn to the 1 guy to assi8st him in robbing and killing Mr Jones. This is so senseless. By the way “the truth” there are violent criminals everywhere.

    1. Steve says:

      Hey D-Will, I think you are correct. The report indicates that 4 men entered the restaurant, but the guy in the Red shirt is a victim as well and there is no mention of this. Do investigators realize this? Probably not at the time, but I’m sure that they realize that there were 2 victims now. The guy in the Red shirt is immediately suspicious upon entering the restaurant because he turns around as if one of the suspects either said something to him or he realizes that something is about to go down. The guy in the Red shirt is lucky that he wasn’t shot as a witness. He did get a good look at the suspects.

  5. TheRiley says:

    This is sickening. These people have no regard for human life… Once caught, I think the family should have the final say as to what happens to them. Mr. Jones should not have had his life taken. He was going to work to earn his money, and these hoodlums wanted to take his hard earned $13. Only cowards use guns to get what they want.
    My prayers are with the family.

  6. colliemom says:

    Perhaps there are facts about this business that have not been revealed; I fail to see why the business is responsible for the behavior of the criminals in that area. Are they saying that businesses should not open in rough neighborhoods? If the business was dealing drugs or selling alcohol, I could see the concern they were contribuing to the problems, but selling carry out food? Why is this business to blame for the criminals behavior? Not sure why they would want to be in business there, but doesn’t seem they are doing anything illegal.

  7. DAVE says:

    Steve I’m sure the police see the other victim too, they just aren’t to give up all the information they have. They will dind these guys and when they do they should 13 dolars from them and let the family members decide happens to them next!!

  8. Liz says:

    I also do not understand all the talk about closing this small business, which sells carryout food, for God’s sake, simply because violent criminals have attacked its customers at least two times. It’s not as if this were a late hours club selling booze where the customers get into fights and attack each other. These business people are providing a legitimate service to their community and have the right to make a living. It’s hard enough, I’m sure, just trying to do business in a violent neighborhood. The police department needs to take responisbility for patrolling that neighborhood and catching the criminals.

  9. CallitlikeIseeit says:

    I think it sick that these young people think that this is the way to live. Honestly need to take these people with the authority of China’s laws. they won’t have no hands to steal for feet to walk for that matter….. What is wrong with the world today.

  10. Hadenough says:

    You should learn The Truth; you have no 1st amendment rights on a privately owned discussion board. Are you ignorant, stupid or both?

    1. HA HA HA says:

      hadenough or we could be like you a man wearing womens underwwear
      hows that for amendment?

  11. the truth says:

    Hadenough, Hey azzhole, the internet is public. Go kill yourself & thanks.

  12. Jerry says:

    I’m waiting for people to say enough is enough and star fighting back no matter what it takes.

  13. T says:

    Well we still have to question the people who go there, i met this lady in the 7 11 on greenmount and 33 rd ,and we were talking about it last year when the 72 year old man was killed,and she said there food was good, she says she sends her husband and son there,they said ma why do you want to keep sending me to get that death yak and she thought is was funny, so why go there,but if ou look at Belair Rd,Harford Rd,The Alameda,and York Rd it is awful,young black men hanging out either selling or robbing and the store owners are a part of it,and maybe getting a payoff,

  14. incompetent police says:

    Ummm….the police want to shut down the business because they are victims of crime? How is that the fault of the business owner? Shouldn’t they shut down the police department instead? They are the ones who are not doing their job.

  15. jeff a says:

    A what point will the legislators of this state allow its good citizens to be armed like pretty much EVERY OTHER STATE? If this poor man had had a firearm, he might be alive and the thugs dead.

  16. big al says:

    good guy lost i had the pleasure of meetn freedie i hope and pray justice is served

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