Toronto Blue Jay exec Tony LaCava has told the Baltimore Orioles thank you, but no thank you. LaCava has decided to remain in Toronto with the Jays instead of making the jump across the border.

This decision means the O’s are the only team in Major League Baseball that does not have a General Manager-type. As if fans of this franchise have not been embarrassed enough. This is truly a disgrace and a mockery of the process that must take place to actually become players in the free-agency market.

I know there are good people who work in the warehouse and this isn’t all on them. We know who the culprit is. We know who it is because this has happened before. Not only has it happened before, but it happens constantly. This is who the once beloved, once proud, Baltimore Orioles have become.

I’m not sure when the O’s will have a GM-type. Maybe Buck Showalter has complete autonomy and no one wants to come in to work as his pseudo-assistant. Wait…Did I just have an epiphany?

Maybe the Orioles’ need for a GM-type is just smoke screen. Maybe the guy in charge is already in place. Maybe Showalter is really the boss. That makes everything alright. Or does it?

Not really. If Buck is really in charge and the O’s are looking for some poor sap to sit in the seat of the GM and not have the authority of a GM that means we’re still a joke. Stop with the charades and get this done. If Buck is in charge, say it. If the O’s continue to try to fool everyone, they’ll end up being the fools themselves. Prince Fielder is not going to walk through that door unless they get their act together. Maybe not even then, but it would be a start.

Rob Long

  1. Tim Evans says:

    I’ve been wondering when someone was going to ask why anyone would take this job, given what appears to be the situation with Showalter.

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