BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Trying to collect. The Baltimore Grand Prix owes more money than it made, including unpaid taxes.

Political reporter Pat Warren has reaction from a key organizer, now the former CEO.

The inaugural year of the Baltimore Grand Prix was a hit with fans!

“It was great!” one racing fan said.

“The speed, the camaraderie of the drivers,” another fan said.

“It was amazing,” said another.

“It’s driving me crazy, going ‘vroom, vroom, vroom,'” one exclaimed.

But it missed the money.

“They’ve got to be raking in money. Look at all the people here,” one spectator said during the Grand Prix.

But in its first year out, the Grand Prix was a money pit. WJZ has learned that hundreds of thousands of dollars in admission and amusement taxes due Oct. 10 have not been paid. Race spokesman Jay Davidson told WJZ payment arrangements are in the works with the state and others.

“We got some vendors that we owe money to. And we’re working, basically, on a payment plan,” said Davidson.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake refused to answer questions about money owed to the city. The race has also missed payment to the Stadium Authority, and there are other outstanding loans, including one owed to Davidson’s father-in-law.

“My father-in-law is owed some money as a couple of us are, frankly,” Davidson said. “And I don’t have the juice nor would I push the company to settle with him before anybody else was paid.”

And creditors have been assured the debts will be paid.

Reporter: “So you haven’t gotten to a Plan B? What happens if we can’t pay the bills?”
Davidson: “No, we haven’t gotten to a Plan B yet. No.”

Davidson said he has voluntarily resigned as CEO, but still has an active role in the race. And he said the race is still on.

The city has not released its official report on the Baltimore Grand Prix yet. It is expected to be released on Friday.

Comments (17)
  1. PAUL E. MICELLI says:

    What a WASTE of Taxpayers monies. . . anymore bright ideas?

  2. Garth Hoxsie-Quinn says:

    ya know what, this was the biggest SNAFU ever. I mean good grief, they didn’t even make a profit and they made it so that none of the spectators could get into the shopping Plazas.

  3. frank coffee says:

    This might have been a good idea,with alot more foresite,planning,and timing.Did anyone think to ask Richmond Va.why they were no longer willing to support this race in their town ? The $ backing should have been in place fiirst. The whole thing was a whitewash of facts all along. Now we are looking at a52 Mil. deficet in the city and this is only going to add to that.

  4. baltimore resident says:

    wonder who walked away with a pocket full???? BLAKE did I bet she got her personal cut off the top!!

  5. TRUTH II says:

    baltimore has been declining for years and until the area’s crime is dealt with it will continue to see more shops and resturants closing

  6. Herman Glimsher says:



  7. Mt Wasington Guy says:

    I hope next year the have the race in Mt Washington. That way we can finally get our streets paved.

  8. Money says:

    Didnt Blake just report that this race was a success? What for her bank account? I want an ethics investigation into her and O’Malley. Pigs.

  9. Debbie says:

    Oh gee don’t worry about unpaid bills and losing money. O’Mally can just raise TAXES and make up the difference. If it is one thing he is good at it is RAISING TAXES and SPENDING MONEY we don’t have. They won’t wise up like other states and cut their loses and send this race elsewhere.. We don’t have that kind of leadership in MD.

  10. Karen says:

    Would you all shut your trap until the official reports come out? The race was great, my family was there, it was a trial and error first year and I think Baltimore learned a lot of lessons on how to make it work and work better in the future. It was a large under taking for the city to accomplish and all in all it was a success!

  11. Stupidity Rules says:

    They should have let the dirt bike kids be apart of this race. if nothing else they would have raised more money and eliminated a few problems too.

  12. Justin says:

    Baltimore really needs to realize where it’s money comes from. They sink all this money to a race and end up coming into major debt because of it but when Otakon is in town. Otakon brings millions of dollars to the city but Baltimore could care less about the event and never offers to work with us on safety issues outside the convention center. Their priorities aren’t set straight and maybe after this years mistake theyll realize who to back for financial support.

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