HANOVER, Md. (AP) — Howard County police are investigating after officers shot an armed man in Hanover.

Police say officers were called to Loudon Avenue and Melrose Avenue in Hanover for the report of a man who had fired shots from a gun Monday afternoon. Police say officers confronted the man, but he refused to put the weapon down.

The police department says officers fired shots at the suspect. The man was taken by ambulance to Baltimore Shock Trauma, and his condition was not known Monday evening.

Investigators are working to determine how many officers were involved in the shooting.

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  1. Justin says:

    Isn’t Hanover in Anne Arundel County?

    1. rustys smith says:

      its loudon ave in elkridge md all this information is fales they are lying to everyone to cover up there messup those cops are already on leave cuz of this situation

      1. Scott says:

        The police officers are routinely put on paid leave after a shooting and to be evaluated by doctors to check their emotional state. It has nothing to do with a cover up, captain clueless.

      2. sarah says:

        Jeff was on london then he cut threw the park and went up on the tracks

  2. rusty smith says:

    This was a 19 yr old boy who was in the woods shooting his b-b gun. Who got scared & ran when he heard the sirens of the police car. He was told to drop the gun & freeze. Being scared the boy hesitated. So the inexperience police shot this boy 8 times. & sent this boy to shock trauma. It took police 5hrs to get the nerve up to tell the boys parents it was their son. & 8hrs of trying to convince him it was a real gun before it came out, that it was a b-b gun his son really had. I live in this neighborhood & I have 2 boys who also have & shoot their b-b guns. This was a friend they grew up with and it scares me that this could have been one of my boys. I guess we can all sleep better knowing that a b-b gun is off our streets. GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE COPS WITH GUNS KILL PEOPLE.

    1. Casey says:

      I could tell there was something wrong with the story when they didn’t say why they fired on him. Usually its a “suspect fired on officers”, but this one only says they asked him to put it down then shots were fired. I hope an investigation actually gets to the bottom of this and not just covers it up.

    2. scott says:

      Well, that was a pretty good story Rusty, unfortunately, everything you just said is in your own land of make believe. WJZ got the story wrong again. The 19 year old had a history of suicide attempts and had recently been involved in two police standoff/baracade situations where he begged the officers to kill him after he stabbed himself selveral times. The call came out from his cousin who told the police that he had a gun and wanted to kill himself. When the officers happened upon him, they gave him several opportunities and commands to drop the gun, even attempted to run in to him to get the gun away from him, which turned to be an air soft weapon that looked real enough to the officers involved. When he raised his gun towards the officers, they had no choice but to shoot as their training dictates. The idea of shooting a gun from someones hand is great in the movies, in reality when you have seconds to make a decision, not so much. Rusty, shut your lying mouth, you know nothing of what you speak.

      1. sarah says:

        first off maybe before you tell someone to shut there lying mouth you should do the same! You have no clue about what happened. THE GUN WAS BROKE AND HE NEVER AIMED IT AT THE POLICE. stop trying to act like some big wig that knows what hes talken about. and where are people hearing his cousin called, for one who ever called 911 said they heard shots fired….. i would LOVE to know who called because they need to be charged.

  3. B says:

    Loudon Ave. and Melrose Ave. are in Harwood Park (Elkridge) not Hanover.

  4. sarah says:

    Still want to know where the wrecked police car came from!

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