BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Former head football coach Joe Paterno may not just be out of a job, he could be losing an honor. Two Pennsylvania senators have rescinded their support for Paterno to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom. And there’s now a link to a local sports figure.

Andrea Fujii explains.

Cal Ripken Jr. had spoken at the charity that Jerry Sandusky– former Penn State assistant football coach and accused child molester– started and was even named to the honorary board of directors.

Ripken had virtually no involvement with the charity at the center of this scandal. Yet his name was listed on its website.

At his request, Ripken’s name has been removed from the website of “The Second Mile,” the charity started by Sandusky. And it’s where Sandusky is accused of getting access to at least eight young boys– then molesting, even raping, them over the course of 15 years.

The Baltimore Sun reports Ripken had no involvement with the charity– aside from giving one speech.

“This is a difficult time for Penn State University, its students, alumni and supporters,” said Mark Sherburne, acting athletic director.

Another assistant coach is now coming under fire: Mike McQueary. In 2002 at age 28 when he was a graduate assistant, he allegedly witnessed Sandusky having sex with a boy believed to be 10 years old in a locker room shower at Penn State.

He told head coach Paterno, but didn’t call police.

“I wasn’t in his position, but I feel like any normal human being if they see something like that happening, they would react a lot more with better intent than he did,” said Sam Messa, Penn State student.

McQueary’s dad tells The New York Times that it’s eating his son up to not be able to tell his side of the story.

“If you’re going to fire Joe Paterno, you should fire him because he did exactly the same thing Joe Paterno did,” said Mark Caroll, Penn State student.

Late last night, Penn State said McQueary will not coach in Saturday’s game against Nebraska because there have been multiple threats on his life.

Pennsylvania governor Tim Corbett visited the school Thursday and said he supports the board’s decision to fire both coach Joe Paterno and university president Graham Spanier.

Neither have been charged with any crime.

Comments (10)
  1. mj says:

    Please stop calling it a “sex” scandal. It is a “child rape” scandal. Nothing sexy about it.

    1. BmoreSafe says:

      SO, SO TRUE!

  2. Marlene says:

    This is horrible what he did to those boys..I hope the boys are going on with thier lives and doing well. He will pay for this..And the others should too that knew about it. By the way what were these boys parents thinking when thoses boys brought home such nice gifts..

  3. letstellthetruth says:

    Neither have been charged with any crime.I just copied and pasted this from the article above why have there been no charges filed by police,the more I hear about this and try to put it together there is something that dont add up I agree that alot more should have been done by Penn State employees a long time ago,but what brought all of this out now?And what were the boys parents thinking when the boy was getting such nice gifts.I wish the victims well but I have a bad feeling that there is so much more that should be told that is not being told,I sure hope everyone including victims are being honest about everything because somethings here just dont add up at all

    1. Debbie says:

      Read the court transcripts…it all adds up; the pervert used the same methods to get the boys in his care…all the stories are almost identical in terms of how he groomed the boys and slowly took them and started his molestation/rape against these small boys. They were vulnerable kids from poor backgrounds and he came along and gave them trips to football games and trinkets and other things before his evil deeds were done. What the heck would have a 28 year grad student have to gain by saying he seen this pervert having anal sex in the shower with a small boy? Don’t you think if he was making it up then it would have to be a dozen people going along with it….there are sick people in the world and unfortunately the pervert wasn’t stopped in his tracks when it first became apparent.

  4. Brian Reinhardt says:

    Miss Fulii obviously has no children.

    If she did, she would realize that a grown man doesn’t “have sex” with a 10 yr old.

    It’s RAPE, plain and simple.

    Put down your LAWYER pen lady and write with a reporter’s.

  5. Bee says:

    The whole culture of college football is sick. By holding up mere mortals as idols, it allows these kinds of things to grow and fester. The coaches think they are above the law. The business of a college or university is to teach and conduct research, not to play football! The whole college football thing is a perversion of education and should be abolished.

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