BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Less than a year until the next presidential election. Republican hopefuls held another debate Saturday night, and now Maryland’s governor goes after the GOP field.

Adam May has more.

On top of leading Maryland, Governor Martin O’Malley’s national profile is growing. Over the last few weeks, he’s appeared on numerous national political shows. This Sunday, he spoke for Democrats on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

O’Malley attacked GOP presidential hopefuls following Saturday’s debate.

“What has happened in the course of these Republican presidential debates is a lot of, sort of, erratic statements, a lot of behavior that is not really in keeping with some of the longer traditions of the party of Lincoln. So you see a real pandering to extremists,”  O’Malley said.

The debate topics included controversial interrogation techniques labeled torture by President Obama.

“If I were president, I would be willing to use waterboarding. I think it was very effective,” said Republican Presidential Candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann.

Herman Cain agreed.

“I would return to that policy. I don’t see it as torture. I see it as an enhanced interrogation technique,” Cain said.

The candidates did not attack each other, instead they went after the president.

“If we reelect Barack Obama, Iran will have a nuclear weapon,” said Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney. “If you elect Mitt Romney– if you elect me as the next president– they will not have a nuclear weapon.”

Governor O’Malley fired back.

“There’s been no ideas about job creation, no new ideas about growing our middle class, no new ideas about reinvesting in this great idea of America,” O’ Malley said.

The first primaries will be held January.

Comments (12)
  1. tomtom says:

    mealey mouth martin does it again. what a disgrace he is to the concerned people of maryland. the left wing dems really have themselves a beauty in this guy. he makes the real governors of the past turn over in their graves sick sick sick.

  2. HA HA HA says:

    Yea, ferret face will tell them how well he is running this state

  3. Not O'Funny says:

    Yeah, Martin, you tell ’em how you work it: completely rip off the citizens to pay for illegals and all the things we thought we had taken care of with “slots” …holy jeez!

    1. Robert Pickett says:

      took the words right out of my mouth but u forgot what is owe malley doin to help us with jobs on the state level nothing remember he is going to try an run for president next election after this one please if any one has any decentee dont vote for owe malley has drug our state so far down its sick

  4. Concern says:

    Unwanted tax cuts can be given to charities performing government functions.

  5. larry26 says:

    I am so sorry that the entire State didn’t see what a know nothing that this man is. He has been a danger to the State of Maryland from the gitgo. Perhaps Erhlich wasn’t the best choice either, but, he is better than O’Malley. What he charged Erhlich would do raising the fees at Motor Vehicles, he has already himself. He has raised taxes, raised the bridge tolls. He also has been a contributing factor in the money disappearing from the Transportion Fund by moving the money elsewhere and then crying poor mouth. State Senator Pipkin on the Eastern Shore has asked for an accounting of the monies and where they went from the Transportation Fund and to date, has not received an answer. Something is rotten in Denmark.

  6. carol says:

    Oh please GO AWAY OMalley and take all your cronies with you (busch & miller). Just a bunch of lying thiefs the lot of them.

  7. MD Voter (D) says:

    O’Malley and most other liberals try to convince the American people the Tea Party is the devil himself. What is wrong with less spending and a smaller government. We are a bankrupt nation and it is getting worse daily. The state must spend $465 million to implement Obamacare, where is this money coming from? O’Malley is on a campaign trail and could care less about the people of Maryland.

  8. KottaMan says:

    The windbag spouts off again. I am so sick of this leftist governor I could throw up. He has steadfastly put Maryland on a path to certain destruction, run businesses out of the state, and increased every fee and tax imaginable. It has been painfully obvious since the Clinton days that O’TaxMe has drooled over higher office. He chumped Baltimore City and ended up as governor. What next for this pathetic narcissist?

  9. HA HA HA says:

    I hope he does run for another office. Then a national reporter will find the skeleton or offspring in his closet without fear of retribution

    1. Can't Fix Stupid says:

      The only good thing about Owe’Malley running for another office is he won’t be able to run for Governor again that election. He has neither the knowledge, popularity or caliber to obtain a higher office, but at least it would get him out of our State lawmaking for the time being. Maybe he can take his Casa de Maryland circus with him.

  10. Jerry says:

    The only reason he want’s to run for higher office is that he can turn the US into Mexico and run all the bussiness out of the state and the country. Since he don’t give a damn about us can we say na na na na , na na na , hey hey good bye. Do this before he sells anymore of our companies to other states. The hole problem is that he forgot where he came from the two faced ****************.

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