Well it’s about time we heard some baseball-related news in Baltimore. Regardless of the source, the player, or the rumor, it’s nice to hear fans talking about something besides the return of the Oriole cartoon bird, that in my opinion, has gotten more play than necessary. But then again, as you all remind me daily, I’m not from here… So maybe it did deserve the attention it got. Who knows.

In any event, there’s a report that new President of Baseball Operations Dan Duquette will be meeting with Fern Cuza, David Ortiz’ agent, in Milwaukee at the MLB GM meetings. What does this mean? Again in my opinion, not much. Duquette has a prior relationship with Cuza since he represented Pedro Martinez during his Red Sox days when Duquette was GM of the Red Sox. But Duquettee, like most GMs at the meetings, should and will be meeting with a magnitude of agents to talk about everything under the sun. Does this mean a rumor will surface about a player coming to Baltimore with each and every handshake and sit-down Duquette engages in? Not to mention, meeting with as many agents as possible is especially important for Duquette since he’s been out of the game for nearly a decade. If anything, it’s simply good to know Duquette is back in the game, reuniting and working on prior and new relationships with MLB executives and agents.

In regards to Ortiz, David made it clear at the end of last season he was sick of the drama and everything that comes with playing in Boston. I had a conversation with Ortiz during the last series in September here in Baltimore and to be honest, Ortiz didn’t seem very keen on Baltimore. That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be willing to play here. But if I was a betting woman, Ortiz will likely be back with the Red Sox and in the hunt for his third World Series title with the club.

In 2009, I had the chance to chat with David about his horrendous slump that nearly cost him is job in Boston and why he hits so well at Camden Yards — via my public Facebook page.


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Comments (4)
  1. toosoxy says:

    No! Papi should stay in Boston.

  2. charles says:

    Please No Papi!!!!!!!!!

  3. Antwon Grant says:

    this would be typical of the Orioles organization..to get a big name player as his career is either turning or already going downhill..smh

  4. melvin says:

    nada cahnce, lol

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