BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Getting kids to go to class. It’s a challenge for many schools, but one Baltimore County elementary school has boosted its attendance record thanks to some volunteers.

Andrea Fujii has the story.

At Riverview Elementary, students are rewarded for perfect attendance.

They received gold coins and got to pick out school supplies for free with the help of Verizon Maryland Pioneers.

“It gives us an opportunity to work with the people that need the help to help them, in this case, get them through school and earn some good credits,” said Paul Redline of Verizon Pioneers.

The Pioneers are an organization of more than half a million current and retired telecommunications employees nationwide who volunteer in their communities.

During their “Day of Caring,” they chose to help Riverview because of their low attendance record.

Last year, attendance was below the state standards. This year, with the incentives, nearly 96 percent of students attend class every day.

Volunteers also read to the students and gave them dictionaries, showing them it pays to go to school.

“Setting them up for some life skills and for success, ultimately when they go to college and when they go to work, because you have to be there every single day,” Mary Maddox, principal of Riverview Elementary, said.

Students also made blankets for soldiers wounded in the line of duty.

Comments (4)
  1. Cindy belcher, RN says:

    I am so very proud of the hard work the teachers have put forth also in helping to increase their students with attendence.
    School Nurse

    1. Marta says:

      – I love this session. The biinlcghtakg, the processing, the one with them sitting under the tree, the black and white one, and of course the one with all three dogs with their backs towards the camera. I agree with Amanda that this feels so You.

  2. Michelle Giffen says:

    I am A parent from riverview elementary and I see they were saying you have to be there everyday and on time well did the principal mention that some of her staff is not there everyday my child is in a classroom that has not had a teacher in over a month or more they had a different substitute everyday and still there teacher is not there My child has a 99 percent in attendance and a great report card and is being told it is not good enough I feel there is something wrong with this

  3. Aaron says:

    Heya Ange!! I’m glad you like the house; I had fun making it (although it took me way logner than it should have I am slooow). As for my pics, I don’t know, it must be my card? I think I have an Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT I have all my graphics settings on high except for mirrors/reflections and maybe trees. I use the in-game camera to take my shots, and I crop and resize them in Photoshop. Sometimes I use the Sharpen filter, but I didn’t on these. Then I do save for web so they don’t take up a lot of space or take too long to load. That’s it!Forgot to add that maybe lighting plays a role I’m very finicky about my lighting! I’m always adding lights, turning some off, changing the brightness or the color, etc. It can make a huge difference in pictures. Even the time of day and the angle of light coming through the windows can change things. I also have a installed right now for darker nights and logner shadows outdoors; it also makes the sky oranger during sunset and gives some foggy/cloudy days. It’s pretty cool but only works for Riverview/Sunset Valley/Barnacle Bay, far as I know.

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