Top Twelve Power Rankings according to Vinnie Cerrato. This week’s #1: Green Bay is 9-0 and their defense is getting better. Offense looks unstoppable. Look out Tampa!

2. San Francisco is 8-1 defense is the name of the game. Niners play all three phases well.Frank Gore must be Healthy. Niners next opponent Arizona Cardinals

3. Houston is 7-3 on a bye this week, Big Blow with Matt Schaub out for season. Can the run game and the #1 Texans defense keep them where they are?

4. New England is 6-3 facing Kansas City this week.Tom Brady will get back on track. In the Jets game last week Pats defense forced a few turnovers.Patriots have a easy schedule down the stretch.

5. Baltimore is 6-3 facing the Bengals this Sunday. Baltimore is known to play down to competition and have a lack of consistency. Will Ray Rice get a chance to show up this Sunday?

6. Pittsburgh is 7-3 with a bye week. Pittsburgh just came of a big road win against Cincinnati.

7. Chicago is 6-3 going up against San Diego this Sunday. Chicago’s smothering defense will play a big part this week. Matt Forte has been playing at the top of his game, he must be playing for a big contract. Jake Cutler has been getting better off the line of scrimmage.

8. New Orleans is 7-3 they have a bye week. Saints are coming of a big road win in Atlanta. There defense made big plays during the game but really showed up on fourth and one down the stretch. Drew Brees still playing an amazing game.

9. Giants are 6-3 facing Philadelphia this week. Eli Manning continues to have an outstanding season. Giants need to have everyone healthy if they want to continue to have a successful season.

10. Cincinnati is 6-3 facing Baltimore this week. Andy Dalton struggled against the Steelers in the fourth quarter. This is a division game where they need to make a statement.

11. Detroit is 6-3 going against Carolina this week. Detroit must get back to playing solid defense. They need to find a way to get Calvin Johnson the ball and cut down on the turnovers.

12. Oakland is 5-4 facing Minnesota this week. Carson Palmer must continue to improve his game each week to bring success to Oakland. Mcfadden needs to continue to get the ball up the gut to keep the run game strong.


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