CHAPTICO, Md. (WJZ) — A terrifying crash sent a busload of girls’ basketball players to the hospital in southern Maryland. Police say a drunk driver is to blame, and it’s not his first offense.

Kai Jackson has more.

A frightening experience for students and acts of heroism by their bus driver. The man who police say caused it has a criminal past.

There was a frightening accident Tuesday as a school bus ran off the road in Chaptico. On that bus, the girls’ basketball team from Great Mills High.

A member of the team describes what happened.

“We’re driving to the park, merging. I closed my eyes and then I felt something and then we were in the woods in the dark and everyone was scared,” a student said.

Maryland State Police say it happened about 9:23 p.m. Tuesday. Police say 45-year-old John Patrick Kravats of Mechanicsville went through a stop sign. As he did, they say Kravats’ pickup truck hit a Ford Fusion in the intersection with the right of way, propelling the Ford in the direction of the bus. The bus driver ended up crashing off the road into a cluster of trees.

The back of the bus was left dangling in the air.

“We had 33 individuals on the bus, 28 students, four coaches and a bus driver,” said St. Mary’s School Superintendent Michael Martirano.

The occupants of the bus were treated at a local hospital and released. The two occupants of the car, including a 13-year-old girl, were hospitalized.

Kravats, who police say is a registered sex offender, was treated for minor injuries and then arrested on a DUI charge.

“Our students were put in harm’s way as a result of irresponsible activity,” Martirano said.

The basketball team canceled practice Wednesday. They’ll resume workouts on Monday.

Comments (7)
  1. anne s says:

    This jerk should have to spend a long long time in jail. What an idiot

  2. Leigh Ann says:

    “A frightening experience for students and acts of heroism by their bus driver. The man who police say caused it has a criminal past”

    CBS Baltimore please proofread your type. Read the paragraph and tell me who you think was the criminal?

    A drunk, registered sex offender? Maybe this arrest will get him off the street but somehow in Maryland where illegal immigrants can drive without a license, run over people and not be deported, a good, liberal lawyer should have no problem getting a drunk, sex offender free by the weekend. The criminals have better rights than the victims.

    1. chearts77 says:

      Pretty sad, isn’t it? When I started reading this, I thought the BUS DRIVER was the drunk driver the way this article was worded. Then I got to the middle of the article and got confused.

      1. William Harrington says:

        Exactly my thought. The headline writers/editors must be more careful.

  3. Liberal Soldier says:

    Leigh Ann you can’t just be happy the kids are okay and the man that caused this will go to jail. You have to show your rightwing “meanness” and make a comment that it is because a person is Liberal that this all happened. Those on the right should vote to change the system to your way or fhinking live with the majority. I am not happy with this guy and his behavior either but I am not blaming it on anyone else. I would think he was punished as a child molester but may not have anything else on his record to keep him locked up. Society is what it is. Try looking at the entire picture instead of blaming it on someone that does not follow your way of thinking.

  4. Amanda Windsor says:

    srry for those who don’t know but h eonly did 2 years and got out on good behavior he was supposed to do 4 years i hope he gets the extra 2 years thats he own. i hope they realize now how he is a threat to society! everyone should be thankin GOD for everyone that was there that day! that did not get killed!!! THIS MAN IS SICK AND NOT A GOOD PERSON TO BE AROUND!

  5. Újra Tanulok Program - TÁMOP-2.1.6-12/1 pályázat - 2012 says:

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