BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore’s recent food truck frenzy will continue.

Monique Griego has more on Baltimore City’s latest move that will make it easier for vendors to operate.

The Gypsy Queen is one of the many high-end food trucks now circling the streets of Baltimore.

“It’s economical. It’s delicious,” said one person.

“They’re convenient. They’re just always right there where you want them to be,” said another.

“We caught the wave as new trucks were coming in, and it’s been fabulous so far,” said Tom Looney, Gypsy Queen.

A year ago, Looney ditched his brick and mortar restaurant to open up the Queen.  Since then, they’ve been selling crab cakes like crazy.

Looney says business will continue to boom thanks to a move by Baltimore City to extend a policy pilot program that was set to expire Dec. 31.

In June, the city changed its food truck policies, making it easier for them to operate and less confusing to obtain permits.

“There wasn’t really a central database that you look at to say this is what I need to do to operate a food truck,” said Looney.

The new policies also created designated parking areas and did away with a proximity ban that kept trucks from parking near restaurants.

Looney says vendors hope to work with the city on setting permanent policies.

“I think it will keep expanding and hopefully we’ll get more and more high quality food trucks cruising the streets of Baltimore offering low-cost delicious food,” said Looney.

As of right now, the city hasn’t set a date for the new policies to expire.

  1. robertryan says:

    You eat off of those trucks, you will run alright, in your pants, street & down your legs. It’s called the s…..t’s.

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