Orioles President of Baseball Operations Dan Duquette joined The Norris & Davis Show from baseball’s winter meetings in Dallas.

111387577 8 Dan Duquette Live

(Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)

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  1. Liberal Soldier says:

    I guess it would surprise no one that the Orioles and Mr. Duquette has done absolutely nothing at the winter meetings. Same old story. Just different faces and names.

  2. Fire Peter says:

    Dan has a future in politics! Very good at not answering the questions. Their should be some sort of a way to impeach Mr. Angelos because he is lierally holding this state hostage by not stepping up to the plate to field a competitive team. Such a shame with all the good times this franchise has had and it’s not the fans fault, although it makes our town look like a bunch of losers! But we’re back to the Old Bird! Every year it’s a new coat of paint to hide the same old turd. The fans aren’t fooled.

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