SILVER SPRING, Md. (AP) — Police sharpshooters will kill deer at a Montgomery County golf course this winter to control the population.

County officials say the Department of Parks was asked to manage the population because of increasing vehicle accidents involving deer, Lyme disease from deer-borne ticks and damage to native plants that is affecting birds and other animals that rely on the plants.

The Sligo Creek Golf Course will be closed from 5:30 p.m. until sunrise in January, February and March while sharpshooters reduce the deer population. Park police will patrol during sharpshooting and signs will also be posted saying the park is closed.

County officials say contraceptives were considered, but that requires deer to be captured, tagged and injected by hand. And they say contraceptives used in other areas have not proven effective.

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Comments (10)
  1. Shooter McGavin says:

    And instead of doing this without wasting taxpayers money they could have hunters. There are pleanty of people who would love a crack at that but instead lets pay people rather than perform a proficiency test and limit hunters for management purposes only. I’m sure maryland is doing soooo good saying we needed some of that reinvestment and recovery money and building that nice toll road that’ll be owned by china buy eh who cares, money grows in China.

    1. Rob Baker says:

      Great comment! I agree totally, Well said.

  2. willie says:

    A few NRA nut types & a few machine guns & poof, end of the deer problem. Those four legged M’..FR’S are a waste & have no redeeming value.

  3. Rob says:

    I am all for controlling the deer population and think they should be hunted by hunter and not government employees. But I really would like to point out the fact that we infringed upon the land o the deer through over-development. They were her before us

    1. Shooter McGavin says:

      True but without predation their population is booming to new heights. There are no predators besides humans in the local area. There are random reports of coyotes in the mountains which could corner a fawn but for the most part, cars and hunters take more deer than any other source yet their population keeps booming. The whitetail population has been on a constant rise all across the nation. Maryland has done very well in conservation and preservation. But you are also correct where old feeding grounds and their home ranges are taken due to an overpopulation of humans.

  4. injector says:

    Can we take the spare contraceptives and apply them to some inner city sub humans – waste not, want not.

  5. willie joe says:

    Injector, Be careful man or you will be in company with me “Willie Joe” for telling the truth. The smug blind liberals & the ignorant blacks refuse to see what is staring them in the face & are in a state of denial cause they can’t handle the truth.

  6. Oh dear, oh dear says:

    Hang on a moment… hide up a tree – you place a salt lick or other type of food a few yards in front of you – using your telescopic sights you kill or wound the animal. Which part of that is hunting? Oh and most of you leave the carcass where it lay and why the baby ones? I don’t believe in heaven and hell but if there is one – y’all goin’ straight to hell.

  7. Ted Nugent's My Hero says:

    Oh dear, oh dear….I love me some fresh backstraps. No I don’t leave the carcass “where it lay” as you imply most hunters do. Who said anything about shooting “baby ones”? The correct term is a fawn. I believe in Heaven and I believe in Jesus Christ. While I’m sitting in my treestand this evening HUNTING, I’ll read my bible and say a prayer for you. See I’m saved so, “I” will go strait to Heaven. Merry Christmas!!

  8. Shooter McGavin says:

    Thank you Ted Nugent Fan. It is wrong how people think of hunters as immoral people or murderers. Here are some fun facts. All firearm and munition sales has a percentage that goes toward conservation and preservation of our wildlife and forests. In fact the supposed to be “nature” lovers(i.e. PETA) have yet to come close to the amount of money that hunters invest in nature every year. This particular slaughter(hunt implies a chance of failure) will be aimed at does in particular and breeder(shooter) bucks since they are more capable of breeding. I think Oh deer needs to go to Shoppers or walmart where meat is made. HA

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