Police Fatally Shoot Carjacker Following Attack

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A violent attempted carjacking leads to a police chase and shooting.

Adam May reports the suspect is dead and an innocent driver is recovering from the attack.

After the driver of the Porsche came out of a Montgomery county Sunoco gas station, a 19-year-old man was inside his car- demanding he hand over the keys.

The Porsche driver said no, and the man stabbed him.

“We wonder if he was under the influence of something. His behavior is abnormal,” said one Takoma Park police officer.

Police say the attempted carjacking suspect took off in a red Ford Focus, and crashed into three other cars.

“This red car went by going really fast like 100 miles an hour, and he lost control and it flipped,” a witness said.

That’s when the man jumped out.  A female officer tried to subdue him with a taser, but it had no affect.

“He attacked her,” a Takoma Park officer said. “She did not even get close to him. He pursued her,  attacked her, got her on the ground, was assaulting her when our second officer arrived.”

The second officer opened fire and killed the suspect.  The carjacking victim is currently in critical condition.

The two officers involved in the shooting are on routine leave.

  • Sylvan Finkelstein


    • brian coe

      The guy stabs someone,wrecks three cars and is on top up a female cop attacking here and they should ack questions, cant beleive there is people as stupid as you.

  • www.your ma ma

    who gives a fuc

  • proof

    the boy that got killed was my boy!! rip kl

  • Karla Brown

    It’s a shame that someone had to be killed; but the worst part is because evidently he was on something!

  • judge and jury

    no jury or jail time. tax money saved! strong work officer

  • cms827

    Another piece of garbage off the street Merry Christmas

  • Wiseguy

    Bang, Bang, Bang…………..Stop or we’ll shoot.

    • jimmy

      you are insane. this incident doesn’t even remotely enter the realm of what your comment infers.

  • Sezmane

    So any thing on SANDUSKY wrong section

  • Steven Spiegel

    Its a shame that a 19 year old kid was killed in this . I feel sorry for the guy who got stabed and the family of the 19 year old boy who was shot. Its a shame things like this happen . Sometimes it is the way the kid was raised but sometimes its not the parents fault at all. I have raised 8 children and i only have 1 daughter who gives me a fit . Its a shame that children dont come with a instuction manual.

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