By Pat Warren

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Money woes. Taxpayers may want to get a grip on their wallets as the governor tackles the state’s budget deficit.

Political reporter Pat Warren has more on what could be in store.

It’s Maryland’s annual balancing act, trying to make sure the government’s spending stays in line with its income.

Marylanders make it clear how they feel about government taxing and spending.

“If they run the budget like my family does, like my friends do. Cut the expenses,” said one person.

“We can’t afford no more taxes,” said another.

But with a billion dollar structural deficit, can the state afford not to raise revenue? That’s the question the governor faces in this next General Assembly session.

“It was a $2 billion deficit, we cut it in half and we have a billion left over. What we did was we gave the governor two years to get the job done,” Senate President Mike Miller said.

The bar is set for the governor at $550 million next year.

Miller tells WJZ he believes a gas tax for transportation needs is  most likely the only increase that might pass next session. Any other increases he considers unlikely, for now.

“As we move further in this century, we’ll probably wind up applying the sales tax to services, you know accountants engineers, lawyers,” Miller said. “People don’t want to hear that. But it’s what’s going to have to happen because that’s the new economy.”

Warren: “But it’s not going to happen in 2012?”
Miller: “It’s not going to happen on my watch.”

But the committee report on spending affordability leaves the door open.

O’Malley is under no legal obligation to follow the committee’s recommendations.

The 2012 session opens Jan. 11.

Comments (9)
  1. robertryan says:

    How about cutting government spending & cut the thousands that don’t work anyhow. Every coon that does work, has a job in gov cause that’s not work.

  2. chalkie says:

    I love how this station censors anything you have to say bad about O’Malley and the rest of the garbage that runs this state. This station must be run by the same bunch of idiot liberals, thats runnung our state!!!

    1. KottaMan says:

      Chalkie, you are correct. I am so tired of this censorship also. Monday, I am calling WJZ to complain and find out who there is behind this scandalous behavior.

      1. Larry26 says:

        I’m afraid, KottaMan, that it will do no good. I made a rather long comment yesterday on Mannine and wonder of wonders, it disappeared. I put another one in to day. Let’s see how that pans out. The only way that we will see a change in what is being allowed to printed here is if the advertisement start falling.

  3. KottaMan says:

    Hey Annapolis! Try this: CUT SPENDING and live within your means. You are killing the goose that laid the golden egg. After living in MD all my life, I am predisposed at this point to moving out. Another tax increase will just about make up my mind for sure. When you are left with all the “takers” and few providers and suckers (taxpayers) you will finally understand what we are talking about. Obviously, you all down there haven’t gotten the message yet.

  4. joe says:


  5. Larry26 says:

    Is this all that the Democrats know is to raise taxes on the taxpayers who can least afford it. We have repeatedly had to tighten own own wallets to just to make ends meet and the bozos in Annapolis want to spend, spend, spend. Instead of continually laying off the little people in the Maryland Government, let’s start at the top with the governor and cut his salary, the Lt. Governor’s salary and right on down to the Middle Management. We really don’t need a Lt. governor, get rid of him and the salary. I hope in the next election, that the people of Maryland are going to vote these legal exploiters of our State and monies.l

  6. Jethro Hooper says:

    Legalize marijuana and put a tax on it. Legalize prostitution within the areas where it occurs anyway, and put a tax on it. Raise the tax on gasoline used for recreational purposes, like, for instance, at piers, where big boats consume huge amounts of fuel for yuks. Raise the tax on alcohol consumed in restaurants, bars and taverns, where prices are astronomical anyway, and people willingly pay them. Put a surtax on the purchase of automobiles over $30,000. If people can afford to drive those land yachts, they can afford to pay the taxes on them. Lets use our heads!

  7. Stupidity Rules says:

    Politicians use their heads? Not in the last 40 years. They will never legalize marijuana because the pharmacutical companies do not want it and use big money to make sure it does not happen. Since they cannot patent it they cannot profit from it.

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