Steve Davis: Ravens Blow Opportunity

How can you not be concerned about the Ravens performance in San Diego? Sure, you can write it off as just a bad game. But that would make 4 road games against inferior opponents that you’d have to write off.

The Ravens had homefield advantage through the playoffs in their sights, and they gagged. I’m not saying that it’s ludicrous that they lost to San Diego….just how they did it. The defense never made a stop, not once, the whole night. The Chargers haven’t beat a good team all year, and they humiliated the Ravens. No pass rush, no coverage in the secondary, no big plays on defense, and the offense couldn’t do anything from protecting Flacco, to Flacco being accurate to receivers getting open. Let’s not leave out Billy Cundiff. Missing a 36 yarder. He has now missed 3 of 5 field goals in December.

The Ravens were outcoached and outplayed. In December, with homefield on the lines, that is unacceptable.

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  • Jimmy Gunn

    The Ravens had better hope that the 49ers can beat Pittsburgh on Monday night.

  • MD DAD

    Yeah…we know. We had the misfortune to witness it.
    There’s nothing like looking like bafoons in front of a national audience 3 times in one season.

  • Same Stuff Diff Year

    I guess in the next few days I’ll be getting my annual worthless strips of paper in the mail from the Ravens. Apparently other cities call them tickets and use them to attend home playoff games.

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