OAKLAND, Md. (AP) — A man charged with murdering a young couple in the western Maryland town of Oakland is asking a judge to throw out statements he made to police.

Forty-six-year-old Jeffrey Minnick of Accident appeared in Garrett County Circuit Court Tuesday.

His lawyer claims Minnick was in custody but had not been told of his Miranda rights when investigators began questioning him about the May 31 stabbing deaths of 24-year-old Timothy Lax and 18-year-old Jessica Baker.

Minnick told police someone else killed the couple. Police have eliminated that person as a suspect.

The bodies were found in a hobo camp. Police say Minnick’s bloody hunting knife was nearby.

Prosecutors say Minnick told someone days before the slayings that if Lax didn’t get rid of Baker, he would do them both in.

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  1. Steve Wilson says:

    If anyone in this country, in this day and age, do not know their Miranda rights, they are guilty of unforgivable stupidly and should be removed from the gene pool.

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