Frederick May Change Bike And Skateboard Policy

FREDERICK, Md. (AP) — The city of Frederick is considering changing the way it enforces restrictions on bicycling and skateboarding on certain city property.

The mayor and Board of Aldermen are set to discuss the matter Wednesday at an afternoon workshop.

The police department says district court judges have taken a dim view of the city’s attempts to enforce the restrictions by prosecuting minors for municipal infractions.

The police are asking the city to consider making violations a criminal offense rather than a civil infraction. An alternate proposal is to make adults legally responsible for ensuring that their children don’t break the law. The adults could then be taken to court.

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  • Chuck

    What a joke! Now a kid that gets caught skateboarding on “certain city property” will have a criminal record! Outstanding! Those skateboarders are such a big problem these days…luckily drunk driving doesn’t seem to be such an issue with legislators! Why haven’t tougher penalties been placed on DWI arrests? I can’t remember the last time a kid skateboarding on “certain city property” killed someone.

  • the mechanic

    Skateboarders have many places to use their boards but prefer malls & city property that has lots of steps & rails where they can use filthy language, loiter & intimidate many elderly citizens who incidently pay taxes to care for these POS with their mommy & Daddy paid cell phones, noisy loud behavior & almost knocking you over outside stores in shopping center parking lots.

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