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BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Saturday night, hundreds of additional police officers will be out on patrol at the Inner Harbor as thousands ring in the new year. If you’re a police officer, you now know, New Year’s Eve is one of those days when you’ll have to report for duty.

Mike Schuh reports, one lucky officer will start the new year not wearing a uniform.

When the fireworks fly, it’s all-hands-on-deck for the police department. Days off are canceled. If you’re city police, you’re expected to work.

Now, meet Police Union President Bob Cherry, on the job for 18 years, the last four as president.

He deals with the concerns of the 4,800 members of the union, active and retired. But he does not have to work holidays.

Schuh: As someone who keeps their own hours even though you’re doing 50-60 hours a week, the things like the holidays, you’re not on those lists?
Cherry: No.

Cherry is the union president but he is also a sworn police officer with full police powers. But on most days, he’s at union headquarters in Hampden dressed in a suit and a tie.

Once in office, he realized though he has earned the right to be off on holidays, some officers never do.

“In particular, the public really sees how much of a sacrifice these guys are making,” he explained.

So, on Saturday night, he’s volunteering to take a patrol shift in the Western District.

“I’m just working for [another officer],” Cherry said. “By doing that, I’d be able to send home one of the officers who was assigned to the Western District on patrol home for the night on New Year’s Eve.”

Cherry doesn’t even personally know the officer he’s working for. A major chose the cop who has an exemplary record for making gun arrests.

“I’m trying to bring attention to the fact that these guys do make a big sacrifice by working these days,” he said. “I’m trying to remind myself and others that I’m a cop first, not just a union president.”

When asked if he was working the shift as a way to get reelected as union president, Cherry laughed and told WJZ that the other 2,800 officers are wondering why they weren’t picked.

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  1. Jillian Robertson says:

    yeah the baltimore city police really do a bang up job of keeping our streets safe from criminals, laugh. when really its the police we should be scared of. So I had a lovely new years eve at work in Little Italy. i cut through the harbor EVERY night to walk home from work. apparently not tonight… one of baltimore city’s fine police forcefully grab my left arm, while one of his trusty bike buddies decided he was gonna point a taser (with a green smiley face) at my chest. he couldn’t have been more than 8 inches from me. not to mention i’m 5’4 105lb 24yr WOMAN who was just trying 2 get home safely. apparently they closed “the side walks” at the harbor for “2 hours” either way great job team.

  2. Harmony says:

    Whoopeedoo I’ve aegred with everything you’ve saisd, except the part about expecting Streeter to have a dignity with intellgence trip .Just read his rants I agree with both you and Jason I think the vast majority of YPD is clean of any drug abuse. But, as the person paying the bill, I think we can justifiably ask them to prove it at any time. I do think they should be paid during any time they are asked to test, rather than having it be on off-time as many CDL drivers have to do it.And as far as more murders this month? What did anyone expect? The 80 grand ran out.Sonia would have shown me something had she proposed an ongoing program to get and keep kids out of gangs. She just threw one-time money at it. Showed ME nothing.Streeter answer me this one time Do you get to vote in Yakima council elections?

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