BALTIMORE (AP) — Truckers will be marking the new year by paying higher tolls in Maryland.

The $6 to $12 bump in tolls on Maryland Transportation Authority highways, bridges and tunnels is part of a two-tiered hike approved in September. Transportation officials say they need to raise about $225 million more by 2014 to keep from defaulting on bond payments.

Starting Sunday, tractor-trailers will pay $24 to cross the Chesapeake Bay bridge and $36 on Interstate 95 and the Hatem Bridge on Route 40.

Cars and other two-axle vehicles saw an increase in November. The authority says it saw November revenue from two-axle vehicles jump 36 percent to $21.7 million when compared to last year.

Both car and truck rates will increase again July 1, 2013.

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Comments (5)
  1. Ron says:

    Maryland sucks and so does OWE’malley!!!!!

  2. woollybear65 says:

    You got that right RON I say this people of Maryland WAKE UP we cam put a stop to all these TAXS, From what the Lottery says is all the money they make goes for the roads???? have they drien om these so alled great roads no matter what they tell us the moneoes for ROADS or EDUCATION well from what I an see something is really wrong with BOTH
    what we need is people in office that will be there for us and fight for us the working people. and espeialy the SENIORS
    But isf you come from another country you get it all handed to you, Money,Foodstamps, Medial and the good part is you dont even have to speak ENGLISH. what a shame what a shame.

  3. woollybear65 says:

    sorry for the spelling I have a BAD KEYBOARD thank you

  4. chalk says:

    Ron and Woollybear your both right. I have had enough of these bleeding heart liberals in this state that cannot control thier spending habits. No instead they tax and fee us to death. The way I look at it is you can only take so much from a person before they also join the welfare system. Our welfare system is broken. They need to end it and redo it and make everyone reapply with higher standards to get on it. That means if you have never put 1 red cent in, then you cannot ever collect. If you cannot speak english or prove you have legally citizenship then you are not entitled. The biggest drain on the state is welfare,foodstamps, free housing, and medical assistance. If they fixed all this, then they would have to continue to figure out other ways to make a buck. If they never borrowed from the money set aside for the roads for other programs, thier would be plenty there for what needs to be done. Our state leaders are a joke, the only people they look out for is themselves and people like them. But we have to except some of the blame for this,because we are the ones who keep voting in this butt holes.

    1. Liberal Soldier says:

      Chalk I have no idea why you single out one group of thinkers to throw your rage at. I have lived a while and I can tell you I have seen taxes and fees dumped on the little guy by BOTH parties and BOTH conservatives and liberals. With that said there is not much more I can add to what you have said. It does not matter who we vote for. I see the divide growing and at some point, I guess when I am no longer walking this earth there will be another civil war in America. But this one will be against the crooked politicians and their wealthy benefactors and the common people. We won’t be slinging hateful rhetoric around like Liberal or Conservative. We will be slinging lead, sticks, bats and anything else that can be used to rid our land of these parasites that suck the cash right out of our childrens mouths.

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