$5 A Gallon For Gas? It Could Happen In 2012

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Five dollars a gallon for gas? Analysts say it could happen this year.

Monique Griego has more on why gas prices could soon explode.

Just this weekend, the president signed new sanctions against the country of Iran. Now, Iran is firing back with a threat that could send gas prices higher than ever.

Prices at the pump already have drivers in pain.

“I can barely afford it now,” said one driver.

“Three dollars a gallon…I mean, five dollars gets you what, a gallon and a half?” said another.

But if Iran follows through on a threat to shut down one of the world’s most important oil routes, analysts say prices here could skyrocket by summer.

“If it gets to $5, that would be hurting the pockets very bad,” said Paul Rozanski, Severna Park.

Threats of five dollars a gallon has Rozanski reconsidering his ride.

“I just like the SUV because of the wintertime, but definitely in the summertime, get another car. Get a Prius or something,” he said.

In just the past week, gas prices have gone up nearly seven cents and there is no sign of them coming down any time soon.

According to AAA, the average for a gallon of regular is $3.25, compared to $3.07 this time last year.

“Iran’s saber-rattling. I think that could have an impact,” said Pete Horrigan.

Horrigan, who’s with the Mid-Atlantic Petroleum Distributors’ Association, says he won’t go as far as five dollars a gallon, but does expect prices to go up.

“We certainly have enough issues going on in the world and in this country that it could certainly be higher,” he said. “We’ve been fortunate in this country because in European countries, they’ve been paying a lot more than that for a long time.”

Many drivers are now hoping that good fortune holds out.

The U.S. penalties against Iran don’t take effect for six months and even then, the president can waive them for national security reasons.

The European Union is also considering new oil sanctions against Iran.

  • Debbie

    And our leaders in MD are considering a gas tax hike. Typicall. They are out of touch and GREEDY . The first thought they have is raise taxes, Never cut spending.

    • Peter McDermott

      and yet we are selling gas overseas….hm… greed maybe…NAAA

    • mr dud

      Don’t forget that the US is x-porting gas as we post.

      Also we have a lot of areas we could be drilling for gas.
      The democrats do not want to do this. WHY?
      Because like all welfare countries they want to have 100% control of what we are able to spend our money on.

      • Lwin

        Minus a few snlplieg errors Brittany, good choice for a topic- I don’t drive myself, but based on the national prices and updates I receive via my celly, it doesn’t look good for motorists going into Spring (and it doesn’t help that I have friends who gripe alot about it ;9)I want to go with a point you made: it is full time we took ourselves off the life support of oil dependence. It seems like we catch a cold whenever the prices start to fluctuate away from the desired price levels. And how interesting is it that whenever plans are being made on a federal level to move us away from TOTAL oil dependency, we cry FOUL against big government. I for one would like to see a United States of America where whenever another country catches a cold, we don’t suffer from a fever in our pockets with sky-high prices for fuel (and I think the Western world and it’s oil dependent nations would concur on some levels).My solution? Go Greyhound, and indeed leave the driving to them. It makes for a longer trip, especially depending on your destination and comfort level with sharing spaces, but you do get to pinch the pennies and save a few extra dollars. Carpooling ain’t never hurt no one nor the environment either. Peace.

      • Max

        No Gas day is being panned as an urban egnled; I have no concrete proof that it will work however, you don’t need to be the sharpest pencil in the box to realize that gas stations sell much more than just gas. They sell coffee and donuts and milk and bread and 500 other household items. Now it is true that if you don’t buy your gas on the 15th, that you will likely purchase more on the 16th, however if you need coffee on the way to work or a donut or a gallon of milk on the way home your local mini-mart will not be getting the sale and that does add up to millions of dollars everyday. That is why these companies got into the business in the first place; we pay for convienance. However if we are not stopping for gas, we are not going to pay a premium at BP to buy Tide or lunch meat. The solution to this problem is consistancy; if every American does this once a year I question how effective it will be; but if this could be staged on a monthly basis then oil companies will notice a tangible loss of profits and forseeable problems in the future. (please publish)

    • blacknblue2

      They live like kings and queens so the inflation doesn’t touch them. Maybe it is time they learn what it is like to feel the pain of inflation!

      • SerfCityHereWeCome

        Nothing that a nice 25,000-year public sector pay freeze retroactive to 1925 can’t fix.

    • John Steele

      Here in the Workers Paradise of Kalifornia, Governor Moonbeam is still stuck in the 70;s and has 5 frickin ballot measures ready for November asking Kalifornian’s to tax themselves even higher. Sales Tax increases, ( it just went down ) Income tax on the so-called Rich, and increase taxes in general.. All this, while business flees this State to escape the never ending taxation,Enviro insanity regulations ( You can’t burn wood in a fireplace or it’s a $400 ticket , & Cap & Tax ) and a collapsing State economy. The jobs aren’t coming back to Kalifornia until the Democrats who have destroyed the state stop this insanity.

      • SuperGenius

        Sir Gareth, You forgot Michigan. More to the point, Detroit, which has been run by the Democrats since the 50’s. Detroit is #1 for everything including edging out Ch-Town for being the most corrupt.

      • StaticKlingon

        When one looks at the yearly wildfires from a satellite in frigging outer space, you have to wonder about the logic of that whole ornamental-only fireplace idea.

      • GlockG20

        Not all of us voted this moron in… and not all of us are supportive of the ridiculous laws and taxation nor are we supportive of the entitlement mentality. But sadly we are either outnumbered by the liberal morons OR not enough of us are stepping up to stop the idiocy.

      • Big Bear

        @GlockG20: Moonbeam won the coastal counties. The rest of California rejected him overwhelmingly. That is why there need to be 2 Californias. The Peoples Republic along the coast and the Patriot Republic (which would be the mountains and the water supply the liberals need).

        What it will take it people standing up to the mentally ill liberals and their goons and engaging in a tax revolt. If they push…well…the first sound of gunfire, the liberals will be running, one hand holding onto their diaper.

      • n8

        You guys marginalizing the danger California presents and thinking it’s all their problem are failing to see the bigger picture. What do you think is happening in Europe right now? You think that can’t happen here? The Euro Zone is a collection of a couple-three dozen economies. Ours is a union of 50+. When California can no longer finance their entitlement state and keep up with interest payments, who do you think it is that will have to come to the rescue? The stimulus was already round 1 of an impending massive round of failed state bailouts. And jobs leaving California for other states is only a microcosm of jobs leaving our country for better climates. The weather can’t be your only asset.

      • David Sweet

        John, the Demos aren’t gonna stop until you the people, stop them…and by the makeup of your states voters, it looks like the dems are just getting started. The good news is, is that it won’t be long now until it all comes crashing down. Good Luck!

      • NoMoreLies

        The jobs aren’t coming back to Kalifornia until the Democrats who have destroyed the state stop this insanity…. and that won’t happen because of the most generous welfare policy in the nation, and because the Dem dip-deep into the pockets of Kalifornia’s ENTITLED unions

      • SirGareth

        I have no pity, you people put these fruit loops in office year after year. This is the state that the DemocRATS have controlled since I left it.

        You are the laughing stock of the nation. California is an asylum run by the inmates. The sane people left this state many years ago.

        We don’t want you leaving the mess you have made to bring your fruity ideas with you. We need to erect a fence to keep you people out of the rest of the country.

      • Frank

        Don’t come crying to me. You idiots in Kalifornia vote this fool in. My God! What dos it take to make believers out of you people in Kalifornia? Everything you say is true but you people allow the politicians to continue increasing your taxes. I SAY TAKE TO THE STREETS AND THROW ALL DEMOCRATIC POLITICIANS OUT.

    • Leavingmdsoon

      I believe that DemoRATS here in MD also want to attach the state’s sales tax to gas besides increasing the per gallon tax! Never mind what Iran actions might do to the price of gas, the actions of the DemoRATS here in MD will easily reach the $5 mark.

      • Raul

        Absolutely! WE have a obama clone in md for a governor! When will the people start losing their driving addiction just long enough to force these prices to where they should be? And then sometimes I dont think it would matter,they’re going to gouge us no matter what!

    • jim

      How about we do what the Enegy department was created to do………find ways to make America energy independent!!
      Drill in Alaska – drill in the Gulf (Cuba and China are) build the Keystone pipeline already and we would not care about what Iran does or doesn’t do. American energy means American jobs and reliable resources available to us all.

      • SerfCityHereWeCome

        That’s absolutely NOT what the Dept of Energy was created to do. Like the hilariously misnamed Dept of “Education” it’s nothing but a Depressioncrat Party money laundering operation to extract union dues from worthless unemployable deadbeats stealing between 5 and 20 times their worth in taxpayer dollars for their compensation to help enslave productive citizens with their own money.



    • Ken

      That’s why we need Obama out. Obamacare will destroy us too! Ask Obama, “Why are you exempt from Obamacare?”. That tells it all!

    • Conservtive NYer

      I’ve been looking forward to the collapse of the capital of the liberal entitlement mentality and overpaid unions and government employee state for years. From what I understand, with the exception of the privileged & guilt-ridden tv & movie stars, more and more taxpayers are leaving the state leaving fewer and fewer ‘producers’ to pay for the ‘Entitlees’ and illegal immigrants.
      Good luck in the upcoming riots when the entitlements come to an end due to lack of money!

      • SerfCityHereWeCome

        Big Bear,
        Don’t be so sure they’ll be saved from the rioters; there’s no way I’m going to waste a single bullet protecting them from the consequences of their idiocy after the horrific damage it’s done to ALL of us.

      • Big Bear

        Yeah, good luck. Those sorry altruistic libs will be screaming for the police and military (who they despise) to save their sorry arses when the gang-bangers come to plunder. Ultimately, they will be saved by those better men, whose sense of duty and honor will prevail.

        Hopefully, the trauma it causes the libs will fracture their psyches, and they can spend the rest of their lives in a quiet place drawing pictures of unicorns and flowers with their crayons.

    • Frank

      Debbi, Please tell me I am wrong. Isn’t MD run by Democrats? Did you vote democratic in the last/any election? If so I say to hell with you. You got exactly what you voted for. When will you northeastern people learn about Democrats, they are a bunch of COMMUNISTS.

  • R. OLynn

    And our governor wants to increase gas taxes in MD to 38.5c per gallon

    • OMG

      Oh, but he raised $20M in donations to help other devilcrats get into office! Like we can afford that!

      How about using that fund raising “genius” to help the people in this state!!!!!

      • Stu Cozza

        A politician’s job is not to help people; it is to help himself and others of his party to be elected and re-elected. While the politician will say he does things because he cares, all that is important to him is longevity in office.

  • Brad

    i hate when people bring up Europe and their higher gas prices. The prices are higher yes, but they have a public transportation system that allows for citizens to get anywhere they want without having to use a car, so its really a moot point.


      I agree Brad, and truthfully, I could give a damn about Europe excluding the UK. I care even less about “world opinion.” I’m an American, my country is superior, my culture is superior, my political system is superior etc. I’m dead serious lefties.

    • Freeman

      I’m with you. What, are we suposed to fee guilty because they pay more for gas than we? Who could be so stupid as to fall for that line. Oh, yea, the left.

      • Ronda Davis

        They buy oil on the world market just like all of us and at the same price.THE REASON THEY PAY MORE FOT GAS IS THEY TAX THE HELL OUT OF IT TO PAY FOR THEIR ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS.

    • Cowgirl Up

      And, their countries are the size of our smaller states…..

      • Karola

        aegacrcutsiln on August 30, 2011 I like that I can bounce back (maybe not quickly, but definitely in a short time) from bad situations. My bf and I broke up after 7.5 years, and while i was so devastated, my mindset now has been more about taking this opportunity for new beginnings and that excites me and usually gets me out of my funk.

      • The Sage Waitress

        Thanks, Cowgirl. Great point. Most Europeans never drive the equivalent of Boise to Casper, or even Spokane to Seattle. Texas and the Dakotas need to secede from the Left Coast and the DC establishment. They can still be our trading partners, but they should be the ones paying $5 for gas, since they refuse to allow drilling here.

      • rashid

        Ya, go over there and take a short train ride, about a buck a mile. Here, we fly for 10 cents a mile. America, come home, stop wasting blood and treasure.

    • rashid

      The high price is taxation, and public transportation is very expensive. We have it made in the USA, let’s make it better.

    • Steve Hollar

      Also, their gas has a much higher tax on it. Also, along with the transportation system mentioned, most of the countries over there are smaller than our States.

    • Rich

      Maybe build better transit and get rid of the Might Take Awhile busses and do somethingm to encouage us to use public transit. Stop raising transit rates because of the gas costs and build some nuclear power plants might help as well. Stop trying to save all endangered creatures and move them to another area of the same climate. If not please watch the Lion King. Its called the circle of life.

  • nugy

    gas for 5.00 and the usa just became a exporter of gas.

    • chet

      Shoots a hole in the drill baby drill theory huh?

  • J_Ruben_Kincaid

    Get Obama out of office and gas prices will come down.

    • detex

      Love that logic!

      • Hussein

        BHO is the one impeding our energy independence. His stated goal is to make gasoline prohibitively expensive to meet the left’s goal of demonizing fossil fuel.

        We are far from “peak” oil and have many years of oil available for reasonable use (if we drill) while we work on real fuel replacements.

        Send BHO back to Chicago in 2013!

  • Uncle Ben

    The only reason gas prices are rising is because the FED is printing too much money and the value of the dollar is going down. Don’t be fooled by all the propaganda about Iran as this is just cover for the inflation Uncle Ben is causing.

    • HML

      Exactly right, Uncle Ben, in the words of Obama himself, you ain’t seen nothing yet…………….

    • nuisance


    • seanster77

      Almost half of the worlds oil comes throught the Strait of Hormuz. Oil is a commodity traded on the world market. It is the threat of a stop to the oil coming out of the area that has destablized the market.

      Granted the Fed is printing too much money I agree, but the cause is that the middle east oil is being held ransom by Iran.

      • rashid

        Iran’s navy looks like a Key West fishing tournament, without the bow babes.

    • OMG

      Uncle Ben, like e rice? or did you mean uncle Sam? LOL

      • nate

        Ben Bernanke ;/

      • SerfCityHereWeCome

        LOL, OMG indeed! Please tell me that you’re joking and really DO understand that Bernanke’s rampant counterfeiting to keep the stock market from cratering to zero and exposing Fearless Leader as utterly clueless is the only reason he’s polling above the teens.

    • David Sweet

      While true, this is NOT the only reason gas is going up. Obama and his band of No-goods, with their anti-drilling, anti-jobs, anti-U.S./Pro European policies, have a little to do with it as well. People and their Politician saviors should move to Europe if they think it is so much better over there, and quit trying to change my country back into something that we escaped from over 200 years ago. I’ll keep my guns, oil, dollars, and freedom over here, and you all can keep the change!

    • Mitra

      Hi Adiana,Thanks for reading and for the conmemt. I think that you and I are saying the same thing. No question that a price increase, regardless of the reason, will lead to a demand decrease. For the most part, if price goes up due to a tax increase or a war in the middle east, the effect on drivers’ costs of using their car relative to the cost of public transit increases, and so some demand reduction will occur. My post was meant to highlight the fact that a supply crunch and induced price increase is not necessarily a substitute for a carbon price in that it does not price in any new externalities, and is actually more likely to exacerbate external costs. The reality of most externalities tied to oil production is that they are tied to the use of energy or other expensive inputs (solvents, etc.) in production or to the cost of drilling in more remote and sensitive locations. The use of these inputs, or the costs of drilling in remote locations, becomes more bankable as the revenue to oil producers (and here I will explicitly separate it from the price, as you suggest) increases. The inspiration for the post was in watching the re-tweets and discussion around the Wikileaks cables regarding saudi oil reserves, and that there seemed to be a sense around the many environmental groups that I follow that this was good news. A global supply crunch induces new energy sources, but there is no built-in advantage or disadvantage for clean ones. Thanks again for reading,Andrew

  • Dave in Kansas

    In Kansas City, gasoline was $1.32/gallon on Dec 31, 2008 – back when the evil oil men were in office.

    • TBo

      It was 1.32 because the entire world financial system was in ruins.


        not like now hunh Tbo? The Obama miracle.

  • Olly

    obama said prior to the 2008 elections that $5 gas is good for the country in order to push green ****. He is doing what he said he would do. Those of you that voted for this terd are getting what you asked for. The rest of us will try and endure another year of this dbag.

    • Jeffrey M. Scott

      He couldn’t get “Cap and Trade” so now he’s doing it through his Czar’s and his veto power…..by the way your term should be TURD…..and that is correct in describing him and his administration!!

      • Rabi

        bushball120 on October 20, 2011 i think there losuhd’ve been an i am legend game. could free roam the city and go through houses to find weapons, food, and medical equipment. online play could be like GTA4. im sure Will Smith would do it.

    • Issac

      the real irony here is that $5 gas IS good for the country because it WILL tank the economy and this administration will be out on their @ss soon. I look at $5 gas as a small investment for my future and the future of this country.

    • adam

      thank god someone else besides me remebers this … i very much believe he fast-tracked the Horizon well hoping it would fail so he could use it as a “teachable moment” to hammer home his green energy initiative. Of course – b/c he has zero clue about how the real world works, he funneled billions of taxpayer dollars into companies like Solyndra – except the tech isn’t ready b/c its still too expensive. The price of gas averaged $4 under Obama … $3 under Bush … that is a 33% tax on the middle class folks… and helps to prove that democrats care only about votes, not folks.

  • Joe Doakes

    A few thoughts. One, as gasoline prices rise that allows the states to tax the “working class” without being blamed for it. Second, gasoline is a commodity whose price is constantly perturbed by government over regulation, the market is largely a spot one . . . the price at the terminal varies more often then you could imagine. Third, the station owners make nothing one a gallon of gasoline.

    Finally, the pain will continue until all of us are driving solar powered cars with the optional windmill attached. Of course we will have to pay extra for the windmill.

    Tell me again why we can’t drill for oil and build more cracking facilities?

  • Jeffrey M. Scott

    Obama knows all of this and yet he stands in the way of the keystone pipeline…why? Is his left wing, lunatic Eco freak base more important than more than 120,000 GOOD PAYING AMERICAN JOBS?
    Maybe he just doesn’t understand what shovel ready really means because this project is the definition of that term unlike his foolish stimulus that did not create any shovel ready jobs!!

    • Troy

      His shovel was the kind that empties the stalls in a barn. And it was already full of that which it was made to shovel.

    • Justin Hoffman

      What’s funny is even with $5 gas it only makes sense to purchase a prius over say a camry because of subsidies. The math is simple, which is why the government needs to use subsidies to encourage families to make poor economic choices. Yay for government!

      • SerfCityHereWeCome

        It’s to try to keep Fearless Leader from looking pathetically ridiculous after the Goobermint Motors giveaway to the UAW. Leftists CANNOT TOLERATE exposure of their idiocy– if it becomes common knowledge that all the cars sold by Obama Motors can be carried across town in a wet paper bag by a young child…

      • guntownuncle

        The tax benefits for buying a Prius ran out back in 2007. I think you’re getting it confused with the Volt.

    • davec

      Apparently he favors supporting these Islamist oil producing Nations? else why shut down OUR production?

      One can only see hypocrisy for so long and not start to get a clue

  • Troy

    Europeans average salaries are higher too. You can’t compare the prices of gas in Europe to the USA because of that. Our economies are radically different.

    Why doesn’t the mainstream media ever compare it to the cost of gas in the Middle East or in other gas producing countries. The price in Iran is a subsidized 10 cents a gallon. The folks in Chavez’s country pay 30 cents a gallon.

    MSM, stop comparing apples to oranges. It’s disingenuous and ignorant.

    • adam

      Or more importantly … look at Mexico, where 40% of our gasoline comes from (very few people realize that Mexico and Canada are the US’s #1 and #2 exporters of fuel … then us, then Venezuela … Also, go look up how many individual, non-transfereable gasoline specifications are required in the US … i’ll save you the time – 60 … x 2 b/c winter and summer blends are different. So we produce 120 different kinds of gasoline in this country – this costs an insane amount of money. And b/c it literally costs too much to build a new refinery, the last refinery built in the US was in the 1970s

    • davec

      IM told that Brazil (/) uses mainly ETHANOL made from sugar cane. Cheap, clean, renewable, high octane, ideal fuel except for some cold weather starting problems in cold climates like the US.

      • Newbern W Johnson

        Yes they do. But they have the climate to raise sugar cane over a large portion of the country and much of that land has come from cutting down rain forests. We in the US simply do not have the right kind of land available.

  • NCman

    Here in NC gas taxes went up on 1/1/2012. Supposed to go to a highway fund, but the highway fund is redirected regularly to the general fund for all sorts of pet projects. When GW was in office, libs blamed gas prices on him being an “oil man in the White House.” I don’t hear a peep out of them now.

    • davec

      …thats because they are lying hypocrites.

      How many Wars for Oil is OBAMA in right now? Or about to be in?

      Im losing count.

  • Charles

    As the old saying goes: “You ain’t seen nothing yet”. When the Obama team starts to levy fines and place taxes on carbon emissions, after the election, the price of gasoline and electricity will likely double and then triple. That will bring about rationing of gas and electricity – just to make it fair.

  • sb36695

    WHAT?! But Obama said he wanted gas at $7 or $8 a gallon! Another promise broken…

  • Phillip Stacy

    Said the same thing last year.

    • Zul

      Bernie, tankhs for reading and for taking the time to make such extensive comments. I agree with your emphasis on the sentence regarding carbon prices that was the key for me as well. I am a very firm believer in carbon pricing. Not sure if you saw the RFF piece this week, but they are advocating for a global negotiation based around the price of carbon, which is a great concept. Otherwise, instead of having a discussion about the value of carbon (and thus about the value of carbon-free alternatives), you end up concentrating on who deserves more valuable emissions rights because of what they have (or have not) emitted in the past. I am not sure I would re-state my thesis as you have. I do think there are a lot of moving parts that you need to deal with, so simply assuming that a carbon price will lead to a decrease in emissions is too simplistic. I would, perhaps, restate it as there is always a carbon price which will generate emissions reductions, but the magnitude of that carbon price depends on both the value of carbon emissions in our society and how that value will evolve over time, but perhaps more importantly on the cost of substitution away from high-carbon fuels . I do find it amazing that the same groups who would often advocate for really high carbon prices seem to also advocate for the concept that emissions-free fuels will save us money, and are not more expensive. Those two ideas are fundamentally inconsistent. Thanks for reading!AJL

  • MarvPDQ

    Rumour has it that a prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon is offering “furry” makeovers to selected Hollywood insiders.The unnamed doctor, sources say, is able to provide his rich-n-famous clientel with full body fur, working snouts, including full dentition, along with tails, horns, and even hooves, tall ears, claws, and scales in any combination the client may desire.It is said that certain well-known Hollywood big screen types who have “aged out” of their traditional “hunk” or sex-kitten” roles are already lining up at this mystery doctor’d doorstep to be made over into vampires, werewolves, dinosaurs, space aliens, etc. in the hope of extending their careers as dedicated “specialty role” technicians.

  • Diego Roswell

    The POTUS has said for years that “gasoline prices will necessarily skyrocket”. Why would it come as a surprise to anyone? Driving is a privilege, not a right. Privileges are reserved for the elites. Get used to it. Ride the bus. The Democrats want you to ride the bus. So get on the bus.

  • Diego Roswell

    The US military has the power to end any war started by Iran in a very short time, therefore, allowing the markets to recover quickly. However, this POTUS will not end any conflict started by Iran quickly, but rather he will make it last as long as it serves his needs. What are his needs? Re-election, power, and control.

    • TheReoublic

      Diego…Iran is not Libya or some small unarmed village. I think you need a reality check! How long were we in Iraq?


        no, but close…plus a very young, restive population and a significant, persecuted, Arab Minority. They only have one operational oil refinery…net importer of gas which they subsidize…take it out and stand by…I would like a return to the days of the “Punitive military expedition.”

  • KaChing

    Bring it on.. lets even go to 7 or 8 a gallon. Its what the sheeple deserve for electing Obama. Wont hurt me, I just wont drive very much.

    Until people realize socialism and social engineering don’t work, let them suffer the consequences. Go ahead, re-elect Obama again.. lol and pay the pummeling price at the pump.

    • orlandocajun

      I agree that we must all suffer together for electing socialists. It’s too bad that we’re taking our kids and grand kids down with us.

  • Jim

    I don’t care about the price of gasoline…I want more photos of Monique Griego.

    • Troy

      Really Jim? Really? Our Constitution is being ignored by the person who swore (poorly) to uphold it and all you want is pictures of some blonde reporter? I hope this is a joke, as I suspect it is. The Internet is literally full of pictures of pretty women in various states of dress and undress, if thats what you want…

      • davec

        Lighten up, JIm is observign that underneath that hot exterior is a lack of brains, or, brains turned to pudding from a Liberal indoctrination.

        This s**t isnt “reporting” its OPINION mongering, “Reporting” is based on some FACTS, theres nothing here but OPINION.

      • troy

        Then he should say so, but he didn’t. Are you his spokesperson?

  • Joey Tomeembo

    Would someone just hurry up and nuke Iran already!


  • Jim Nicastro

    Well they will just have to stop exporting American Oil and withdraw from OpEC and start focusing on America and its own interests.

    Iran is full of Hot Air anyway and they are just trying to bolster the price of Crude.

    Their own actions will hurt them as much if not more than any other country and they know it.

    The Analysts and the commodities traders would love the price of oil to hike up, they need to see a return on their investments in crude.

    It’s all driven by greed and scaring people will push the price up, it will hurt the World Economy and Iran knows that, the rest of the Oil Producing nations know that and they rely on the world economy for their own economies and Iran will quietly back down.

    • davec

      If “they” hate us so much, and the price of gas is so sensitive to crude supplies, they why dont THEY cut the supply off in a strategic move?

      Because they know it wont make any diff.

      Media Hystera.

  • http://wisupnorth.com/2012/01/will-we-see-5-00-gasoline-in-2012/ Will We See $5.00 Gasoline In 2012 | Wis U.P. North

    […] Now, Iran is firing back with a threat that could send gas prices higher than ever.” Source: $5 A Gallon For Gas? It Could Happen In 2012 « CBS Baltimore Please share […]

  • sandygirl

    After reading this slanted article I was heartened to read the comment section. Maybe people are finally getting it? The mainstream media slants the news to follow the regime’s “line”…to shape our behaviors so that it is inline with their “dream” of a perfect society. Perhaps there is still hope that enough of us have not been brainwashed….”1984″-style.

  • MarkJ

    When or if gas hits $5 a gallon, stick a fork in Lord Obama’s presidency: it’ll be done.

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