WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said Thursday he is willing to go before the NAACP and urge blacks to demand paychecks, not food stamps.

Gingrich told a town hall meeting at a senior center in Plymouth, N.H., that if the NAACP invites him to its annual convention this year, he’d go there and talk about “why the African-American community should demand paychecks and not be satisfied with food stamps.”

He also said he’d pitch a new Social Security program aimed at helping young people, particularly African-American males, who he said get the smallest return on Social Security.

Gingrich routinely lambasts President Barack Obama as the “best food stamp president in American history.” He also has spoken previously about welcoming an invitation from the NAACP to speak and has been critical of GOP candidates who have not accepted such an invitation.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People had no immediate comment on Gingrich’s remarks. His campaign spokesman, R.C. Hammond, said the former Georgia congressman has often said the GOP needs to be inclusive of all Americans.

“He has said since he became a presidential candidate that any Republican should always accept an invitation to speak to the NAACP on any topic,” Hammond said.

Gingrich’s comments follow those by rival candidate Rick Santorum, a former senator from Pennsylvania who said Sunday that he did not want to “make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money. I want to give them the opportunity to go out and earn the money.”

Santorum’s comments were criticized by National Urban League President Marc H. Morial as pandering to racist elements within the GOP. Morial also said that 70 percent of people on food stamps are white. The Agriculture Department does not break down food stamp participation rates by race.

NAACP President Ben Jealous also criticized Santorum’s remarks.

Food stamp participation and costs have risen under Obama, from 28.2 million participants at a cost of $37.6 billion in 2008 to 44.7 million participants at a cost of $75.3 billion last year, according to federal data of what is officially known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. The increases followed the steep economic downturn that began in 2008.

Gingrich said if he has a chance to go before the NAACP, he would explain a “brand-new Social Security opportunity” for young people, “which would be particularly good for African-American males, because they are the group that gets the smallest return on Social Security.”

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Comments (35)
  1. Iluvyaserj Ohellyes Sipes says:

    As if black people who have generations on aid are going to give up what they feel yt owes them. They would rather keep getting the gibs me dat.

  2. Iluvyaserj Ohellyes Sipes says:

    How will they ever manage? Those weaves and nails cost money.

  3. Throw it back at 'em says:

    Most people who are on welfare in America are white people. The numbers don’t lie. Disproportionately, blacks make up a high number, but not the most. Another set of facts that whites must accept: Bush was president when the 9/11 terrorists struck America. Also, Bush was president when the economy started failing and our current recession began. Bush was a white male president. Our current president is a black man who killed the above named terrorist organization’s leader, Osama Bin Laden on May 2. 2011. Got it?

    1. beg your pardon? says:

      no, I don’t “got it”. what is your point, exactly? As for your “numbers” that don’t lie, what numbers are those? where is the statistic that shows more white people on food stamps? because, as I read the article, the DOA doesn’t break down food stamp distribution rates by race. sooooo…. could you maybe expand on your rather vague insinuation?

    2. whatnow says:

      Bush did not cause the 9/11 attack. The part of the economy that failed under Bush was real estate which was doomed to fail as it followed Clinton’s policy of lend money to anyone, if people have their own house, the crime will turn around. The 4 year under cover operation that led to the killing of Bin Laden began under the Bush regime. Maybe you should get your facts straight. As to the article about Gingrich, he is an a** and will always be an a**. What is new about that????


    There are poeple of all RACES who receive FREE government assistance. IT IS NOT A BLACK THING, WHITE THING, SPANISH THING, CHINESE THING, ETC. IT IS A PEOPLE THING. I work for a MAJOR SOCIAL SERVICE AGENCY and 90 PERCENT of my clients are CAUCASIAN.

    1. Good Gravy! says:

      While I agree that Mr. Gingrich is misguided in his approach, maybe he shouldn’t have been targeting African’s, his sentiment is dead on. The thing is, he needs to direct the comment at impoverished communities as a whole. And, I have to say it, public assistance in all it’s forms (medical, food stamps, etc.), is the alternative to which the wealthy are driving even middle income families. Sure, we can afford our mortgage…barely…and we have the basic necessities of life, but we can’t afford medical insurance. So, unless the wealthy 1% wants to find itself footing the bill for everyone else, their going to have to find a way to spread the wealth.

      I don’t think the wealthy are quite seeing the 99% as a huge threat because most of us can’t afford to go sit our butts in a park, but when push really comes to shove, it will get really ugly and 99% is going to seem a whole lot more…well, more.

      STOP spending on frivolity (how much does it cost to run a mansion like the wHite House.)

      k….that’s my rant, thank you.

      1. Liberal Soldier says:

        I blame the state agencies that administer the food stamps and assistance. If they kept the records up to date and follow the rules many Americans could not stay on welfare assistance for years and years. With oversight, jobs training and placement programs and incentives to big and small businesses to hire Americans we could remove millions from welfare programs into actual jobs with pay and benefits. We must hold our elected officials responsible for not doing a good job managing our tax dollars.

      2. just sayin says:

        Truthfully, I think privatizing the welfare system would be one really big step in the right direction. $650B a year is outrageous! I know that there are some families out there that really need the help. They honestly have no alternatives at a particular point in their lives, but for what surely appears to be the majority, it is a way of life and it is dragging the African Ameican Community down.

        Indulge my metaphore for a moment: In a class room of 10 children, you have 6 white kids, 2 black kids, 1 Hispanic child and 1 Asian child. You have 100 Jelly beans. 39 of them are given to the 6 white kids. 39 of them go to the 2 black kids, and the Hispanic and Asian children are each given 12….. that is how welfare is distributed racially in this country. Is it because black folks are lazy? No, it is a snowball effect that started in the 60’s and has grown into a Yeti of a problem and it will only get worse unless we address ALL the issues that drive ALL families to welfare instead of to work.

      3. Liberal Soldier says:

        Just Sayin. You a very interesting and thoughtful post. Thanks for taking the time to share these thoughts.

    2. wow says:

      How do you know that was not a response from a question guided by an african advocate?? Do you know if he wasnt asked what would you do to help african americans make ends meet or how do you plan on helping african americans off of food stamps to be “independant”. Do you know? Stop being stupid, it makes it easier for democrats to manipulate your thinking process, here we go with that race card again, they should add those to monopoly. I guess it would be beneficial to talk about other races at an NAACP convention, I’m sure the advancement of ___ people means every race is included… get a grip

  5. JOE H says:

    get the facts stright. what part of the states’or goverment do u serve.??YOUR MAJOR SOCIL SERVICE AGENCY,is in the wring part of town .reverce ur words .,10 PERCENT CAUCASIAN.??ARE U OTHER THAN ,WHITE.

    1. beg your pardon? says:

      did you seriously make a comment that is mostly unintelligible, instructing someone else to “read (their) words”?

  6. yousefthe giant says:

    Drive through any major city on the entire east coast, the schools, the street corners are all full of blacks that are young & old, ignorant & uneducated but all packing a gun. Momma stays home watching Jerry Springer while daddy plays & drinks on the taxpayers dime. # 1, stop with the free cell phones for anybody on welfare. This is a perk & a way of life they have come to expect. Entitlement yes, work? No.

    1. Bernie the giant says:

      shut up Bernie, you big cuddly old bigot

      1. Mike E. says:


      2. eduardo says:

        Blow me Keets, aka Susan.

  7. Jazmin says:

    I haven’t hung around African American’s in the inner cities to make assumption about their choice of lifestyle and dependency on food stamps, but I do know there’s a little hopelessness there that many race groups share at that level of poverty. I think it’s a great idea for Gingrich to inspire this group to demand more. If everyone just stopped seeing what they want to see in them..lazy, uneducated and all that and offered a little bit more of a boost, maybe that could trigger some sense of pride and determination. I’m a liberal, but I really do like Gingrich’s approach.

  8. Steve Wilson says:

    Get this straight: NO REPUBLICAN ECONOMIC PLAN HAS EVER WORKED FOR ANYONE OTHER THAN BIG BUSINESS AND THE WEALTHY. People (black, white, blue, green) are not getting paychecks because George Bush pushed the Debt into double digits (not Obama as they want you to believe). That and the fact that the party of big business and the wealthy have fought every effort to “fix’ the economy”, and businesses are sitting on tons of money hoping that Republicans will will big in 2012 and reward them with big tax breaks. Simple economics: pay people and they will spend. They will buy you products and increase your business.

    1. Liberal Soldier says:

      Steve the Republicans anger and hatefulness toward the middle class and poor overwhelm their thinking and blinds them from the importance of empowering the middle class so they will have jobs, can purchase goods and services and make money for the wealthy. If the rich can control their greed this could work again.

  9. Concern says:

    Savy Coupon Shoppers

  10. Throw it back at 'em says:

    Good Lord!
    There you white people go again! Bush had absolutely nothing to do with the killing of Osama Bin Laden!!!!! His stupididy allowed Bin Laden to escape. The operation that you referred to was initiated by President Barack Obama. Stop trying to steal away his magnificent achivement of killing the worst terrorist in history. Except it! A black man made the call to go after Bin Laden on info and intelligence that was only about 50/50. Bush would have never made the call. Remember, he was a military service avoider coward. A real yelllow belly coward. Again, more whites are on welfare in the US. The same as in Great Brittain where I used to live.

    1. Iluvyaserj Ohellyes Sipes says:

      suck air

      1. Liberal Soldier says:

        George Bush had more vacation time after his second year in office than any president in history including Mr. Obama. There are also more whites on welfare than blacks although there is a greater proportion of blacks on it. This of course must change as our politicians have failed to enforce the welfare laws in many states. Your hatred jumps through your words. With that much anger and bigotry why not project that anger at your local representative and make him or her do their job to a higher level.

      2. Just the facts man says:

        OK, here are the AFDC stats on racial make up of welfare recipients:

        White 38.8%
        Black 39.8
        Hispanic 15.7
        Asian 2.4
        other 3.3

        To put it into perspective, “white” people make up 40% of the national population, while “black” people make up 14% nationwide. So. Just the facts for you all to ponder.

  11. Iluvyaserj Ohellyes Sipes says:

    No there are not more whites on welfare, go to any grocery store when the food stamps come out, take note of those orange cards look who is pushing 2 full carts to the checkout lines, look who is better dressed with the hair weaves and fake nails. Open your eyes. And as for Obama he is too busy taking vacations on the tax payers dime. This country cant handle 4 more years of this useless waste of air.

    1. real truth says:

      maybe you should look at the grocery stores you shop in.. Maybe the the neighborhood you live in is of lower economic status. I do not and not one person I know uses Food Assistance and rarely do I see it in my personal neighborhood, ful of diversity with black americans, white americans, spanish americans and everything in between. Poor is always still poor huh? We were enslaved by a people and country for over 100 plus years, what is your excuse for being disadvantaged. Maybe you can be a slave in your next life time and make it like we, and not have to even see food stamp cards- for which you know the exact color. geez what a fckin bum

      1. Do not pull that says:

        I am sure that made sense in your head, but reading your posts before you hit the “submit comment” button would be really helpful for those of us trying to make sense of what you wrote. Did you say that you live in a neighborhood that is not poor and no one is on welfare? Or did you say that you do live in a lower income area where no one is on welfar? And did you really try to say that slavery is your excuse for being disadvantaged? Seriously? Honey, you are no more disadvantaged because of slavery than Jews. They were enslaved for thousands of years, but they seem to be doing alright.

        …and one more thing, before you start instigating a “let’s hate whitey” argument with “we were enslaved by a people”, let me make 2 minor corrections: 1) YOU were never enslaved. 2) White people may have enslaved your ANCESTORS, but white people also fought and sacrificed their lives to FREE them. There is no argument here, simply read that statistics and draw your conclusion. JUST THE FACTS has them listed above.

  12. blustarrising says:

    matters not who had the ball when it dropped, fact is this. once obama took office he had the power to stop or freeze the funds and change the course before it esculated to where it is now. and where is that? well unless you have your head buried in the sand and cannot accept the truth, we have passed a point of fail. in other words the truth is there is no plausable way to pay the nations debt now without a lot of pain. you’ll know when it happens. and no, i do not simply blame obama, both the houses and the fed are guilty as well.

  13. LUVNMORGAN says:

    oh sipes….. ur bigotry speaks volumes, in addition to that, any black person who is living in america is still enslaved. period.
    If you are not black, you’ll never understand. Peiod.

    1. I think not says:

      A woman went to a holy man and said, “Why am I considered less intelligent because I am a woman?”, the holy man said, “If your think you are a woman, then you are less intelligent.”.

      The moral of this is that you and I and every other living being on is planet are part of the same central creation. We are not men, nor women, nor black, white nor blue. But if you want to use your color as a crutch to excuse your poor judgment, then you deserve the consequences of that poor judgment. If you, like so many others, want to rise above your excuses and reach beyond what racists expect of you, then, well, you deserve those benefits. It is a hue, not a handicap.

  14. Katepants says:

    I’m sorry, but why is it always everyone else’s job to “offer a bit more of a boost” to a community of people (who are made up of all races, not just black) who refuse to “boost” themselves? I also work for a social services agency, and I am so sick of people demanding assistance who have never ever paid into the system, and act like it’s this huge entitlement! I’m sick of watching my hard earned money go to families who keep poppin out kids to get an increase in their food stamps and temporary cash assistance, just to go out and blow it on luxuries I can’t afford because I’m paying to support them!!!! I have people come in all the time, and when I go over their budget, they’re spending 300 on clothes each month, 200 on cable and internet, 200 on cell phones (which if they are getting public assistance they can get for free but oh no, that’s not good enough), while my husband and I both work yet us and our daughter have no cable, no internet, shop at the good will, haven’t gone on any type of vacation in over 6 years, and still struggle each month to make ends meet and keep food on the table! Its BS! I’m sick of paying out the wazoo for health insurahce that I receive through my job, that isn’t half as good as medical assistance that these people are getting for FREE! I can’t even afford to go to the dentist and get a cavity filled, but these people (again of all races) don’t have to pay for a darn thing when it comes to medical costs! Its insane! It’s like the harder your work, the less you get these days.

    1. ulysses says:

      Katepants, Good points & yet our esteemed mayor wants to grant easy access to minorities into homes they can not afford but will with gov’t help & your tax dollar. The blacks, Mexicans are one & the same, they drain the coffers of the resources while contributing nothing in return. Time to put limits on welfare queens & sterilize Dad & mom.

      1. Liberal Soldier says:

        I think it’s time for you to realize this is not Nazi Germany. Your idea of a pure white race is not going to happen in the United States. Hope you have enough resources to leave this country.

  15. ulysses says:

    Liberal soldier, And I hope you have enough resources to relocate your family, grief counseling when a daughter is raped or you are beaten for a few dollars by these thug blacks for no good reason besides you’re “Whitey” & happen to be in the wrong place like that Johns Hopkins white man stabbed to death last year.

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