The stretch of mild weather continues. Even though it was cooler Sunday than the mid 60s of Friday and Saturday, we still hit 51 degrees. That is 10 degrees above average! We are going to stay above average for most of the week before colder air returns sometime late in the week or next weekend.

A dry cold front pushed through overnight. The only thing we noticed from that front were winds around to the northwest, and temperatures taking about a 15 degree hit. A new storm is moving our way from the south Monday. That one will keep temperatures in the 40s while bringing in more clouds and the potential for rain. The best chance at seeing rain would be from D.C. southward, but there is the chance for a little rain or showers farther north.

That storm gets out of here Tuesday. When sunshine returns, temperatures are climbing back into the 50s. We will stay in the 50s Wednesday and Thursday, although bigger changes will start brewing.

The storm that will change up the weather pattern to colder starts its approach on Wednesday. Clouds and possibly some rain will move in. Some rain will linger into Thursday before it charges off to the northeast. But when it leaves, it will pull down a huge trough in the jet stream behind it– opening up the gates to the Arctic. Temperatures will take a hit heading into the weekend with the chance for another storm to move our way.

  1. Paul Dornsife says:

    Hey Bernadette,

    It’s Paul Dornsife, we worked together at AccuWeather. it looks like you are doing great with your career. I went back to grad school and am now a Water Resources Engineer at Parsons Brinckerhoff. I don’t really keep in touch with anyone from Accu anymore except Smerby on occasion. Haven’t heard from Houk or Sammy in a while, but I know Sammy did get married. I just wanted to say hello because I remember you when I started my career and wish you the best at WJZ.

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