It’s funny how we in Baltimore ( both the media and fanbase ) has been wanting Flacco to show some personality and when he does he gets shelled.

I took his comments as tongue in cheek and pretty good natured as he addressed the media. I thought he was funny and pretty spot on about the level of criticism he gets. However….I knew as soon as I heard his comments that he’d be whacked even harder by the media, especially the national sports outlets who have described his comments as whiny. I think it’s unfair and frankly just inaccurate the paint him that way but you can’t un-ring the bell so it’s done now.

The only thing I hope he has learned is that you can’t joke with media members because the way it’s going to be portrayed is rarely going to resemble the way you intended. I’m not saying that you should never kid or be loose with the press, just be careful when choosing your words because now instead of being seen as the guy with ice water in his veins Joe is being portrayed as a whiner and I think it’s unfortunate, unfair and untrue. Live and learn

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  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks for saying this Ed. I knew as soon as I heard Joe’s comments that they would be taken out of context. If you watch the clip you can tell he’s joking, poking fun at himself and at the media while making a good point. Now he’s being criticized for finally responding to all the criticism he’s received for the last 4 years. Now, Joe’s sensitive, things are getting under his skin, etc. Some of the criticism is fair and warranted but many times it’s extremely exaggerated. For the past 4 years, fans, analysts, media have wondered if he’s too cool, if he cares about winning- now he’s shown us that he does. Personally, I like that Joe is going into this game fired up with a little chip on his shoulder, feeling like he has something to prove.

  2. Matt says:

    You’re right on Ed! I saw Joe come out and basically state that it doesn’t matter what he does, the media will never be on his side. The NFL wants high scoring, quarterback passing games. The days of the 7-3 or 10-7 games will soon be forgotten. The Ravens have gone to the playoffs every year with Joe Flacco. There are a lot of teams that would like to say that! Joe wasn’t whining….the media is. Joe is a winner, and I’m proud to have him as our quarterback!

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