It seems that the Baltimore sports community is suffering from a case of anticipation. With the first home play-off game in five years looming, it’s starting to sound like we’re searching for things to talk about.

Usually, when that happens, Joe Flacco is the target. Some of the things that are said about Flacco are accurate and some aren’t. He’s the most polarizing figure on this team and maybe in this city. If the team wins, it’s in spite of him. If they lose, it’s largely because of him. That’s the way things have gone.

Some of the criticism that Flacco gets is warranted. While his regular season number over his career have been decent, his post-season numbers haven’t, and after going to the play-offs year after year, you’re measured by your post-season success. Joe Flacco’s numbers in the post-season are listed below:

Date                               Opponent   Comp/Att    Yards          TDs/INTs

Jan. 4, 2009      Dolphins           9/23             135                 0/0

Jan. 10, 2009     Titans               11/22           161                  1/0

Jan. 18, 2009      Steelers           13/30          141                   0/3

Jan. 10, 2010      Patriots             4/10             34                   0/1

Jan.16, 2010        Colts                20/30         189                  0/2

Jan. 9, 2011            Chiefs              25/34          265                2/0

Jan. 15, 2001        Steelers           16/30         125                  1/1

Let’s see what happens this year. Their offense hasn’t been good in play-off games for the most part at all, even before Joe Flacco. It has to get better for this team to win a championship. This isn’t 2000.

Rob Long

  1. Jeff says:

    I’d also like to see a better game plan. When our plan of attack on offense fails, we just keep at it like banging our heads into a brick wall hoping eventually we will bust through. That doesn’t work in the playoffs, we have to be willing to adapt, something I honestly don’t think Cam Cameron knows how to do and that’s his biggest problem. We never make adjustments during the game or at halftime. Even when we are having success, Cam roles out the same package of plays in the 2nd half that the defense is now ready for and it stagnates our offense.

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