Driver Fires Gun Shots From Moving Car On I-95 N

JOPPA, Md. (WJZ)– Maryland State Police are investigating a road rage incident where a driver possibly fired three gun shots from his moving car on the interstate.

The incident took place just before 4 p.m. Wednesday on Northbound I-95 a mile south of the Mountain Road exit in Joppa. Police say the suspect, identified as Nicholas Heider, 34, is now in custody. He is being charged with first-degree assault and reckless endangerment.

There were no injuries as a result of the shooting and I-95 was not shut down after this incident.

Police say this resulted from a dispute over which driver had the right-of-way and the two drivers were gesturing at each other and cutting each other off.

Authorities say the victim gave them the license plate number of Heider’s SUV, which they found in the driveway of Heider’s home. Police say Heider surrendered to authorities. Police say a semi-automatic handgun was recovered from his home.

  • Steve Wilson

    I don’t care what caused a road rage incident on Northbound I-95. The driver that threatened another with a gun should be charged with a gun violation, loose his driver’s license, and, at a minimum, pay a big fine. Time in jail would be better. This man is dangerous and should be forbidden from ever owning a gun again.

    • Mrup2noGood

      SOUNDS LIKE SOMEONE CANNOT DRIVE…. mr wilson… get ur slow ole @$$ in the left lane.

      • Diane King

        Indeed. slow in the left lane??

      • Lace


  • http://deacon63 craig platt

    What is the world coming to; volience is never the solution; but we see this type of thing taking place countless time’S in our present society’ may god bless us! Each and everyone

  • Ernie


    SOUNDS LIKE SOMEONE CANNOT DRIVE…. mr wilson… get ur slow ole @$$ in the left lane. <<<<—you'd probably be the next to get shot at. The slow lane is to the RIGHT!

  • J-Rock

    East Baltimore Style!!!

  • Driver Fires Gun Shots From Moving Car On I-95 N | Baltimore Christian Radio

    […] Read the full story at WJZ 13 […]

  • I hate MD drivers on Cell phones

    They were probably talking or texting while driving………they should be shot at.

  • ballsohardclub

    A 34 yr old punk who is influenced by too many video games & been pampered all his life. This POS should be charged with in addition to reckless driving gun charges, endangering the lives of others on an interstate with attempted murder. Jail time & revocation of his license along with prison time. Send a strong message.

  • ballsohardclub

    This jitterbug has no resolution skills & therefore turns to violence as a means of coping. He will get his Justice, Just-Us in prison by the brothas.

  • Kurt

    If found guilty, hang him!

  • Just ridin out the recession

    I have found this man guilty and so therefore he should be killed right away.

  • Steve Wilson

    Based on tonight’s reports, neither of these two should be allowed on the roads. The guy with the gun should lose his driver’s license and be forbidden to own a gun. The other guy should also lose his license. No reasonable insurance company should carry either one of these two.

  • Bernard Mc Kernan

    The 34 yr old is a gun nut with a collection at home enough to start a war. Harford county is a closet right wing nut group of racist baiters that drive pickup trucks with gun racks & hoods in the bed.

    • Wiseguy

      Yee Ha……..are ya jealous Bernie?

      • ballsohardclub

        Wiseguy, Jealous of what??? Maybe because I shoulkd have boned your mama the other night when I had the opportunity to use my real gun.

  • dan

    Bernard Mc Kernan
    That’s A Sterotype everybody in Harford county is not like that .It is pretty clear you’ve never been in harford county oh that’s right you can’t afford it and oh your calling them racist. You are A racist to.

  • Bernard Mc Kernan

    Dan, Get bent, I own a home in Harford co & Balto co…….This is a very right wing Repug enclave. I’m not a Racist, I am a Realist!

  • dan

    I’ve lived in harford co all my life its not a very right win Repug enclave Yes harford county has thier problem areas just like every county does. But it’s not as bad as you make it out to be you must live in a bad area then.

  • Bill Lasley

    Bernard, you’re an idiot! Just becasue you own a home in Harford Co. doesn’t mean you have the right to judge everyone who lives here. You’re comment shows nothing but lack of class, education and character. So Harford Co. leans to the right politically? Baltimore Co and Baltimore City lean so hard left they fall over. You’re obviously a liberal dumbo-crat who’s been brainwashed by the media, repeats only what they have heard or is popular and has no original thought. Most likely due to the fact you couldn’t put a congnative thought together if you tried.

  • Bill Lasley

    *Your comment..not You’re…

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