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ESPN’s Skip Bayless On Flacco & Reed

Skip Bayless of ESPN’s First Take joined The Scott Garceau Show and talked about Joe Flacco and Ed Reed’s recent comments.

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  • SkipSux

    Why even give this jerk a podium to spew more garbage?!

    • Tyrone Washington

      I agree. The mission at hand is to beat New England. It’s nothing worse then our media in Baltimore attacking getting worked up over what Ed said, yet they are the ones who are REPEATING IT OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. They are even worse then Ed for keeping it going far longer then it has to. Also, who gives a rats rear end about Skip blowhard anyways?

  • BaltimoresJayhawk

    ed, I thank you for what you’ve done for the ravens over the years, but please shut up. you were frustrated because the offense couldnt muster points against HOU, but im sure HOU was just as, if not more “rattled” by their inability to score on the ravens. Joe flacco had NO turnovers and 2 touchdowns, and with the way that the HOU defense was playing, Joe should win player of the week for what he did against that tight coverage. Instead of dogging Joe, worry about fixing the defense that got ran all over by Foster last week. Again, nothing but respect for what you have done, but dont go and become a Santonio Holmes. There’s a “Method to my Madness” too.

  • BaltimoresJayhawk

    oh, and skip gayless, your just garbage, man.

  • Scott

    The funny part is that the media is making a mountain out of a speck of dirt. The people in the jerseys are laughing it off and are understanding of what each was talking about. The anally retentive news media that beats every topic to death is turning this in to something that it isn’t in order to stir up listeners and viewers, and the sheeple are falling right in to the trap. Just watch the game and enjoy every year we have a team this great. Remember the years without a team!?!

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